It was a normal day. Nothing particularly interesting going on. Kakuzu and Hidan were off on a personal mission out to find a ninja that held a wealthy bounty. Kakuzu's search for money never ended.

Kakuzu had been giving Hidan weird looks all day. It was making him a bit uneasy. He'd developed quite a fondness for the other man. Their walk had become awfully silent a few hours ago and neither had spoken since. Well, except for when Hidan stubbed his toe and cursed for about 10 minutes before they continued to walk.

He'd been thinking up ways to confront Kakuzu, did the other man have the same feelings about him. Was all their violent hatred really pent up emotions of lust and wanting? Hidan would never know; unless he asked.

He'd been working up the courage all morning. He had to do it; it'd been plaguing him for weeks. I mean he was manly, good looking, sexy and powerful. What more could Kakuzu want. And he was around him 24/7. Was he the only one having some sexual frustrations? He thought not.

He broke the silence.

"Oi, Kakuzu, can we stop…I…uhh…my toe hurts again."

Kakuzu just glared at him, but stopped none the less as Hidan pretended to check his toe.

"You're pathetic you know" Kakuzu muttered as he rolled his eyes.

"Hey! Fuck off, this hurts!" Hidan said, getting a bit pissed at Kakuzu's snobbish attitude, not to say he wasn't used to it.

Kakuzu just pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration and continued to walk, leaving Hidan behind.

"Hey fucker! Don't think you can just leave me here!" Hidan called after him and did a jog to catch up.

There was another moment of silence, it was getting frustrating. He closed his eyes and took a breath. He walked in front of Kakuzu, cutting him off.


"Aww come on, why the glare. You're being silent and it's creepin me out."

"Why would I waste my time talking to you? There are other things on my mind. So move." Kakuzu replied, getting agitated.

He was just about to push Hidan out of the way when Hidan brought his hand up to stop him.

"What the hell is your problem Hidan, we have somewhere to be." Kakuzu growled.

"We always have somewhere to fucking be, can't you take it easy for one fucking moment, I'm tired of this shit, always doing whatever the fuck you want. I…need to talk to you." Hidan ranted, becoming silent at the end.

Kakuzu just raised an eyebrow.

"Make it quick then."

"Well…fuck…Iuh…Kakuzu…how do you really…feel…about…me?"

Kakuzu looked at Hidan like he was crazy.

"You're my partner…I tolerate you and that's it." Kakuzu replied indifferently, shoving Hidan aside and continuing to walk. Hidan kept pace and walked by his side.

"Nothing more?" He questioned, his confidence a bit shaken.

"No" Kakuzu replied, not even glancing at the other.

Hidan decided it was time to try a different and more direct approach.

"Not even if I do this…" He slid his coat off his shoulder, revealing a bit of his perfect soft white skin.

Kakuzu glanced over to see what Hidan was doing. He rolled his eyes at the others attempt and hid a small smile under his mask as he turned his eyes back to the road. He was really beginning to wonder what the other was up to.

"No." A firm answer.

"Not even this…" Hidan said and he slid his coat down to rest on both his bent elbows; exposing his perfectly toned chest.

Kakuzu looked over in annoyance and quickly turned back to watching forward to hide the blush that crept across his face.

"No…not even that. Now stop that, you're lagging behind."

"Fuck you Kakuzu!" Hidan said as he hopped a step to catch up. Kakuzu stopped to roll his eyes at the other and stare him down. Hidan's temper was terrible.

Hidan smirked as the other stopped. "How about now" He said as he grabbed Kakuzu's coat by the collar and pulled so that their bodies pressed together, Hidan arched in a sensual position and let his warm breath caress the others face.

Kakuzu freaked out. He wasn't blind, Hidan was…good looking. Hell he was pretty damn attractive. But he would never admit it. He didn't know what had gotten into the other man.

"Fuck off Hidan!" He growled and smacked Hidan with his money carrying case. He quickly turned away from Hidan and wiped the trickle of blood that was coming from his nose.

"Hey fucker! That hurt…Do it again" Hidan smirked cheekily.

"You're a creep" Kakuzu said, pretending he wasn't amused or a little turned on.

"If you don't keep walking and quit it with this shit, I will kill you." Kakuzu threatened, not facing the other to try and hide his blush. Now that he thought about it, he wanted Hidan to keep going. He'd have to pull a stunt of his own later tonight. Once he had his money.