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We were running, we were so close I could smell the fresh air for the first time in two years. Fang's fingers wrapped, gently around my wrist, pulling towards freedom.

But I'm Maximum Ride right? It wouldn't be me if something didn't go wrong when everything was going right would it?

Mike the name alone made my blood boil, I should have known it would be him that was going to ruin this for me.

"Come on Maxie, you know you don't want to leave me here, I love you and I treat you well, you aren't guaranteed food or protection like mine anywhere else. You know what'll happen Maxie, if we catch you we won't kill you, we'll just kill your friends and lover boy here. Come on baby, nobody loves you like I do."

My body froze, there was no way he was going to get away with threatening my family.

Angel fly north I'll meet you in two minutes I just need to take care of him once and for all. I love you all I'll see you soon I promise.

I hoped desperately that she would hear me. I was practically screaming my thoughts at her.

I looked at Fang and my heart lurched in my chest, his eyes held so much emotion worry being the most prominent. I could feel his uncertainty, I hoped Angel would tell him my plan. I love you I mouthed. And I'll see you very soon baby I added in my mind.

I jumped back through the hole in the door, shutting my mind off to anything but Mike. I hoped that my acting skills were still present as I stared into his beady eyes that were so full of mirth and spite. He looked victorious and I wanted nothing more than to beat him to the ground. So I did.

I walked towards him slowly as if to embrace him. At the last minute I swung my fist and connected with the side of him head. Stunning him momentarily. Conjuring up every bad memory of this place, every threat he had made to scare me, all the time wasted in his presence away from my family, all the times he had touched me and just recently the fat he thought he could kill my family. I used these thoughts to fuel my rage, which at this point had hit levels I never knew existed. I felt invincible. Landing a kick square to his head, he fell to the floor, paralyzed. I didn't stop, the monster that had been too weak previously to fight was now revelling in the fact it was free. Raining punches to any area of his body that I could manage, I used my feet in a relentless attack on his side.

Using the energy that I had left, I pushed both of my feet towards his head. The force was enough to send him into the nearest wall. I was sane enough to know that anything more would have killed him. I stopped then, letting him live, he could live defeated. He would wake up knowing he had lost me, he had failed and I was free. With that I ran towards the door and jumped snapping out my wings for the first time in two years I felt the air rush beneath them. The sensation was familiar the muscles in my back finally relaxing as I beat the air so I could rise above the place that had been my equivalent of hell.

I laughed then, I had won, I was free. My family were waiting for me not far away. I could feel the air shimmering from where they had flown only minutes before.

I had never felt so happy in my life. I was going to be with my family again, and the boy that I loved. We were going to be okay.

I flew northwards, not realising it but I seemed to just know where they were.

A few hundred feet away I could see a jagged ledge sticking out of a cliff. I could barely make out the Outline of my flock.

Though as I flew closer the air seemed to become sharper and an almost broken feel was added to it. My family seemed tense. As I prepared to land, shocked at how silent I was, I could hear Fang shouting.

Angel's voice filled my mind. Max I'm sorry I tried to explain. I swear, please ignore him, he doesn't know what he's saying.

His back was facing me, his shoulders tensed and I immediately wondered what could be so wrong.

Fang's voice reached my ears then and I stopped breathing. I'm not stupid. Do not try and cover for her. Face it she didn't want us, didn't love us and blatantly didn't need us, like we did her. She left us for that monster, who tortured and almost raped her, telling her he loved her. She's not the same Max we used to know, that Max wouldn't have done that. Just let her go, we don't need someone like that. I swear to you she's not worth it."

It felt like everything inside my body had shattered completely. Fang didn't think I was worth it. He thought I was working from them. I thought I didn't love him.

I felt nothing but pain and sadness. Nothing in this world could ever be right again. Fang didn't want me, I had already survived this once, there was no way I could live through a second time.

The flock didn't need me, I knew this two years ago, it seems my two years in hell had made me delusional, they only saved me because they felt obliged to.

She's not worth it...

Silent tears raced down my cheeks and Fang finally turned to face me. That hurt, he couldn't even say this to my face.

For some reason he started to shake. He was crying, his hand reaching out towards me, but I couldn't comprehend why. Why would he cry now that he had finally said what he wanted to? I was going to be out of his way and yet he was reaching out as if to ask me to stay.

You're an idiot. You knew he could never love you. What are you still doing here? He doesn't want to he said so himself, you're not worth it.

My thoughts were running wild. But then it finally processed. I shouldn't be here. But I didn't know where else to go, I had nowhere without my family.

Fangs lips were moving, and I'm sure there was sound too, but I couldn't see properly for my vision was clouded with tears and my ears seemed to have failed.

I couldn't be here anymore. So I took a small step backwards and let my body fall off the ledge. I didn't need my wings if I had no reason to fly. So I just fell. Completely ready to me my end.

Closing my eyes I revelled in the fact that soon I would hit the ground, never to get up again.



My instincts kicked in then, finally. That was Max the only girl that I have ever and would ever love. She had just thrown herself off of a cliff because I had been stupid and irrational and said things that I was going to regret for as long as I lived.

In under a second I had thrown myself over the ledge too. Tucking my arms into my sides and wrapping my wings around my sides I plummeted. But the difference was I had a purpose. I needed to catch Max. She was falling alarmingly fast. But it was trying my hardest to fall faster. No way was I going to let her go easily.

I was gaining speed. Catching up to her rapidly. The scary thing was that she had her eyes closely and her face looked almost peaceful as if she was ready to die. I didn't care if she had decided she was. I had decided she wasn't and I didn't care if that was selfish, she wasn't leaving me again. Not over another stupid misunderstanding.

My heart was beating at what felt like one hundred miles an hour and my body was burning with the speed at which I was falling. Dropping just a little underneath Max and spread my wings. Flapping them rapidly to stay aloft I spread my arms and braced myself to catch her. The impact that I was expecting never came. Even though she had been falling at quite a speed she was so light it barely jolted me.

Curling my arms tightly around her body I shot upwards. Back towards the ledge. I nuzzled my face into her hair. As if proving to myself that I had actually saved her and she was still here.

I knew that I would have a lot of explaining to do to the flock, though I had nothing to justify why I said what I did.

But those thoughts were banished as Max's eyes began to flutter open. "Why?" she whispered.

"Why would you save me, I thought I wasn't worth it." Her voice held so much pain and confusion. I wanted then to punch myself repeatedly in the face.

I had to make this right. So I said the only thing that came to mind.

"Baby I swear to you, I didn't mean a thing."

I changed direction flying into the trees nearby. I placed Max down on the mossy floor and kept hold of her arms so that she couldn't leave. I wouldn't let her leave.

"Honestly Max I promise I didn't mean I thing that I said. I swear to you. I overreacted. I thought that you were going back to him. I thought you actually wanted him. It was only when you came back that I realised I was being an insecure asshole. I suddenly realised you stayed behind to save us, to keep him from threatening you again. I realise know baby. I'm so so sorry. What can I do ? Please Max I need you to tell me what I can do to make this right."

I was begging by the end. She still wouldn't meet my eyes. Her large brown ones were cast downwards as if the ground were the most interesting thing in the world. They were shining with unshed tears. My insides clenched knowing that I was the one that was the cause of those tears. She as finally free after two years of being used and tortured she was finally free and I had ruined it all for her.

I lifted her chin gently with two of my fingers. Forcing her to look me in the eye. "Baby please tell me what can I do to make this up to you. I know I screwed up. I know I said things that I can never take back, but I promise you that I will never forgive myself for saying them. What can I do? I can't live without you please Max. I love you."

She sobbed then, the tears flowing freely down her cheeks. "How can you say that you love me Fang?" she questioned. "I don't understand."

I squeezed her hands threading my fingers through hers. I found comfort in her lack of resistance. "I love you Max, and I can say it because it's the only thing in this world that I am sure of. I'm more sure of this than my own name. More sure of this than I am of anything possible. If you want I can scream it from rooftops. I'll write you a song if you want. Or I can tell you every possible opportunity that I get. Because it's true baby. You are worth more than anything in the world, you're strong, beautiful, passionate caring and I love you..."

I trailed off there was nothing else I could say. I just prayed that she understood.

Of course bring my Max, she did. I didn't understand how or why but she did.

Her eyes met mine filled with a renewed confidence. "Fang" she breathed. "I've always loved you, and I always will. Nothing could ever change that. I jumped off the ledge because I thought you didn't want me. I can't live without you not now that I've only just found you again. Please baby either leave now or stay forever."

I pulled her into my lap. Wrapping my arms tightly around her small frame. Nothing would take her from me. "I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me forever, possibly even longer."

She turned to face me our bodies so close that her lips brushed mine lightly. "Good."

I couldn't last any longer. I pressed my lips to hers and lost myself in our kiss. It wasn't gentle, it was careless but it was full of love and passion and it was proof that neither of us could live without the other.

What could have been hours later she pulled away and rested her forehead against mine out noses touching. Her breathing was still laboured, she whispered two words that I knew would be the starting point of our future.

"The Flock."

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