Out of sheer boredom and nothing else really.

He really just didn't get it.

Arthur sat watching his human (yes, HIS) and his black-furred mate from the comfort of his perch on the windowsill. The black-furred one (Lelouch he'd heard once) was sitting on Suzaku's lap, kissing the brunette deeply.

Lelouch tugged Suzaku's head back by his hair and bit his neck where the boy chin and neck met. The younger teen moaned softly and tilted his head back further to give the prince more room.

"Yes, please…more." he breathed between pleased whimpers.

And this is where Arthur got lost. He'd bitten his human in THE EXACT SAME PLACE the day before and had only received a pained cry and a betrayed looked from the brunette. Clearly this was how Suzaku accepted affection from the one he was most fond of (after himself, of course. As if that frail child could compare to his coolness), so why didn't Suzaku react that way to his bites?!

The cat lowered himself to lay on his paws and glowered at the boy who DARED think he was more important to Suzaku than boy's own OWNER. He scoffed and looked away.

Well, Lelouch had bitten the boy in other places in addition to his neck. He'd already tried several: behind the ears, the inner wrist, shoulders, collarbone and thighs. Tomorrow he would try the brunette's lips…or better yet, his nipples! That had received an incredible reaction! Perfect!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Next Day – Lunchtime…

The student council sat in a circle outside atop a white blanket covered in blue flowers. Arthur sat on Suzaku's lap, the teen holding his bento up in one hand to eat.

The cat had been sitting still for a long while. Once Suzaku was properly distracted by a story the blue-haired human was telling (that Suzaku apparently thought was funny…weird), he put his plan into action.

Arthur quickly but carefully forced himself beneath the uniform jacket and shirt. Suzaku gasped and jumped in surprise. He looked down and lightly patted the cat over his jacket but made no move to remove him. Arthur must have been cold. It was pretty chilly out.

Arthur remained still for a moment, until Suzaku's body relaxed again. He tilted his head up and gently, lightly nipped at his nipple, flicking his tongue over the skin in case he had caused harm to the sensitive.

Outside of the uniform, Suzaku gasped and moaned softly in pleasure and doubled over.


The other students looked over at him with looks on the spectrum of shocked and curious. The boy let out another soft whimper as Arthur's ministrations became more frenzied in his excitement at having finally succeeded.

"St- Stop… Arthur…" The brunette tried to plead between gasps. Not that that deterred the cat in ANY way.

Lelouch scowled in annoyance. Since it looked like no one was going to help, it looked like he needed to be the one to do something.

Milly was grinning in excitement. Shirley and Nina were looking down and away, blushing deeply. Kallen looked as if she might need medical attention from holding in her laughter for so long. And Rivalz…Rivalz looked as if he weren't sure which of those 3 groups he should choose.

Lelouch reached under his friend's shirt and yanked the cat out, promptly dropping him on the blanket. Arthur glared at the prince for a moment then shrugged it off. His job here was done. The cat turned and walked away, leaver his human flushed and panting.

It was silent for a full five minutes before Lelouch decided to once again be the first to act.

"What the hell was that?