Mine? Impossible.

She has the most impressive intellect of any student I have ever taught. She thinks. She discusses. She debates with razor-sharp words.

Mine? Unimaginable.

She is fluent in 87.23% of the languages spoken on member planets of the Federation.

Mine? MINE? Implausible.

Her voice is astounding. Speaking or singing it is perfect, rich and full of life.

Mine? Inconceivable.

She holds black belts in jujitsu, judo, and kung fu. Her skill and grace are unsurpassed. She moves in fluid beauty.

Mine? Improbable.

She is punctual, steadfast, honest, hard-working, conscientious. Most admirable in every way.

Mine? MINE? Highly unlikely.

She is beautiful, feminine, lovely to look upon. Her body is perfectly formed. There is no male at the Academy who does not appreciate her.

"Spock?" Her fingers graze his face, skimming softly, leaving trails of fire upon his skin.

"Mine?" It seems to be the only word he can articulate.