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Summary: Unbeknown to Batman, Robin is secretly in love with him, unfortunately, for Robin, Two Face has found out about Rabin's interest in Batman and decides to exploit it.

Main Warnings: AU, Violence, Torture, Slave, Slash, H/C

Chapter Warnings: N/C, BP

Character Pairings: Batman + Robin, Two Face/Robin, Bane/Robin

Author's Note: Well, the N/C came out of nowhere, so I apologize to anyone that didn't think it'd be there; I've marked the N/C scene, so if you don't wish to read it, merely skip it and it'll be alright.

Gay for Batman

Chapter Three:

Give Me Some Sugar

'If you'd let the brat sit in your lap, you'll get further with him, then the betrayal will be all the sweeter in the end.' 'He does have a point,' 'WE'RE NOT GAY!' 'Fine then, we're not gay and if we want to hurt Batman even more, bring the boy closer and into your lap, offer comfort and he'll be easier to use.' Two Face chuckled to himself as he roughly grabbed Robin's leg and dragged him into Two Face's lap, Robin immediately curled up into Two Face, like he had done before Two Face so rudely shoved Robin out of his lap and into the nearby seat. Robin amazingly stayed asleep the entire time that Two Face had the inner turmoil, the driver buzzed in to let his boss know, they were at the hideout, Two Face lifted up Robin and carried him back into Two Face's lair.

'Good, now act all tender like to the boy,' 'How do you expect me to do that?' 'Geez Harvey, I figured you'd know how to act tender like,' Two Face almost dropped Robin as Two Face tried to figure out where to put Robin for the time being. 'We should keep him with us, keep him in the same room and act like we actually give a shit, about the brat,' Two Face raised an eyebrow as the other half Harvey mentally spoke back, 'I never thought you'd be so cruel and here I thought, we'd have to murder you.' Two Face took Robin to his room, only to toss Robin onto the large split bed. One half of the bed was covered in white, while the other half was darkened by black and steel.

Robin gasped awake from the feeling of flying through the air, only to come crashing into a firm mattress, Robin looked around bewildered, while Two Face started to come closer to Robin. 'Whisper niceness to him, give him what he wants to hear,' "I'm sorry about what happened earlier, Robin, no one should've treated you like that." Robin meanwhile was attempting to climb on top of the thin headboard that made up half of the split bed; Two Face seemed unfazed by Robin's reaction. "From now on, you'll be with me, so that nothing bad happens to you," 'At least, nothing too terribly bad!' "Now, are you hungry?" Robin silently wished that Batman would come and rescue him as soon as possible, Robin didn't think he could handle much more but it kept on coming at Robin, faster then a hare racing for its life.

"I'll have the cooks bring something up for us, why don't you sit back and relax, no one will dare to harm you, while your in my care." Robin snorted as he watched Two Face make the call to downstairs, where the kitchens were, "Like you did before?" Was Robin's sarcastic reply, the only notice that it angered Two Face was the tighten grip on the phone, "That was before, this is now," Robin rolled his eyes but didn't bother to say more.

The food came rather quickly or at least in Robin's opinion but despite Two Face's attempt, Robin didn't bother to taste the food, proclaiming he wasn't hungry, which only set off Two Face. Two Face threw the food at the wall, making a loud crashing sound of a metal plate hitting the wall, while dishes shattered and food clung to the wall. "If I wanted to kill you, I would've fed you poison by now, I wouldn't have bothered to save your sorry ass!" Two Face screamed at Robin as Robin tried to scramble away from Two Face, Two Face advanced faster then Robin's fragile mind could understand Two Face gripped Robin's forearms, only to swing Robin's body over onto the Two Face's bed. Once Robin landed, Two Face raced over to the bed, flinging himself on top of Robin and pinning him to the bed.

N/C- BP Scene

Robin screamed, clawed, and kicked at Two Face as Two Face started to rib off Robin's clothing, Robin begged the heavens for someone to come and rescue him, only to start cursing the same heavens for not letting Batman hear him screaming. Robin's thrashing about and screaming, only managed to turn Two Face on even more then he was already from all of the excitement of the day. "You feel that, Robin, that's what's going to enter you," Two Face spoke, while Robin felt a large bump press into his stomach, which caused Robin to struggle even more but it was useless as Robin started to wear down, from Two Face's constant hold on him. Two Face groaned at the feeling of hot flesh pressing against his clothing, "I can't wait to feel you from the inside out, by the end of tonight, you'll be screaming so hoarsely, you'll silently beg me to continue."

Robin spat in Two Face's face instead of replying to Two Face's messed up declaration, "I'll never beg you!" Was Robin's returning reply, only to feel a sharp sting from Two Face's hand, "You want to play rough, we'll play rough, little boy," Two Face grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled sharply, Robin screamed at the instant pain. Afterwards, Two Face completely straddled Robin's slim hips, while Two Face unzipped his zipper, having liked to go without underwear, left Two Face's hard erection out in sight for Robin to see. The look of pure horror on Robin's face only amused Two Face even more, then the struggling, that Robin had put up earlier; Two Face grabbed another fistful of hair, pulling Robin's head back as Two Face brought his face closer to Robin.

"Be a good boy and slurp my cock with your pretty mouth, you better do a good job, because I'm not going to bother using anything else other then your saliva," Two Face laughed hideously as he moved his body to Robin's chest. Still keeping a hand on the hair, Two Face shoved his dick unkindly against Robin's lips, when Robin refused to open; Two Face pulled Robin's hair, extracting a hoarse scream from Robin. Robin didn't have enough time to adjust to Two Face's length, Two Face kept on thrusting ruthlessly into Robin's mouth, and the skin around Robin's mouth broke slightly from the unnatural stretching. Blood and saliva mixed over Two Face's cock, Two Face felt it was good enough to start the real action, Two Face moved down Robin's body, smiling crookedly at the look of pure horror on Robin's face. Two Face didn't bother saying anything to Robin as he flipped him over onto his stomach, Robin clawed at the sheets in a vain attempt to get away, while Two Face gripped Robin's hips and thrust into Robin's virgin hole.

Robin made to give a near piercing scream, his throat already sore become desperately raw and slightly bloody, Two Face laughed at the sound Robin made, Robin constantly gave out a whimper or small hoarsely cry, every time Two Face thrust painfully into Robin. Two Face wasn't even half way through it, when Robin finally passed out from the intense pain, Two Face snarled at the limp body around his member but that didn't stop him from continuing his fucking to completion.

N/C - BP Scene End

Two Face cleaned himself up and harshly kicked Robin off the bed, figuring that Robin could clean himself up in the morning, since Two Face didn't feel like doing it. Before Two Face called it a night, he went to the little camera-lamp and turned off the camera, smiling devilishly to himself as he dragged Robin to the foot of the bed. Taking out a collar out of Two Face's toy chest, he slipped a collar onto Robin's neck, with a chain leash attaching it to the bed frame, once Robin was secured; Two Face went to his secret room to send a new email to Bane, seeing if Bane would be more willing to make a simple trade then he was originally.


I thought this might help you make your decision about our little trade


Two Face stretched, before heading off to bed, wondering silently, how the little boy wonder would be in the morning and if he'd be willing for a second round.

Elsewhere, Bane gave a yawn as he looked through his messages, spotting one that was unmistakable; Bane gave a sigh of disgust when he opened the email. It immediately played a video of Two Face raping Robin; Bane felt his insides turn a bit at the act of someone going through something as horrible as rape, not to mention that Robin looked to have numerous injuries. Bane would love nothing more then to go and save Robin as soon as he could but Bane knew from having done deals with Two Face before, that Two Face wasn't yet done with Robin and that it'd be a while, before Two Face was willing to give up Robin.

Bane picked up the phone and called Batman, "Bruce? Its Bane, yeah, I'm doing well, I was just wondering how your companion was? Is that so? Alright, no, it's all good, just wanted to make sure everyone was alright." Once Bane got off the phone, he replayed the video, wondering if the man, that Two Face was torturing was really Robin and not some look alike.

Two Face woke with an aching erection from his dream about the wonderful feeling of a tight, virgin, being given their first taste of anal sex. Two Face rose to see if Robin was a bit more willing to be pleasant then he had been earlier, "Hello, darling, you feeling more willing then you were last night? Although I did quite enjoy it, nonetheless," Robin had curled in on himself during the night, only to seem to attempt to curl even more in on himself, blood had pooled at the bottom of where Robin sat. "Well?" Robin merely gave a nod to Two Face's question as Robin slipped away into his mind for safety from Two Face.

Later on, Two Face lead Robin out on Robin's new chain leash, forcing Robin to crawl on his hands and knees, while Two Face took a pleasant stroll around the lair. After a while, Two Face lead Robin to the dining room, Two Face sat down, only to pull harshly on the leash, "Now pet, you'll be kneeling on this pillow," the show of some comfort and stability to Robin, would hopefully strengthen the bound and make the betrayal all the more sweeter. Robin kneeled, his body aching from the pain of being raped twice and then being forced to crawl around nakedly, silently, Robin tried to convince himself, that Bruce would come and save him.

Two Face ate his breakfast extra slowly, saving bits and pieces, that he'd feed Robin, once Two Face had his fill. Robin's stomach gave a painful lurch and rumble of displeasure at having not been filled for sometime, Two Face smiled evilly down at Robin, "Hungry pet?" Two Face took pieces of his breakfast and slowly brought it to Robin, "If you don't want it, I can find someone else, who does," Robin reluctantly took the piece offering. Two Face smile got bigger as Robin kept on eating what Two Face had to offer, once breakfast was done, Two Face lead Robin back to his room's.