Title: I, For One, Welcome Our New Alien Overlords

Author: Stormy1x2

Word Count: 925

Pairings: Bishop/Zixx, preslash

Notes: a short one-shot that takes place after chapter 2 but in an unspecified time. After they've been working for a while, perhaps. Future stories here will fluctuate around the timeline I've set up in chapters 1 and 2, and may or may not necessarily be interconnected. Please see future notes for details.

Dedicated to amaronith and polaris2000! Thanks for the encouragement!

Summary: Zixx is careless. Japan is apparently trying to traumatize Bishop. World tolerance is discussed.

I, For One, Welcome Our New Alien Overlords

"Was that really necessary?"

Zixx shrugged, tossing the flash drive onto Bishop's desk. Bishop stared with distaste at the luridly colored, wide-eyed animated character it was shaped as and picked it up gingerly. "Look, I did my best to avoid security but Japan's got some of the best freaking security around. Unlike the US until recently, they have embraced technology from all walks of life, and so yeah, I got caught on one screen. Shoot me."

"Do not tempt me." He plugged the drive into his computer and began extracting the files. Holographic images showed up on the 3-D display console, and he nodded thoughtfully at what he was seeing. "Well done, Zixx. At least it wasn't a total loss."

"One camera does not a failed mission make."

In response, Bishop pressed a button on his desk. A painted screen behind Zixx shifted to the side revealing a wall-mounted flat screen television. News footage suddenly appeared on it, and Zixx's blurry face was plastered across the screen along with a number for viewers to call the police if they saw a man with purple skin.

Zixx glowered. "Big deal. That was a Japanese broadcast. People here don't watch the Tokyo news."

"No, but that's no excuse for carelessness." Bishop turned off the TV. "You will be more careful in the future."

"Sounds almost like you were worried about me."

"Do not be ridiculous." Bishop's attention returned to the files he was now sifting through on the 3-D console, removing files he considered useless with a wave of his hand towards the virtual trash bin. "You did, however, manage to accomplish something correctly. These files do in fact confirm to what level Asia has reached in terms of accepting alien technology. Their protests at the last summit meeting about alien corruption are now easily argued with this proof that they obviously do not mind alliances with off-worlders as much as they initially claimed."

Zixx rolled his eyes. "Big deal. Technology equals money. The bigwigs in power there know that. Everyone knows that. It ain't them you need to worry about."

Bishop raised his eyes from the screen and focused them on Zixx. "Explain."

"The governments of the world are easy to convince. It's the people you have to work on. Haven't you ever read an X-Man comic book? People fear what they don't understand, and fear is only a stone's throw away from hate."

Bishop returned his eyes to the screen. "I do not waste my time on frivolous scraps of paper, and the world will accept alien technology when they see the advances it provides them. Humans are inherently greedy. Anything that improves their quality of life will be readily accepted."

"That's not what I said," Zixx said patiently. "In fact, I agree with you. People will definitely accept alien technology." He pointed to the side wall, where Bishop had placed a framed photo of his recent meeting with a high-ranking member of the S'kule race. It had been a secret meeting, but one filled with promise. "It's the aliens people won't accept."

"The world has changed quite a bit from the days of blind and ignorant prejudice," Bishop said calmly. "I do not think it will pose quite the problem you think it will. And either way, it is not your concern to deal with."

Zixx reluctantly conceded with a shrug and a nod. He sat silently for a few minutes, before breaking the silence once again. "You really think the world is ready to let aliens and mutants walk among us?" His tone was doubtful.

Bishop shrugged, unconcerned. "The masses seem to accept you – or at least, they would, were your face not plastered all over the evening news for yet another criminal escapade."

At that, Zixx snickered. "Man, purple skin is nothing. Have you seen what kids these days get up to in the fields of body modifications? A guy came up to me in a club once and asked who my tattoo artist was that would do my whole body in one shade, and what technique he used. For some reason, he wanted be electric green."

Bishop raised an eyebrow at that. Once upon a time, someone wanting to parade around in public wearing that particular shade of the color spectrum (well, not the electric part, at any rate) would have been met with howls of indignation from random members of the public, and his own personal task force armed with stun guns and electrified nets. Or maybe that was only for green skin with shells.

He shook his head, and focused back on the conversation. "Whether or not the public is ready for such an occurrence is slowly becoming irrelevant. It is happening, and the public will have to adjust. Just as the world once opened its borders to allow members of other countries entry, so too is the day coming when we will open up our planetary borders and welcome denizens of other worlds. The prospect for foreign trade, the advancement of technology – our very idea of the world itself is going to change." His eyes flashed. "And I shall be there to lead us along the way."

Zixx eyed him warily. "...Yeah. Starting to sound a bit like your cartoon-variety tyrannical overlord now. Might wanna watch that when election time comes."

Bishop shot him annoyed look. "Oh, shut up."


Notes: Bishop cares. He just doesn't show it. Zixx can tell.

Zixx: "Oh, I know. Also, what's up with the dramatic declarations you have him doing?"

Stormy: "He's going to be the head of a interplanetary intergalactic council. That doesn't seem the least bit dramatic to you?"

Zixx: "Whatever. I bet you have that 'If I Become an Evil Overlord' list, right? Gimme! I wanna leave it on his desk. No, even better – I'll keep a copy and read highlighted sections out loud at the perfect moments."

Stormy: "You really do love living on the edge, don't you?"

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