Hey guys I was really bored when I got the idea for this story hopes ya like it.


Chapter 1 Family History


I was your normal 17 year old lived in sunny Arizona. Tall, skinny bean pole, frizzy blond hair, hazel eyes, and extremely tan. I was different a little though because I was the tom boy. I loved sports. I loved my boyfriend Mickey or I thought I did any way. I loved my family except my brother. I loved my life. It was one school project that changed it forever.

"Okay class, our project for the semester. You are to research your family trees, find out about your heritage, and make a report and power point about it." The teacher instructed.

That's when it all began. I grabbed a laptop and turned it on. Load faster I thought impatiently. I went to one of the websites listed on the board. was about your ancestors and what they did. I started reading it and got hooked. It was so fascinating.

"June Black!" The teacher scolded, "Put the computer away class is over!"

Everyone laughed and went back to getting their books. I put away the computer and went to my next class. I wasn't paying attention I was to busy thinking about what I previously had read.

"Alright classes dismissed have a good weekend." The teacher muttered after the bell rang. I darted to homeroom and waited for my best friend Maya to come in. Our other best friend Bella had moved to Forks, Washington I missed her so much.

"Maya! Thank god I thought Risley might have made you die with her lecture on posture!" I said.

"Almost did. How does an English teacher go from grammar to posture like that?" She snapped her fingers.

"I have no clue." I packed up the rest of my books and Maya and I did our usual routine. Walk to the bathroom really slowly and come back as soon as the bell rings.

"So are you meeting me at Butch's later?" she asked as we left the classroom.

"Can't make it. I've got wrestling then I meeting James. It's our six month anniversary." I explained.

"Can't you skip wrestling?" She pleaded.

"I can't Coach would a have a fit. States are next month and I'm starting, and you know the starters with coach are the best wrestlers he's got." I reminded her.

"Blah curse you and your need to wrestle!" She said throwing her hands up in the air.

"Whatever. You know you could just make a date with Chucky." I told her.

"Maybe I will." She pointed her nose in the air.

We didn't even make it to the bathroom. The bell had rung literally as soon as we reached the door. We went back to homeroom and got our bags.

The bus ride home was eventful. I got a text from James. Maya texted Chucky asking him if he wanted to go out later. We got off at our stop and walked home together. Maya lived next door to me and this was our same routine. I went in my house got changed and my mom drove me to wrestling. During the three gruesome hours of wrestling I just kept thinking of my date with James. I took a shower when I got home and then got ready for my date. Jeans shorts and a blue shirt Maya made me wear. I put on my favorite blue chucks and went down stairs. James was already there talking to my dad about Baseball.

We left and went to my favorite Italian restaurant La Bella Italiana. He knows me so well. We exchanged gifts. I gave James a Ryan Howard Jersey.

Both of us may live in live in Arizona, but we grew up in a small town near Philadelphia. Both our dad's who worked for the same company got transferred here. So he and I still loved the Phillies and are convinced that Ryan Howard is the best player. (A/N Phillies RULE!)

He got me a pair of earrings with little LS's on them. My favorite High school back in PA was La Salle college high school. He knew if I could of I would have gone there.

"Thank you so much!" I told him as I saw them.

"I know you to well." He laughed.

"So how was wrestling? Did you quit yet?" He asked. He had been hoping I quit so he could be the stronger one in our relationship.

"I not quitting ever! So you'll never beat me at arm wrestling! Haha!" I said.

We ate dinner talking about our day. I don't get to see him much because we go to different schools. He walked me home. While we were outside my house he kissed me.

"Love you June." He whispered.

"I love you too James." I whispered back kissing him again. He put his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck. We stood there kissing for a minute until he pulled away grinning.

I walked to my front door and turned around. He was still standing there smiling.

"Bye James, I love you!" I yelled to him.

"I love you too June!" He yelled back then he walked away toward his house.

As soon as I got to my room the phone rang.

"Hi Maya!" I said with enthusiasm.

"I saw you guys come home." She told me.

"Stalker!" I replied.

"Hey not my fault you live next door and my window has a perfect view of your front yard." She said.

"You are so weird Maya." I muttered.

"You said you loved him!" She sighed.

"Your acting like I have never said that." I told her.

"You've said it before?" She sounded shocked.

"Uh yeah! We've been going out for six months I think we've passed that street already." I said.

"Well, my date was fine thanks for asking." She sounded annoyed.

"What happened?" I asked already tired of talking about our love lives.

"Sorry, I don't kiss and tell." I could hear her sniffle.

"Maya, If your trying to make me beg to know what happened I'll come over to your house and hurt you. JUST SPEAK!" I threatened her.

We spent the next hour and a half talking about who knows what until I told her I was exhausted and tomorrow was my sleep until six day so she better let me rest.

I passed out minutes later.

The next morning my alarm went off at six. I got up took a shower and went downstairs. I made myself a breakfast essential. I don't like eating breakfast so my mom buys them for me. I went upstairs at eight to go for my usual jog then lift.

I just finished lifting when the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number but I picked up any way.

"Hello?" I asked still tired from my workout.

"June? Is that you?" a voice replied sounding excited.

"Uh yes may I ask whose calling?" I replied going to the sink to get a glass of water.

"June! It's me Bella!" Bella said.

I dropped my cup and it broke into millions of shards of glass.

"Bella?" I croaked frozen from shock.

"June, oh my gosh how are you?" She asked.

"Bells, is that really you?" I spoke.

"Uh yeah. I thought I'd call to see how my best friend was!" She rang out a laugh.

"I haven't seen you in three years! How are you? What has your life been like? How's Forks? Are you coming back?" I asked in one breath

I'm great. My life has been fine, Forks is well, Forks. Sorry I'm not coming back." She replied

"It's okay. How have your three years been Bells?" Mine has flown by." I said.

"Well my three years have been glorious." She said giggling at something.

"Okay Bells what's up? You're acting really happy. Has something happened to you?" I asked suspiciously.

"Um, yes something has happened." She sounded nervous now.

"Spill NOW!" I ordered.

"Hold on one sec." She mumbled something unintelligible.

"I've met my soul mate." She sounded like bliss.

"I know exactly what you're feeling." I muttered.

"What? June Black tell me now what's going on." She sounded curious. She has multiple emotions issues.

"I've been dating James for the last six months and I think I'm in love with him." I admitted.

"What? Little Juney is in love!!" She teased.

"Shutup Bella!" I groaned. "Alright tell me about your supposed 'soul mate' I want to know about him now! I ordered.

"Alright, his name is Edward, He's seventeen, he's extremely tall, reddish brown hair, muscled, pale white, and absolutely gorgeous." She sighed.

"Awwww bellsy bear is in love!" She growled as I mentioned her old nickname.

"Bells I got to go. I'm meeting James later and I just finished lifting. I smell terrible. Bye Bellsy Bear!" I mused.

"Bye Juney! I think I can- Ahhh! Uh bye!" She abruptly hung up. I called Maya immediately.

"Maya, guess what?" I basically lashed out.

"James proposed what?" She laughed at her stupid joke.

"No Bella just called me!" I told her.

"You mean our Bella who has been gone for three years?" She asked sounding really surprised.

"I just really wanted to tell you that. I have to go. James and I are meeting later and I smell terrible. Bye!" I said.

"I think I can smell you from here! Bye!" She hung up.

I took a shower and got dressed. James asked me to look nice. Not my version of nice. Decent nice. I went down stairs and grabbed an apple.

We were sadly out of granny smiths so I ate a red one. I started thinking about Bella. She had drawn a really good picture of pale white arms holding a red apple.

"June, honey can you come here?" My mom called from the living room.

I walked into the room where my mom and dad were seated.

"Sit please." She asked sounding nervous.

"Mom what's wrong? Are you okay?" I asked getting nervous myself.

"Well, we just found out you were doing a school project about your family history and decided to tell you the truth."

My mom looked disappointed in her self. My dad wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"Really what's going on?" I asked.

"Honey, you're not our child. We adopted you." She started crying.

I'm adopted? Adopted are you serious? My parents have been lying to me for years and they finally tell me the truth?

"Why didn't you just tell me?" I said.

"We didn't want you to know. We thought it was best you never found out. But you would find out with the project." She said wiping away tears.

"Do I ever get to meet my actual parents?" I questioned

"Well, your mother Sarah Black died years ago. Your father though would like to meet you though." My 'dad' said.

I'm a Black, I like that name. June Black, hmmm it has a nice ring to it.

"So do I have any siblings?" I beat around the bush a little.

"Well, you have twin sisters Rachel and Rebecca, and a brother Jacob." My mom answered, "June, you can fly to Washington to meet your biological father if you want."

Washington, did she say Washington?

"Do you know where in Washington he lives?"

"In a small Indian reservation, near the town of Forks I believe." She said thinking hard.

Oh my god, I get to see bells!

"Can I go?" I asked.

"Hon, I just said you could." She laughed.

The next Monday I flew out to Washington to meet my father.