Prompt:Playing With Kids

Transformers © Hasbro

"Argh! They… they got me. 'Racer, they got me!" the quivering mass uttered from the floor.

"Mmhm, I can see that Warpy."

"Well don't just sit there! Aid me!" he exclaimed, purple hand reaching forward in a desperate plea.

The cyan femme merely hummed into her cube of warm energon, blue optics twinkling with amusement and fully fixed to her data-pad. "I'm sure you can take them," she replied, lips quirking upwards into a grin when a fresh bout of cries and whimpers erupted from the floor.

"There're three of them for Primus' sake! They have the advantage! C'mon, tag-team me or somethin'! Together we can- AH! Noooo! Not my wings! They're gonna sever 'em! Demons! Demons!"

Moonracer couldn't help but snort a laugh at the Seeker's theatrics. "You know yelling only encourages them, sweet-spark," she merrily crooned, setting the cube down and neatly folding both hands onto the data-pad. Her gaze flitted upwards at a particularly loud squawk. She grinned crookedly at the sight before her, blue optics lighting up a fraction and flickering once.

Skywarp gaped up at her.

"You just… Did ya just take a picture of this? Oh, that is low! You… You… damned evil hot mastermind!"

Moonracer giggled impishly, watching as Skywarp fruitlessly attempted to fend off the determined little "demons". A high-pitched chirp complemented by a gentle pressure to her lower leg caught the femme's attention. She glanced down, a warm smile instantly colouring her expression.

"Hello sweetie," she cooed, leaning down and scooping up the twittering little bundle. "Done tormenting Daddy already?"

An indignant snort promptly followed by a poorly squashed guffaw uttered from the floor.

"Like it even makes a difference! Afterburner's sure as Pit not the worst out of 'em," he huffed, but chuckled as Skyblast clumsily scaled the expanse of one wing, Sky High remaining comfortably perched atop his helm. "I'd like to see you deal with all three of 'em attacking at once! Sneaky little brats…"

Moonracer grinned down at him while Afterburner snuggled closer to her spark casing, "Figured you'd have come to expect it by now, Warpy. Whenever you're away for too long the first thing they do when they see you is pounce and latch on."

Skywarp winced as Sky High scrambled into a more comfortable position on his helm, tiny-pede hitting his faceplates in the process.

"Eh, I know. And it's cute and all, but still-" he reached up to steady the precariously situated sparkling, "-wouldn't mind you being the one pouncing on me every now and then."

Moonracer snorted a small laugh.

"You, sir, are incorrigible." She glanced down at him, an affectionate smile tugging at her lips. "But I'll admit, it's hard not to love you at times like these… Especially with such a precious little sparkling decorating your head," she sniggered.

"It's hard not to love me, period," the Seeker playfully chanted back, though beneath his mischievous smirk, Moonracer could easily see the warmth reflected back at her.

Sky High chirped quizzically, almost like he knew the two were talking about him as well. A miniature blue light supplemented by a short thrum was all the indication she got before another tiny Seeker landed on her helm. She grunted softly at the sudden added pressure, a cyan servo quickly rising to stop the sparkling from toppling off.

"Primus, I wish he wouldn't do that…" she exasperatedly breathed.

Skywarp sniggered, reaching back and mock-roughly detaching a squirming Skyblast from his wing. The sparkling emitted an excited thrill at the sudden motion.

"Think 'High and 'Burner have the right idea there 'Blast," he quipped, heaving himself upright and plopping onto the berth next to Moonracer. The eldest sparkling instantly set to scrambling for a higher roost on his creator's frame, Skywarp's arm automatically settled round the femme's slight waist.

Moonracer made certain the youngest Seeker was safely settled atop her helm before comfortably resting against Skywarp's side. Afterburner was already in deep recharge, happily nestled into the crook of her arm. Skyblast gracelessly sprawled himself across Skywarp's shoulder and wing, helm fitting into the hollow of his neck.

A contented hum left Moonracer's vocaliser, optics dimming and frame snuggling closer to Skywarp's. The Seeker in turn tightened his grip about the femme's waist.

"Y'know, we act more like berths for these kids than their actual berths do," he quietly joked. Moonracer's frame shook with a stifled giggle.

"I think you act more like a playpen," she murmured back. Skywarp snorted.

"Playpen? More like an entire damned entertainment centre!"

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