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Chapter 13: The Black, Gray, and Albino

The next morning, Alec woke up on the couch with Leena. He didn't even realize that he fell asleep that night. He tried his best to scoot off of the couch without awaking her. He walked into his kitchen and went straight for the fridge, nothing. He didn't eat much but he usually had something in his fridge. He decided while she was sleeping that he would run out to the store and pick her up some breakfast. Damn, I have work today. He grumbled as he walked to a breakfast place to pick up some sandwiches and coffee. He hurried back to the house and saw that she was just waking up. She smiled when she saw him walk into the door.

"Good morning." He said.

"Morning." She mumbled as she rubbed the sleepy sand out of her eyes.

"I got some coffee and breakfast sandwiches. I hope you like bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel and I brought cream and sugar for the coffee." He told her.

"Perfect." He brought everything over to her and sat it on the coffee table. "Thanks."

"I hope you don't get upset."


"I have work in a couple of hours." She nodded and took a bite of her sandwich. He searched her face for a reply; he could see that she was disappointed.

"That's alright. I have work later on today." There was an awkward silence for a moment until she began to speak.

"Alec, last night you mentioned something about your missions back at Manticore. Something about someone you love shouldn't trust you. What were you talking about?" She asked. His heart sunk. He never wanted her to know about it even though it was a big part of his life and still affected him. He knew that he should be honest with her.

"I loved someone once." He told her. "She was the daughter of the man I was supposed to assassinate. She was put into a coma from a bomb I planted on the bottom of her father's car. She died some time ago. It was the worst thing I've ever done and the one thing I regret." He kept his eyes on the floor. She hesitated to reach out and touch him.

"Alec, I'm so sorry. It wasn't your fault. It was Manticore. You were just doing what you were told."

"No I should've fought them. I was too much of a coward."

"You are far from a coward. If you were a coward you wouldn't have risked yourself to save your friend. You're a great person Alec." She leaned on his shoulder and at that moment he was happy that he had her. Max and probably Logan were the only people who knew about Rachel, he thought. He never even outright said anything to Max about how he felt. Leena's confidence in him made him feel like he was lucky to have her.

They left out early so he could drop her off back at her house. He gave her a kiss goodbye and went to work on his bike. He met up with Biggs and they began talking about their missions at Manticore. It was the things that happened after the missions that he enjoyed. Lola, he remembered her.

"So how's it going with that girl you've been talking to?"

"It's been great actually. We've been dating, spending a lot of time together."

"You kiss her?" Alec gave him the confident smirk and Biggs laughed at hit him in the shoulder.

"Are you serious with her? Like relationship wise?"

"You can say that?" Alec didn't really want to talk to anyone about Leena. He wanted to keep his love life separated from thing else. He learned a long time ago that love and work aren't a good mix. He thought about bringing Leena around his friends, but he had a bad feeling that one of them, Max, would just think that he was using Leena. Biggs, on the other hand, wouldn't judge him in that manner.

"Look at you Alec! When am I going to meet this mystery woman?" He grinned.

"Hm. Soon enough I guess. We'll see. Maybe I'll bring her to Crash sometime." Just then his phone started ringing.


"We've got a transgenic who needs our help getting away from the cops. Sector 9. Meet me there."

"You got it." He hung up. "Max needs our help."

Biggs nodded and they left Jam Pony without telling Normal. It was nice to be on Normal's side. He could practically be like Max and not show up to work or be late. The difference was Normal would yell at Max but simply as him if he was alright. The made it to the checkpoint into Sector 9 but it was congested with people antsy from waiting. The sector police had the area blocked off.

"There's something going on in Sector 9 people." The cop yelled the crowd. Alec and Biggs sat on their bikes waiting for Max.

"So does Max do these kinds of things a lot? Vigilante missions for the genetically engineered?" Biggs asked in a joking way.

"She actually does. She sees us as family and she wants to help as much as she can so that transgenics aren't wrongfully locked up. She also does things for Logan too that don't involve transgenics but more of…a criminal justice type of things. Just recently since the burning down of Manticore has it been all about transgenics." Biggs nodded and seemed to be impressed.

"Cool girl." He smiled. Alec raised his eyebrows unsure of what to say. Then the roaring of a motorcycle came from behind.

"You ready?" Max said to Alec.

"That's funny. That's what Lola said." Biggs grinned at Alec. Max gave them a confused look and then pulled out her sector pass.

"Jam Pony messenger." She yelled over the sound of her Ninja.

"I've got a pick up at Harbor Lights Hospital." Alec told the police. As they all expected, the bar was raised and they were on their way to help the transgenic. Alec didn't know what to expect as he followed Max into Sector 9.

He saw cars surrounding the man and grabbed a pole leaning against a wall. He held it straight forward and rode his bike passed the trannie-hunters and knocked them to the ground. Max took that chance to get the man onto her bike and they were able to make a clean escape. Easy. He started to gain a confidence in the transgenics growing unison. If they could create a system like this it could save a lot of transgenics from being hunted and killed.

They pulled into Terminal City and Max let the albino man off of her bike.

"Welcome to Terminal City." She said to him. The transgenics crowded around him and patted him on the back welcoming him to transgenic central.

"Yeah...welcome buddy." Alec said and walked over to Max. "Good job staying on top of the transgenic hunt. We can really start saving a lot of people this way. Ames was pretty close to catching him though."

"Yeah we got there just in time." Biggs said.

"We are just going to have to move quickly so we don't have any more close calls like that."

"Definitely." Alec agreed.

"But thanks for coming right away guys."

"No problem, Max." Biggs smiled.

"It's no big deal. I want to help. I don't know if it surprises you but this is actually important to me too. I'm down for the transgenic fight." Alec told her. He saw a little smile on Max's face. It felt nice to be on her good side for once. His phone began to ring.


"Alec are you on runs? You've been gone for a while I need you to come and pick up some more packages. Missy Miss has gone AWOL again. We are getting a little backed up."

"Actually I found her she's heading back with me and Biggs now."

"Oh great at least somebody is keeping track of her. Hurry on back!"

"You got it boss." Alec hung up and saw Max already hopping back onto her bike.

"Come on let's go back before Normal's blood pressure gets too high." Max said with sarcasm.

"I think it might've already shot up." Biggs added as he got onto his bike.