Well…I really don't know where this story came from. It just popped into my mind and I needed to write it down.

Lover- Kagome

Death- Vincent Valentine



He had watched her from the shadows for so long. Her and that lover of hers. He didn't understand why she would love such a fool. He was brash, pig headed, and many times he was also proven unfaithful. Yet she loved him. In all his years, Death did not understand any possible reason why she would chose to die for the fool. He guessed he never would. So, he waited. Her time would come soon. Very soon.


She was known as one of the prefect lovers. But scratch that surface and you would see all the corruption in her seemingly perfect relationship. She loved her partner. Would die for him. Though she began to realize he shared no love for her. Despite that, she continued to love him unconditionally. So when it was decided one of them would die, she instant volunteered herself. And like that, her life was ended.


Death studied the girl who had just crossed into his realm. She looked innocent, with wide, bright blue eye, and a face of an angel. But those same eyes portrayed deep sadness. And for the first time in all his life, Death felt sympathy. With a cold hand, he cupped her porcelain cheek. "Come with me…and you shall never feel alone again."

Her eyes widened more, if possible, before she nodded. When Death began to walk away, she fallowed. It would be proven true that she would never be alone again.


She watched him. His face always cold and emotionless, but perfection none the less, his eyes blood stained rubies. His long hair looked to be made of the shadows themselves, contrasting with his deathly pale skin. He was perfection. Untouchable, unknown perfection, and if she dreamed hard enough, she could tell herself he was hers.


"Explain love to me." It was an order. She stared up at him, her bright blue eyes seeming brighter. He looked off in an aloof manner, but she had been with him long enough to detect the hint of curiosity in his brooding gaze.

"Love…is deeper then anything you can possibly imagine. It is like the air you breathe, the blood in you veins. It is absolute devotion to someone or something. It is accepting faults, and never trying to change them. Love is unlike anything in this world." After she finished, she expected him to reply with something else. But it was silent. Yet she could see that inside, he was trying to figure out the puzzle of the words she had just given him.


He did not understand why he could not part with the girl. Nor the words she had spoken to him. But he did begin to realize that she had wormed herself into his mind, his body, and he dared to admit it to himself, heart. So one day, when he sat next to her he said these simple words. "I love you Kagome." And with those words, he had sealed his fate.