In most couples there's at least one mature, rational one. That's not so much the case for these two...

Pairing: Skywarp/ Moonracer

Rating: T

Note: Slight AUish, mentions of intimacy

Transformers (c) Hasbro


"Are you sure they won't notice?" a hushed voice whispered, unease etched into her tone.

"You saw 'em pouring out the high-grade when we left" another voice pointed out, this one notably confident, "And after the amount of progress that's been made in the peace talks, I'm sure they're still celebrating" he added.

Moonracer frowned in uncertainty, hesitantly poking her head out of the deserted storage room. She gave the hallway a nervous once over.

"Well, it's clear here anyway" she stated, self-consciously moving out of the doorway. Her companion walked out with far more ease, not even giving the hall itself so much as a glance.

"See? We'll be fine" he assured her, grinning cheerfully. Moonracer looked over her own armour in worry.

" looks a lot more obvious in the light!" she said becoming increasingly anxious, "They'll know-"

"Come on! They'll be too over-energised to care, or notice" he reassured her, gently tilting her face so their optics were locked, "And even if they did, who cares?" he added, a flicker of mischief in his optics. "I for one would love to see the faces of the Autodorks- Ah, sorry, Autobots" he quickly corrected himself at her reprimanding look, "Force of habit" he said, grinning meekly. Moonracer giggled slightly.

"Yeah, you're probably right" she said, flashing a grin to match his own.

"Of course I am!" he stated, cockily, "When have I ever not been?" Moonracer paused, frowning slightly in thought.

"Well, there was that one time when you mistook a human beverage for energon...And that time when you thought that it would be a good idea to push Soundwave down the stairs...And that other time when you-"

"I was being sarcastic Moonracer" he cut her off; face caught between deadpan and embarrassed. Moonracer blinked her optics twice, before giggling into her hand.

"Oh, sorry" she managed to get out. He rolled his optics, but not without amusement. What could he say, the femme was impossible to get irritated with, at least as far as he was concerned. He chuckled slightly before tugging her hand away from her face, and leaning down to capture her lips in a gentle kiss. She instantly responded by tilting her head to the side slightly, brushing her hands against his faceplates. Too soon, as far they were concerned, a commlink buzzed into life. They hesitantly broke apart.

"Moonracer here"

"Skywarp here"

They both exchanged looks, before slowly breaking into chuckles. Not every 'bot would find the fact that they answered their commlinks at the same time so amusing, but these two were a unique pair. Moonracer, having calmed her giggles, gave a slight shrug signalling that it wasn't her commlink that had interrupted them. Skywarp nodded in understanding, still desperately trying to stifle his laughter.

"Ahah, ahem, um I mean, yes...Uhuh...Ok....No, I'll be right there....Pfft, like you'd mind....Yeah, yeah, same to you Screamer" his face was still split into an amused grin. Moonracer inwardly applauded his ability to keep his tone impressively normal.

"Yeah yeah, for the love of Primus! I said I'd be right there, so quit your glitching!" he snapped, rolling his optics and making several mocking gestures that had his present company in near silent hysterics. He always did the best impressions of his air commander, and Moonracer was a great audience; never rolling her optics or telling him to grow up.

"Ok, fine! Sheesh, yeah yeah, Skywarp out" he grumbled, irritation now present on his face. Moonracer gave him an inquisitive look. "Ah, nothing's wrong" he assured her, "I just have to get back there now, or he'll, and I'm quoting him on this, shove his null rays down my throat" he stated disinterestedly. "I'm just annoyed 'cause for a second there, it seemed like we might be getting another...session in" he said grinning. Moonracer giggled.

"As much as I would love that, I think it is best that we get back now" she grinned brightly, before turning on her heel and heading back in the direction of the conference room. Skywarp gave an overdramatic sigh before trudging after her.

"Stupid meetings" he groused, crossing his arms and pouting, "They're so slagging boring" he whined. Moonracer gave him another one of her blindingly cheerful smiles.

"True, but they're helping to bring about peace among our race, something some of us never thought possible!" she stated, practically radiating optimistic hope.

An odd pair to say the least, but only Moonracer could truly tolerate Skywarp when he was in one of his petulant child moods, and only Skywarp could bear Moonracer's near depthless optimism....or at least find it amusing enough to put up with. So as they walked, one practically skipping, with her hands clasped behind her back, and the other, shoulders sagged, arms crossed, and all but dragging his feet across the floor, an onlooker would really have to look twice before being certain that they were together.


"Nobody worry! I am here and everything is under control!" Skywarp was never known for discreet entrances, and this was probably one of his more toned down ones. Since the peace talks began, the delegates soon became accustomed to his attention seeking behaviour and had learned it best to ignore him. This day, however, a new addition to the talks that was unfamiliar with the seekers actions, proceeded to take the natural action one would in such a situation; all but jump out of his seat, lock optics on the perpetrator, and proceed to yell various explicative's at them. But Cliffjumper, a mech never known to hesitate, found his vocaliser frozen at the sight in front of him.

Moonracer bounded in after Skywarp, innocently whistling and oblivious to the pair of shocked optics focussed on both her and the seeker....At least until a loud curse of disbelief was heard next to Cliffjumper. The mini-bot inwardly winced at Sideswipe's tone; considering the mech was right next to him, it was pretty harsh on the audio receptors.

"Moonracer, what the slag is with your...your armour?!" he asked, his optics widened to an impressive size. Sideswipe's sudden exclamation had caught the attention of various other delegates, who now had expressions to match his own. Moonracer froze at his words, hesitantly turning to face the gazes now locked on her. Skywarp too, had paused in mid-step, all previous brazenness gone.

"Woah, Skywarp! Didn't know you liked the colour aqua!" Rumble cackled from across the room, Frenzy adding to the effect by wolf-whistling loudly. This managed to catch the remaining 'bots and 'cons attention, meaning all optics in the room were now locked on the two newest additions. Skywarp exchanged a nervous glance with Moonracer who was shifting uncomfortably on the spot.

"I thought you said they wouldn't notice" she mumbled under her breath. Skywarp grinned sheepishly.

"None of you guys are over-energised by any chance are you?" he questioned meekly. This was met with a series of deadpan expressions, angry glares, or amused smirks. "Hehe...yeah, didn't think so..." he laughed nervously. A deadly silence soon settled over the room, the Autobot and Decepticon delegates waiting for the excuse that would surely clear this whole mess up.

Neither Skywarp nor Moonracer knew what to say. Meeting each other's optics, each tried to read the others mind in the hope of thinking up some kind of explanation...anything. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the silence was broken.

", that's what I call marking your territory eh?" Skywarp joked weakly. The couple met optics and the next second, he and Moonracer were doubled over in a fit of hysterical laughter.

Indeed, most couples would have deactivated with embarrassment at having one another's paint scraped onto each other's frame in front of such a crowd, not to mention that most femmes would have practically skewered their partner were they to make such a comment as Skywarp had. This couple, however, were as far away from normal as one could get. And between the shocked expressions of their comrades, the suffocating silence, and the situation itself, all it took was Skywarp's joke to break their self-control and send them into hysterics.


Ok, I'll be honest...I have absolutely NO idea where the thought of this couple came from! All I know is that as soon as it made its way into my brain...there was no stopping it! I just HAD to write something for, forgive me for the OTPness of it! Personally, I think these two would be quite cute together :3 And yeah, I know that technically Moonracer is with Powerglide, and normally I never mess with canon pairings, but I think we all saw how he was totally into the human lady (in G1 animated anyways) so I consider him as Moonracers ex ;D

I'm thinking of turning this into a series...not sure how long it'll be, but I would definitely like to write more for these two x3 There's also the possibility of me writing a prequel as to how they got together in the first place [I have some ideas, but nothing solid yet]