Candy Floss.

"Candy floss you say?" - Pai-san.

Retasu: Pai-chan! We're in this one-shot! ^-^

Pai: Pai.... chan?

Retasu: Gomen nasai... *tears*

Pai: Ahh, Retasu don't cry... *hugs*

Retasu: *hugs back* ^-^

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The sky was a pinky orange, as the sun made its way down slowly. The wind blew across the nearly empty area of the theme park. Sitting upon the tall hill, was a green haired girl named Midorikawa Retasu, mildly picking at the fluffy pink sweet.

Waiting for her other friends, she stared out at the park. She could make out Purin swinging along the monkey bars, Zakuro and Keiichiro at the wolf's enclosure, Ichigo clinging to Masaya's arm as they rode along on the log flume and a fed up Minto as Ryou droned on about which ride to go on.

A small smile graced the lips of the pale Mew, as she slipped a small bit of candy floss into her mouth. The wind picked up gently blowing her long hair to the side, ruffling her creamy shorts.

The young girl looked up startled as the air in front of her weaved and the tall figure of the smart alien appeared in front of her. A soft tint of red made its way onto her cheeks as he stared down at her.

"Ano... P-Pai-san... eto... why are y-you here?" Retasu gasped, as she realized how rude she sounded, she quickly waved her hands, looking embarassed, "G-Gomen nasai Pai-san!"

He gave a stiff nod, as he stared at the big fluffy pink blob on the white stick in her pale hand.

"What is that?" He asked, his eyes never leaving it.

Retasu looked down at the candy floss, "Eto... Pai-san, it's candy floss..."

"Candy floss you say?" Pai mused, before reaching out, no doubt making her redder, and picking a big size off. He held it to his face as he sniffed it.

"Retasu-san... is this what you do with it?"

The said girl turned to look at him then turned to stifle her giggles, thus not working and a long stream of giggles escaped her lips.

"Eto... Pai-san! Iie, w-we eat it." Retasu stuttered, trying her hardest not to laugh but he looked so funny.

He'd make it somehow like pancakes and placed them over his violet coloured eyes.

"Ah..." Pai murmured, his face going a nice red colour, as he tried to hide the blush.

The mew reached up and gently pulled one off his eyes then softly pushed it between his pale lips, as his eyes widened. She quickly threw her hand down and blushed darkly.

"G... Gomen nasai." She whispered meekly.

He stared at for a few seconds then gently grabbed her wrist. He leaned down, the said candy floss poking out from between his lips as he swiftly claimed her lips. Her eyes shot open and she hopped nervously then went a deep red as he slid his robust arms around her slim frame.

He pushed the small bit of candy floss into her mouth using his tongue before it vanished. She slowly closed her eyes, as his tongue brushed against her lower lip.

He pulled away, a ghost of a smile on his face, "Sweet as candy floss." He whispered, his warm breath gently brushing over her red cheeks.

Then he claimed her lips again.