This is my first fanfic for Dark Angel. I love the show and created this a long time ago but it got put on the back burner and I never finished it. I decided to revise and rewrite the story since I wrote it so long ago. This is a revision to the first chapter.

My story is set around episode 17 of the second season called Hello, Goodbye. This is when Max tells Logan that their relationship is over and he believes that Max is with Alec. I really like Alec as a character and decided to tell the story from his perspective. Plus, I added my own character. So enjoy! I don't mind constructive criticism and comments are appreciated! :)

An Unrequited Love

A Steal Gone Sideways

Alec crept up to a house he visited earlier that day on a run for Jam Pony. He had scanned the house as the woman signed her package and couldn't miss the 30-inch flat screen TV shining beautifully in the living room. As he picked the lock, his conscience started to nag at him. He thought about the many times Max scolded him for his cat burglar agenda. Of course stealing from customer's houses was the original plan when he took the job as a Jam Pony messenger, but Max told him that it wasn't moral. She always made an excuse that stealing is okay as long as it was from bad guys. Spare me, he thought. Two wrongs don't make a right. In his case, one wrong equaled one right. All he had to do was steal which came incredibly natural to him and he could have something he's wanted in return.

He'd picked many locks in his day and easily got the door open. He slowly twisted the door knob and entered the house as quietly as he could. As soon as he entered, he was looking right at the television. He thought about how easy it would be to pick up the TV and walk out the door. However, it wouldn't be easy to get it out the door without waking anyone in the house or get it in his car without taking extremely long or looking suspicious. He cursed himself for not doing recon before his mission.

He looked around in the pitch black room with his night vision. The room was very organized. A coffee table was set in front of the couch across from the TV. On the table was an intricately designed vase that looked expensive. He could easily score it for c couple thousand. Alec smirked when he could just take the vase and use that to buy himself a TV. With this idea he reached for the vase, but before he could touch it, someone grabbed his shoulder. He was turned around found himself staring into the eyes of the woman he remembered from the run. She was wearing a robe and her hair was pinned back. She looked extremely angry and Alec knew he picked the wrong person's house to steal from. So much for a new TV, he thought.

Within a few seconds she was throwing punches at his ribs and attempting his face. Alec quickly dodged her punches and was surprised at how fast she was. The woman put her fists up and stood in a fighting stance.

"Listen, I…" Alec started while putting his hands up as if he were surrendering. She threw a punch towards his face and hit him in the cheek. Alec no longer held back and decided to defend himself. He began to punch back. As they were fighting, he noticed how similar her fighting style was to his, it was the same. She attempted to kick him, but he caught her foot and flipped her around. She landed on her hands and feet with her back turned to him. He noticed a black mark on the back of her neck and used his keen sight to zoom in closer to it. He saw what he already guessed was there before, a bar code. She got up and faced him again.

"Hey, Hey," He yelled to get her attention. She glared at him and aimed another punch at his face. "Listen!"

Alec grabbed her fist and then got a good grip on her other arm to keep her from fighting him. She tried to kick him.

"You're an X5." He said quickly. Her eyes widened and then she looked at him with confusion. He could tell she was becoming more defensive than she was before so he quickly turned around to show her his barcode before she kicked him in the back. Alec pulled down the collar of his shirt and moved his hair out of the way so she could clearly see the twelve digits that were his proof of being the superhuman he was created to be. He turned back around to look at her face. She still looked at him with uncertainty.

"I remember you from earlier today. You are the one who delivered my package." Alec nodded in agreement. "Why are you in my house?"

"Well with all honesty…." She raised her eyebrows at him. "I was trying to steal your TV or something else of…great value." The X5 frowned at him. "Hey I'm sure you understand right? I mean…we all have to get by."


Alec looked behind him at the Chinese vase that was sitting on the coffee table then back at her.

"Are you still paying for that or did you get it for free?" She folded her arms and walked over to the light switch on the wall. Soon they were both staring at each other. After looking closely at the features on her face he noticed how attractive she was. She had hazel eyes and full lips with a beauty mark underneath one side her bottom lip. On her nose she had a piercing. Her face was round but she had a mature look. She had tan skin and she looked to be of Asian and Spanish decent. He smirked at her as he saw her checking him out. She looked away.

"Hey how about we introduce ourselves?" Alec suggested. "We are of the same kin. I'm happy to meet another X5."

"Are you really?"

"The more the merrier."

For the first time, she smiled at him and nodded.

"I'm X5- 634 and I go by Leena."

"I'm X5-494 and I go by Alec."

"It's nice to meet you Alec."

"You too." He kept smiling at her thinking his flirtatious ways would lure her in.

"…I think you need to leave now."

"Oh," Alec chuckled and put his hand on his neck. "right, right." Leena nodded and smiled. "So maybe I will see you around."

"Maybe," he said and left the house.

The next day Alec walked into work and towards his locker. His face was bruised and his body was sore from the night before.

"Hey Normal." He waved his hand as he passed Normal's desk.

"Hey. There's my star boy."

Sketchy walked up to Alec after he grabbed a package off of Normal's desk and grimaced when he noticed Alec's bruised cheek.

"Whoa man. What happened to you?"

"Eh, had a little run in yesterday with a few guys at a bar. Never mess with an angry, emotionally unstable biker. They hit pretty hard with beer bottles." Sketchy nodded in agreement.

"I'll take your word for it." Sketchy walked towards Jam Pony's exit to deliver the package.

Alec saw Max and Original Cindy sitting on the bench in the locker area and greeted them with a smile.

"Hey Max, Cindy."

"Hey Alec." Original Cindy replied.

"Hi." Max said.

"How are you all today?" Alec asked still smiling. Max looked up at him while furrowing her eyebrows. She got up and walked over to him when she saw his face.

"What happened to you?"

"Got into a fight."

"Yeah I can see that. With who?"

"Someone." Alec vaguely answered with a smile.

"A swollen cheek doesn't seem like something to be smilin' about." Cindy said to him.

"It was a girl."

"Tsh and she got you like that? I like her." Cindy smiled. Max stared at Alec waiting for him to explain.


"So…I got into a fight and that was it. I mean she was…" Alec chuckled.

"What? Who was she? Let me guess, a victim of your player tendencies. I'm sure you deserved that punch to the face." Max retorted.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. You can think whatever you want." He replied. Max picked up the package she had placed on the bench and started to put it in her bag. "Where are you headed?"

Alec picked up the package and read the address. He smiled because it was Leena's.

"Max I'll do this run for you." Max looked at him funny.


"Thanks." He patted Max and her shoulder and headed towards the door. Max looked at Original Cindy.

"Someone's having a good day." Cindy said.


"Hey at least one of us is." She gave Max a look.

"What? I'm fine."

"I know you're over there trying to act like you're okay but I know you are missin' Logan."

"Cindy…Logan and I are just… We're…I'm fine like this with him over there and me over here where I can't cause any more harm to his life." Max responded.

"Hey I'm not going to judge your decision. I just know that you always seem to have a problem with Alec. You can't even stand being around him for a long time."

"He just…annoys me."

"Mhm." Max looked at Cindy. Cindy let out a chuckle and walked over to Normal who handed her a package. Max watched her leave and let out a sigh.