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Chapter 14: A Revolution

As soon as they got back to Jam Pony Biggs headed out on some runs to calm Normal down. Max even went on a few.

Alec came back from a run to go on his lunch break. He grabbed a soda out of the cooler and noticed Normal shuffling through some papers in his nearly dysfunctional office space.

"What you got there boss?" Alec asked him.

"Check it out." Normal said and handed him the flyer. The barcode crossed out in red caught his attention.

"Coalition for a Transgenic-free Seattle." He read.

"That's Right. Mutants are getting organized. We're getting organized too" Normal said.

They've been organized, Alec thought to himself.

"Yeah, that good idea" Alec lied to his boss.

"It's not the one's that look like monsters we got to worry about. They look just like you and me so you really can't tell." Normal told him. Alec's heart sunk. He saw how serious Normal was taking his hunt for transgenics and with Jam Pony being transgenic central, he knew Normal was bound to find out eventually. Sooner or later, they all would have to jet if they didn't want to be exposed.

Just then the sound of a motorcycle interrupted their conversation. Alec looked up to see Biggs riding his bike into Jam Pony.

"Hey! What are you doing? Don't ride the motorcycle inside!" He yelled.

"Cut him some slack Normal. You know Biggs here has already been on three runs this morning, huh?" Alec took the side of his long time friend to relieve him of Normal's obnoxious yelling.

"And I'm ready for my next one boss."

"I told you he was a good worker" Alec boasted to Normal, he was the one that recommended that Normal hire Biggs. "And what our motorcycles has upper our efficiency by what fifteen percent?" He asked Biggs who nodded in complete agreement.

"Yes Moto-Pony is a huge success. Doesn't mean you can ride the hogs indoors." Alecs and Biggs looked at each other and shrugged.

"Hey Normal did you get those sector passes I wanted for these guys?" Alec asked Normal was two Jam Pony messengers walked up to the desk. Alec was happy to help out transgenics new to the area. Normal, ironically, had no idea the Jam Pony was just transgenic central.

"Oh, yeah."

"Ah, perfect. There you go. Happy riding."

"I'm going to start passing out these flyer you want to help out?" Normal looked at Alec and Biggs. Biggs quickly shook his head.

" know boss I would love to but I want to start doing some runs. My lunch break has just ended but maybe some other time." Normal just nodded and slid from behind his desk. Alec walked over to Biggs and shook his head.

"What kind of flyers?" Biggs asked. Normal began spouting his transgenic free Seattle talk and they listened in.

"Vigilance yeah? Don't be afraid to rat out your friends and neighbors."

"People really want...them gone don't they?" Biggs said slowly choosing his words wisely. Alec shook his head.

"Yeah...lets go, shall we?" Alec said getting uncomfortable with the whole situation. Biggs nodded and rode his bike outside of Jam Pony. The two of them went on one more run and then decided to call it a day. They rode to Terminal City and once inside parked their bikes outside.

"So Normal is really into that whole free the city of transgenics crap huh?"


"Don't you think we all should leave then? I mean it's probably not safe anymore. He's going to be looking for transgenics and the first place he is starting with is Jam Pony."

"Yeah...i'm planning on moving to Terminal City...eventually."


"Yeah I think it's the best choice. If we all band together when they come knocking on our door we will be ready. You achieve more success when stay with your unit. Under different circumstances it is better to separate, but do not forget to unite with your unit."

Alec shook his head after realizing that he was quoting Manticore, they very place that Max had burnt to the ground. When Manticore had went down before, he was indifferent. To him it was just an overdone vigilante mission on the part of the rogue X-5 452 aka "Max." Thinking back on it now, he realized how much he had changed. Being out in the world not as an assassin or a soldier or a killer, he learned about life, real life. He saw the world beyond Manticore's bleak walls in a whole new light. It was no longer the mission or "out in the field." It was Jam Pony, Sketchy, O.C., Normal, Logan, Max...It was Crash and scotch. It was Joshua and the smell or turpentine on his shirts and ham hocks on his breath. Just recently it became Leena. At that moment he realized that his life had become and was so much more than was given to him before.

"Wow Manitcore...Never thought I'd hear those routine instructions again..." Biggs chuckled. He noticed Alec in a daze and nudged him in the shoulder. Alec came out of his daze and looked at Biggs his surprise. "You alright?"

"Yeah sorry I was just thinking. It's crazy that we have to live practically in a cage again after bring put in one before."

"You mean living in Terminal City?"


"Well yeah it's unfortunate, but this world wasn't made for us."

"And they put us in it..."

"Maybe we can have freedom but it's going to take a revolution." Biggs said in a joking manner though Alec took his remark seriously. Biggs, expecting Alec to laugh, laughed. "Enough of these heavy topics. Let's take our bikes inside. I need to do some work on mine."

"Alright." Alec agreed. They knocked on the door and were greeted by Mole who just looked at them and walked back inside.

"I think he'd be front and center if the transgenics started a revolt." Biggs joked. Alec nodded in agreement. Mole defibnitely had issues with humans especially X-5's who resembled humans.

"Nice to see you too Mole." Alec said sarcastically. Mole answered with a grunt.

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