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Chapter 26

"Lucci! You're doing that pitch thing again!" Kuro called out from the studio booth.

Lucci growled as he purposely put it at the highest pitch, nearly hurting everyone's eardrums.

"Lucci-san, we know you're pissed off about the failure of the show, but do we have to suffer through it as well?" Kuro asked, seeing his client acting like a child was just getting on his nerves.

"That son of a bitch!" He called out as he took his guitar off and slammed it on the floor before walking out of the studio.

Everyone didn't stop him as they stood there, enjoying the moment of silence before Kaku got up.

"I better make sure he doesn't hurt himself." He said as he exited out of the recording room.

Kaku headed to the living room and heard a few crashes coming from there and waited outside to let the other vent. When he didn't hear another shuffle, he took a cautious peek and saw the other on the couch, surrounding by the destruction that he was sure Kuro would flip out later. "Hey." He said as he entered, moving some broken shards to the side.

Lucci didn't respond as he sat there, staring at the floor.

Kaku crossed the room and stood in front of the man. "Hey, look at it this way, we know he can't hear well, and these vibration things don't go in singles, so he must get horrid headaches. And not a lot a people like grumpy celebrities, but they make for great gossip and what not."

Lucci lifted his head up enough to look at the man in the eye. "Shut up…" He said as he grabbed a handful of the other's shirt and pulled him down so that they were eye level.

Kaku didn't seem afraid as the other switched places, him on the couch and Lucci above him. From there Lucci kissed him, roughly and heatedly, as he felt the man's hands hastily took off his shirt and felt around. 'It's going to be one of those days…' He thought as the other parted from the kiss in order to bite his shoulder.


After about an hour, Kaku groaned at the pain he received. "Man… I know you're pissed an all, but you could've used some lube of some form…" He said as he looked at the man, nude and sitting at the edge of the couch.

"Sorry…" He said quietly.

Kaku sighed as he laid back down on the couch, seeing that he won't be able to move for some time. "I understand, you're pissed, and I don't mind a blind rage sex."

"You mean rape?"

"If it were anyone else other than me."

Lucci chuckled. "You're even more of a twisted son of a bitch than I am."

"Maybe, but that's because I like you that much to not see it that way." He said with a chuckle. "Even though I'm not going to be walking normal anytime soon, it was well worth it."

Lucci looked at the other before leaning over and kissed the other's back. "It still doesn't change the fact that green haired bastard is pissing me off."

"Is it too early to hurt them?"

Lucci took a moment to think about this before he lightly bit the other's neck and whispering. "If they reach to the top five, then you can have your fun with him."

Kaku grinned. "I do have a fascination for him, I must admit. Much like what you did with Luffy."

"Luffy's a scrawny kid, this guy is a new ball game."

"Either way… it'll be fun." He said with a grin similar to a predator's. "Don't you agree?"

Lucci grinned as well. "You've spent way too much time with me." This was responded with the other laughing.


On Thousand Sunny, Zoro shivered and woke up from his morning nap. 'What the hell was that about?' He thought as he tried to get back to his nap, but found that he couldn't. He also felt suddenly cold and nervous. 'Must be coming down with something…' He got up and walked around, hopefully the feeling would go away, but it just became worse. 'The hell!'

"Zoro!" Luffy called out loudly.

Zoro, despite other vibrations going on around him, recognized one vibration and turned to see Luffy jump and he quickly braced himself for the impact known as the falling teen. Once he caught the teen, the feeling he was getting suddenly disappeared as he felt the other giggle before outright laughing. Seeing the other laugh made him laugh as well, though he was annoyed with the surprise attack. 'Oh well, at least that damn feeling is gone.' He thought as he calmed down from laughing. "What's going on Luffy? You're energetic this morning."

"I don't know." Luffy said with a shrug. "I just felt like jumping you and seeing you smile."

The man couldn't help but to smile at that as he trapped the other in a head lock. "Is that so?" He said as he gave the other a noggie.

"Zoro!" He called out, but he was laughing too much to make it sound like he wanted out.

"Would both of you be quiet!" Nami called out. "Some of us would like a quiet morning!"

"I didn't catch that." Zoro said.

"She told us to be quiet." Luffy said as he nuzzled against the other's chest. "But I don't wanna!"

Zoro chuckled at the childness of the singer. "We better find your brother then, we have to figure out the songs anyway."

"Yeah!" Luffy cheered happily as he latched himself onto the other. "Let's go!"

"Use your own feet!"

"But Zoro's strong and warm!"

Zoro blushed as he looked at the other's happy and eager puppy face, which made him cave in and carried the teen to the recording studio part of the ship. 'One of these days I got to learn to not let that face get to me.'