hey guys, this is my new one. for those who had read the only summary in my other story, then keep in mind that i have change the summary and the story line is different because...i dont know why. Keep in mind that this is just an introduction! any how, lets go! I DO KNOW OWN GA OR THE CHARACTER EXCEPT THE ONES THAT I WILL CREATE!

Hey guys! My name is Mikan Sakura and I live a normal life…kinda. Well, if you call being a doll master is normal, then I'm normal. At least, that's what I want everyone to think.

Today, I'm going to introduce you to my world. The world of dolls and their master or preferably, companions. friends. whatever. Please keep in mind that not all doll are sweet and nice and all master are evil and sinister(though that's what most of them are). and also, keep in mind that all dolls have souls like humans and also for those who are not bonded with their master in a...magic way(if you must call it). for the ones that are not bonded in a magical way, they cant move or talk unless doll master do a contract with them.

To start with , if I'm not mistaken, there is only 3 type of bonds between dolls and master. There's people that are like me—but are quite rare to find in this timeline— bonded by dolls by bloodline. As in, being passed down. We're called Ancients.

Then there's like my friend, Hotaru Imai, she's bond with her doll through contract. Those who bonds through contract are most of what doll master in this timeline is. They are called Strings. Weird but true. There was a legend about how they came up with the name but lets not get me telling because it is a lot of telling to do.

the other one is the normal one. where dolls have a perfectly normal master and live a normal and happy life, i think.

not all normal human can do a contract with dolls. it takes a lot of gut, unwavering determenation and magic. though i dont think magic counts because every human has it, its either you use it or dont use it. switched it on(which can happen uncalled for sometime) or always stay domant.

Ancients like me have special abilities we can use. Like mind reading dolls heart(which every Strings would die for and would kill for. Literally) and some more but it doesn't mean that Strings don't have abilities too. Its just that, theirs a bit more trickier than ours.

See, Ancient's power flows within their blood but unlike us, Strings gets their power from their dolls. Their powers always are the same with their dolls power but not us. Ancients have different powers from their dolls. Some time, in rare cases, Strings get a power different from their doll, like a friend of mine. Won't tell you just yet…

but us Ancient, we think of our mind reading as an extra ability. And it is. Comes handy too. (though keep in mind that if a String has an ability to read dolls mind, don't be shock cuz that's probably the ability they get from their doll)

Even so, every master can only have one power with each doll. And that rule applies to all Strings! And don't even try to have more than one doll because for Strings, having one doll is bad enough because they take their energy from you. Imagine having 2 dolls!

But us Ancients, most of us have one but you know what…I actually have 2! I know!

I think that's all for now. Wont tell you more because then it wont be a surprise! Gotta go! One of my dolls is nagging again because I'm talking too much in the middle of the night.

To tell you the already-know truth, I'm actually under my bed covers. Oh my god, here she comes with him! my other doll! AHHH!

Just kidding! But seriously, they are coming. I am so busted…

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