A Sailor Moon Fanfic
Based on "The Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum
By Bill K.
Chapter 1: "The Journey To Ny"

Sailor Moon and all related characters are (c)2002 by Naoko Takeuchi/
Kodansha and Toei Animation, and are used without permission, but
with respect. "The Wizard of Oz", published in 1900 and written by
L. Frank Baum, is a public domain work and is also used with respect.
Story is (c) 2002 by Bill Kropfhauser. The tree spirits appear
courtesy of the film "Princess Mononoke".

As always, for those only familiar with the English dub:

Ny=pronounced "N-Eye"

Finally, Haruka and Michiru are NOT cousins.
Minako rapped on the door to Rei's bedroom. "Rei? You in

"Yeah, come on in," she heard Rei respond.

"You got a minute?" Minako asked. "I've got something that's
been bothering . . ." The blonde girl stopped, amazed at what she
saw in the room.

Inside the room with Rei were Ami and Makoto. Each girl looked
at her, their expressions indicating their preoccupation and concern.

"Well, I've heard the rumors about you two, but Rei was never
involved," cracked Minako. Makoto bounced a pillow off her head.
"Seriously, did I miss a meeting appointment?"

"No," Ami replied. "We're all sensing something, but none of
us can figure out just what. Is that why you're here?"

"Yeah. Feels like someone's sitting on my shoulders and
glaring at the back of my skull. It's creepy."

"Does this sense of foreboding you get feel like it might be a
threat to you," Rei asked pointedly, "or to Usagi?"

"Now that you mention it," Minako replied. "I couldn't put my
finger on it before, but that sounds just like what I'm feeling."

"Same with us," Makoto told her.

"Maybe it's because I'm more sensitive to that stuff, but I
picked up on that aspect right away," Rei said.

"But from what?" Makoto asked. "The feeling is so vague. It
could be anything!"

"Or maybe we're all just being paranoid," Minako shrugged.

Just then they heard a knock on the door. "Come in," Rei said.

"Rei, I've been getting these weird feelings," Usagi began as
she entered. Luna was draped over her shoulder. "Oh! I'm sorry.
Did I forget we had a meeting?"

The other four looked at each other.

"We're not being paranoid," Ami concluded.

After comparing notes, Rei decided it might be a good idea to
probe further into this. At her behest, the others changed into
their senshi forms. Following the instructions of Sailor Mars, the
senshi formed a circle and extended their right hands, one placed
atop another with Mars' hand on top. Mars closed her eyes. Her face
grew calm. She began to whisper an ancient chant.

"Do you sense anything?" Sailor Moon asked.

"I'm - - getting something," Mars said.

"What? What do you see?"

"Well if you'd be QUIET, maybe I could focus on it!" Mars

"Grouch," muttered Sailor Moon.

Mars returned to concentrating. "All I see is light. Light
everywhere. Nothing else - - wait! I see eyes! They're beautiful,
but they're . . ."

In an instant, the peace of the room was shattered. A sudden
whirlwind sprang up seemingly from nowhere and engulfed the five
senshi before any of them could move. Venus tried to shout out her
attack, but the loud whine of the whirlwind drowned her out. The
senshi found themselves lifted off the ground and spun around the
room helplessly by the powerful force. Sailor Moon's last memory
before she blacked out was trying to reach out to Luna, to protect
the small black cat from the buffeting winds by shielding her with
her own body.
* * * *
"Sailor Moon?" Sailor Moon heard off in the distance. She felt
something small pushing on her cheek. "Sailor Moon! Wake up!" the
call came, more insistently, and she realized that it was Luna's
voice she heard. Clawing her way with some effort up out of the inky
hole of semi-consciousness she'd been in, Sailor Moon pried her eyes
open and worked her way up off her back to a sitting position.

"Oh, Luna," she groaned, her hand going to her head, "What
happened? Where did that wind come . . ."

Sailor Moon's words died in her throat. For the first time she
was able to focus on her surroundings and what she saw was the last
thing she expected to see.

"Um, Sailor Moon," Luna whispered anxiously. "We're not

In the clearing of a gigantic forest, where they'd landed,
Sailor Moon and Luna found themselves surrounded by thousands of
little beings. They were roughly a foot tall, with child-like bodies
colored a ghostly white. Atop their bodies were heads, if one could
call them that, misshapen like potatoes, with three black holes that
roughly formed eyes and a mouth. The throng peered at the two
strangers with solemn curiosity.

"GHOSTS!" shrieked Sailor Moon. She frantically scooped up
Luna and crushed the cat to her breast. "OHMIGOD, Luna, don't let
them get me! Protect me! You've got to protect me!"

"Ghaak!" gasped Luna. "Sailor Moon! Get hold of yourself!
They're not ghosts! And of the two of us, you're the one with the
power to protect us! Now put me down!"

"Then what are they?" asked Sailor Moon, staring at the little
creatures with nervous curiosity.

"They're probably tree spirits," Luna replied. "If you'd calm
down and reach out with your mind, you'd probably sense it. And I
don't think they mean us any harm. They seem to be just curious."

Sailor Moon took in a deep breath and calmed her nerves. As
she reached out, she sensed wispy thin tendrils reaching out toward
her. Her mind touched the tendrils - - and she giggled.

"Oh!" laughed Sailor Moon joyfully. "That tickles!" With her
blue eyes wide and her smile ear to ear, Sailor Moon leaned forward
in the grass onto her elbows. She gently neared one of the creatures
and slowly extended her index finger. The creature waited passively,
allowing her first to touch it, then to tickle it under its chin.
"Oh, aren't you just the little cutie-pie!" The creature responded
by raising its head, exposing more of its chin for Sailor Moon to

"Sailor Moon," Luna gently nudged. "We need to find the
others, or at the very least find out where we are."

"That's right," Sailor Moon said, straightening up. She
glanced around, but couldn't recognize the glade of trees she was in.
For that matter, she couldn't recognize the trees as anything that
was native to Earth. "Um, Luna, I don't think we're in Tokyo

"Really, Sailor Moon?" deadpanned Luna. "What exactly was your
first clue?"

Sailor Moon responded with a loud raspberry. Luna was about to
give a cutting retort when she noticed something.

"Sailor Moon," she said. "What's that around your neck?"

Sailor Moon looked down. Dangling from her neck on a chain of
fine silver links was a silver pendant in the shape of a teardrop.
Etched on the teardrop was a heart.

"I don't know," Sailor Moon replied, cupping the pendant in her
hand and examining it. "It's pretty, though. I wonder who it
belongs to."

"It belongs to you," she heard a melodious voice say from
behind her.

Sailor Moon spun around and saw a woman standing about twenty
feet from her. She was a petite beauty with long hair of sunlight
yellow that fell to her knees behind her and dangled in playful bangs
over her forehead. Her eyes were bright blue and kind, her mouth
small and red, and her skin soft and vibrant. She wore a choker of
gold inch long rectangles held to her throat by a miniature replica
of the sun. White arm length gloves covered her arms and a fine
strapless gown clothed her. It fit tightly around the torso and was
colored sunlight yellow, while a billowing white skirt flowed out
underneath and touched the ground.

"T-Thank you, Ma'am," Sailor Moon said, scrambling to her feet
and bowing. "It's lovely. May I ask who you are?"

"I am Princess Apollonia," she replied, her lips caressing
every word with a velvet touch.

"Very nice to meet you. I'm . . ."

"You are known to me, Princess Serenity," Apollonia smiled.

"Pardon my ignorance, please, but where am I?"

"You are in the land of Ny."

"I don't know that place. How did I get here? Do you know
where my friends are?"

"Where are your manners, girl? Don't you know better than to
turn your back to royalty?" and again Sailor Moon turned to a voice
behind her.

Another woman stood behind her, this one a mere seven feet from
the girl. She was tall and willowy, with hair black as the night
cascading down her back like the veil of a wedding dress. Her eyes
were deep violet, as were her lips, and violet shadow adorned her
eyelids. Her cheekbones were high and her mouth round and
seductively full, while her eyes pulled you in like quicksand. Onyx
stones dangled from her ears and another was worn as a pendant on her
bared chest. Black arm length gloves adorned her arms and her gown
was black taffeta. Tight through the torso to reveal the lines of
her figure and push up her cleavage, with spaghetti straps running
over creamy shoulders, her skirt billowed out from her hips, the hem
scraping the ground. Her skin was soft, but pale and against the
black of her hair and gown almost milky white. Sailor Moon stared.
The woman had a seductive quality which women as much as men couldn't
help responding to, and yet it was a beauty that formed ice in the
pit of the stomach.

"W-Who are you?" whispered Sailor Moon.

"I am Princess Nocturn," she said, her eyes never leaving
Sailor Moon as she bowed slightly. She gave Sailor Moon a cold smile
and the senshi swallowed.

Sailor Moon glanced at the tree spirits. They all cowered from
Princess Nocturn in abject terror.

"What do you want?" Luna challenged, insinuating herself
between Nocturn and Sailor Moon.

"Begone, lowly creature," sniffed Nocturn imperiously.

"Hey!" Sailor Moon protested. "You leave her alone!"

"Does she amuse you, Princess?" Nocturn smiled cruelly. "Is
this beast your court jester?"

"She's my friend!"

"How common," Nocturn replied dismissively. "Since you prove
less than hospitable, I shall leave." She extended a gloved hand to
Sailor Moon. "But first you must return the pendant to me."

"This?" Sailor Moon asked, holding the pendant in her hand.

"Do not listen to her, Princess Serenity," Apollonia said with
serene confidence. "Shadows can play tricks."

"You would do well to keep out of this, Apollonia," Nocturn
warned. "The pendant! Give it to me!"

"Why do you want it?" demanded Sailor Moon.

"It belongs to me!"

"But Apollonia said it was mine!"

Impatiently, the dark beauty lunged at Sailor Moon. The senshi
took two steps back, moving into the light, and avoided her. She
moved to summon the Moon Tier.

"Luna!" she gasped, glancing at the black cat. "I can't summon
the Moon Tier!" Yet, Nocturn had halted her advance and stood
glaring at Sailor Moon.

"Be careful, Nocturn, lest your reach overextend your grasp,"
Apollonia playfully warned.

"Advice you would be wise to heed as well!" snapped Nocturn.
She turned back to Sailor Moon and, with a withering glare, froze the
girl in her tracks. "As for you - - I shall have what is mine!"

With that, Princess Nocturn crossed her arms over her torso and
brought them up over her head, drawing from nothing an impenetrable
shadow over her. In a moment the shadow dissipated and the princess
was gone.

"Who was that?" gasped Sailor Moon.

"Princess Nocturn rules all that is shadow on Ny," replied
Princess Apollonia. "Her one consuming desire is to plunge the world
into eternal shadow, so that she may rule over all."

"And this pendant will help her?"

"She believes this. Whether it is true, I cannot say. But you
must never surrender it, Princess Serenity, for it is your only
protection against Nocturn."

"Oh, I wish I could just go home," Sailor Moon said glumly.
With Nocturn gone, the tree spirits gathered around her. They seemed
to be trying to soothe her. "Princess, do you know how I can get
back to where I'm from?"

"That I cannot tell you," Apollonia offered apologetically.

"Well, I was with four other girls like me. Do you know where
they might be?"

"If they are on Ny, they may have already run afoul of Nocturn.
Her shadows are everywhere," Apollonia said sadly.

"Oh no," whimpered Sailor Moon.

"There is one on Ny with great power. Seek out the Sorceress
of Ny. She resides in the shrine atop that great hill," and
Apollonia pointed out a great Shinto shrine atop a distant hill.

"Oh, it's so far," groaned Sailor Moon. "You don't have a car,
do you?"

"A car?"

"Never mind."

"Though I cannot guide you there in person," she said,
Apollonia made a sweeping gesture. A path through the dark forest
was revealed when brilliant sunshine pushed through the dense
foliage. "I can guide you in spirit. Follow the sunlit path. It
shall guide you true to the temple door."

"Thank you, Princess," smiled Sailor Moon. She turned to the
tree spirits. "Thank you all for cheering me up! I wish I could
take all of you home with me! Good-bye!" she waved. "Come on,

"Be careful, Princess Serenity," warned Apollonia. "Nocturn
will do whatever she feels necessary to get her way. She will not
concern herself with the welfare of anyone else, including you. Stay
upon the sunlit path. To venture off it is to venture into shadows
and there you are most vulnerable to Nocturn's power."

"I will," Sailor Moon waved as she and Luna walked down the
path. "Thank you again!"

continued in chapter 2