Chapter 4

It was only a few minutes before a cab pulled up beside them. Hidan was already tired of waiting and they weren't even there yet.

Kakuzu opened the backseat door and Hidan practically shoved him inside.

"Hidan" he growled cautiously and he looked over his shoulder to send the other a cautioning look as he settled himself into the car. They were in the presence of another person now and he wouldn't be more embarrassed than he already was. He hadn't planned on showing his stitches to the world tonight and he wasn't exactly getting what he wanted. He'd picked his ripped shirt up from the ground and slipped it back on; trying to pull the two flaps Hidan had created closed to cover himself as he instructed the cabby about where to bring them.

Hidan had jumped in after him and slammed the door closed unnecessarily loud. He rolled his eyes as Kakuzu shot him another glare, guess he'd have to do up his seatbelt too.

The ride was slightly awkward. Kakuzu's hormones had calmed slightly with these passing minutes but by the way Hidan was eyeing him and shifting around it seemed the same couldn't be said for him. He felt like eye candy again and he tried to shrink into the car door as much as possible. God the driver must have thought they were hopped up on drugs or alcohol or both.

Still, he couldn't ignore the sultry look that he could see in Hidan's eyes, the way his lips were still swollen and slightly pouty, or the blush that still lingered on his cheeks. He looked utterly…


As close to the definition as a person could get, he was. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. It was a little hot in that cab, and it definitely was not just him. No. Definitely not.

He could hear Hidan's foot tapping impatiently against the floor in the back of his mind but he was too focused on staying calm and controlled that he didn't bother to tell him off. He only snapped out of his thoughts when Hidan's voice finally broke the silence.

"Fuckin' finally!"

Kakuzu glanced up at the mirror that hung in the front seat, catching the very displeased look on the cabby's face. Hidan pulled some money out of his wallet and slapped it into the driver's hands before quickly opening the door and jumping out; he'd gotten rid of the seatbelt even before they'd stopped moving.

"Hurry the fuck up Kakuzu!" He called from on the sidewalk.

Kakuzu flashed the driver an apologetic glance before getting out himself and holding his shirt together as he approached the front door, Hidan following right behind.

"If you ever destroy another one of my shirts, I'll strangle you." He growled lowly as he fumbled with his key and managed to get it into the lock. He could feel Hidan rolling his eyes but he brushed it off and turned the knob, opening the door and stepping inside. He immediately, and frustratedly, discarded his shirt onto the couch as he walked in and flicked on the light.

Hidan was no stranger to Kakuzu's place, what after having to spend the night several times because he was too drunk to walk. He went right to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. Kakuzu just glanced over at him.

"You're much too comfortable here for my liking Hidan." He grumbled as he sat down on the couch and eyed the other.

Hidan had just downed the glass practically in one gulp and was now walking over to Kakuzu. He'd almost forgotten why they had come to his place and he felt his face heat up again.

Kakuzu cursed the others perfect body as he felt his cock springing back to life in his pants at watching the other approach. When had he ever developed that fluid, almost predatory walk? He found his mind wandering to what other mysterious things Hidan may have hidden up his sleeve; or lack of one, until the other was practically on top of him.

Hidan had walked right up to him and swung one of his legs up and around as he scooted forward and sat so that he was now straddling Kakuzu.

"Oh come on" he started, grabbing Kakuzu's shoulders and leaning down next to his ear.

"You know you like me" he whispered, a sultry tone in his voice that Kakuzu had never heard before masking the teasing statement. He prevented a groan from escaping and he mentally cursed Hidan as he felt his face heat up even more.

"I don't." Kakuzu's voice was still as firm as ever, but Hidan knew he was lying when he saw the blush on his cheeks.

Hidan smirked against his neck and swung his hips; grinding down on Kakuzu's growing erection. He brought his head back up; looking at Kakuzu's closed eyes, hands still on his shoulders as he ground into him again. He watched as Kakuzu's mouth fell slightly open and his eyes screwed shut even tighter. Hidan grinned; leaning down next to his ear again.

"Fuck Kakuzu-…don't hold it in." He almost growled and he moved to bite down on Kakuzu's neck; grinding his hips almost painfully down once again.

"Nh" he grunted slightly as Hidan ground down against him. The way this was going there was no way he would be able to hold it in even if he wanted.

As Kakuzu's head tilted back to lean against the couch Hidan began to trail a small line of kisses and nips up his neck and along his jaw line. The jet black stitches were rough but it suited Kakuzu, he was a rough guy. Hidan had witnessed his outbursts during fights that got slightly more challenging, he knew Kakuzu wasn't as reserved as he'd like to lead on and if he had to push him into it he would. He would pull out every trick he had to get Kakuzu annoyed with him; to play rough. After all, it wasn't as fun if he didn't get a little beat up.

He moved his lips back along Kakuzu's jaw to his ear and began to nibble on the lobe, occasionally biting down a little harder than normal to elicit small gasps from the other man.

"Kakuzu..." His hand shot down to the buldge in Kakuzu's pants and he squeezed softly, pulling a slightly louder groan from him.

"You're fuckin' hard again already, horny old man" He teased slightly as he massaged Kakuzu through the fabric of his pants.

"Thought you'd have a little more control than that, I thought this might be a bit of a challenge." He licked up the shell of Kakuzu's ear.

"I don't even wanna know what the fuck's running through that shitty perverted mind of're probably waiting for me to tie you down and fuck you myself." He growled softly, and squeezed the package in his hand just a bit harder.

Kakuzu's brow creased at that. He most certainly did not want Hidan to 'fuck' him. He would not be topped by this annoying bitchy man, he would take his sweet time being the one to tie Hidan down and making him regret ever seeking out other people at slutty clubs. He moaned deeply as Hidan squeezed him again, and realized that he hadn't voiced any of these complaints which was probably only spurring Hidan on even further.

"Come on Kakuzu, I can tell under your bullshit of a hard exterior you're just a whore waiting to be fucked into the ground" and he bit down on his ear quite hard.

What did he say? Had he caught that right? Hidan had called him...a whore? No amount of hormones could override his pride and temper, not to mention Hidan had been annoying him slightly more and more ever since his lips had left his cock earlier. A hand shot up to grab Hidan by the neck and before Hidan knew what had happened he was laying on the floor in front of the couch, Kakuzu's hand pinning him to the wooden panels.

"What the fuck Kakuzu?" His own hands went to grab and pry at the vice grip around his throat. If this kept up he wouldn't be able to breathe. Those threads of Kakuzu's were definitely an unfair advantage.

Kakuzu grinned as Hidan squirmed around on the floor. As much as he would like to believe it, Hidan was no match for his strength. He would have his way and there was nothing the silver haired man could do about it.

Hidan was the whore. Writhing around on the floor, practically naked already, body flushed from arousal and probably some sort of fear by this point. He deserved to suffer a little for the hells he's been putting him through in the past months. Trying to seduce him and then running off to fuck some chick he met at a club. Pathetic.

Without releasing his hand he bent down and unzipped Hidan's pants. He would waste no time playing around with this man. He was attractive yes, and he himself was definitely turned on by him in this moment but he had no desire to spend unnecessary time with him.

Hidan whined deep and sunk his fingernails in Kakuzu's hand. As if that would work. He would be freed when Kakuzu damn right felt he should be let free. Breathing was a privilege he often took for granted. Maybe after this he would be more appreciative and shut his big mouth for awhile.

He released a few threads from his other arm and pulled Hidan up by his feet, slipping his pants along until they were off and then letting his legs drop back to the ground. He could tell he was hard through his boxer-briefs. Hidan probably had a dozen kinks that he didn't want to dabble in, especially if asphyxiation was one of them.

He stared down at Hidan for another moment before deciding to finally release him. He leaned down to straddle him as he gasped for air.

"You..fucking bastard..." he coughed and went to punch Kakuzu in the shoulder; a blow that was quickly blocked and deflected.

"Shut up Hidan." Threads wound around Hidan's wrists and ankles before he had a chance to react; not that he would have gotten far with Kakuzu sitting ontop of him.

With the threads secured in place he moved his hands to undo his own pants as Hidan continued to struggle uselessly underneath of him. He probably didn't intend to turn Kakuzu on even more by squirming helplessly like that, but he was, and Kakuzu was enjoying himself a little too much watching Hidan's frustration.

He sighed contently as he got his pants down and freed his length from the confinements of fabric and continued to ignore Hidan's bitching.

"Kakuzu you fucker! Let me up so I can fucking do something- I-"

Kakuzu glared down at him and bent to silence him with a kiss. His length brushed against the smooth skin of Hidan's stomach as he did so and he groaned. He was going to be inside of this man in mere minutes. He had to make this good, although he would never admit to it, he'd wanted to do this since almost the first day they'd met. Although the fair skinned man was nothing like himself, practically an annoying opposite sent from hell, he was incredibly attractive. He had hormone as well.

Hidan groaned into the kiss and parted his lips to allow Kakuzu to slip his tongue inside. He tasted and smelled just as someone may expect him to at first glance. Earthy and musky with something else that he just couldn't pick out. Although not that pleasant to everyone, Hidan loved was Kakuzu. And he...well he kinda liked him. Sometimes...kinda.

Once Kakuzu pulled back from the kiss he brought a finger to Hidan's lips and 'shhh'ed him as he stood up. The threads however stayed in place and Hidan was forced to watch, only breaking the silence with quiet pants as Kakuzu pulled the rest of his clothing off. He looked intimidating naked and standing over him like that. He was big, and so was that. It would hurt...and he was looking forward to it.

Kakuzu spit into his palm none-to gracefully and wrapped his hand around himself, stroking a few times and gasping at the contact; the movement of his arm causing the strings tying Hidan down to move slightly as he was still forced to watch.

He wasn't neglected for long though and soon the strings were unravelling from his limbs and Kakuzu motioned for him to stand.

A silvery eyebrow raised in suspicion as he stood and came closer to Kakuzu's beckoning finger. His eyes wandered along his tanned body; so filled with imperfections that it was...perfect in his eyes.

"Turn-" Kakuzu moved him to face away and to stare at the back of the couch.

"And bend" He commanded as he pushed Hidan's back down.

Hidan braced himself against the couch and looked over his shoulder glaring as Kakuzu kept his hand pressed against his back.

"If you bitch I'll stop" he mumbled and spit on his hand again.


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