Truth or Dare: Demi-God Style.

Hey, readers. I love humour. And what is more humorous than a game of Truth and Dare. DEMI-GOD style! I will be taking suggestions. If you want our name down with your dare or question, I will put them down. The more reviews I get, the more chapters. Take's Place after the TLO. Dialogue is in bold. Hope you like it…

Percy's POV:

It was a dull day. No monsters. Chiron's legs were still broken so he didn't teach archery anymore. The Apollo campers took it in turns to teach the campers sometimes it took three teachers because we were getting more and more campers. (A.N: If you want to be a demi-god in my story, send me a message.) I was in my cabin preparing for archery lessons (like they would help me.) when Annabeth, Grover, Travis, Connor, Katie, Clarisse and Chris all filed in.

"Is there supposed to be a party I don't know about or something?" I asked.

"No," Travis stated "Me and Connor ran out of pranks to do and besides, were on probation." Oh yeah, I remember. Connor and Travis had wired small bombs to Mr. D's soda can so whenever he opened them they exploded. When Mr. D found out he almost strangled them but Chiron convinced him to settle with probation. Connor and Travis weren't allowed into camp store and were told to stay in their room all day with the exception of one hour with supervision by Katie Gardener (who hated them especially) and meals.

"We were thinking we could play truth or dare." Annabeth looked up at mewith her big pleading grey eyes. Look away from the hypnotic eyes.

"Fine." I gave in. We all sat down on my cabin floor. "Who wants to start?"

"Oh me, me!!" Grover pleaded, jumping up and down.

"Sure Grover, don't lose your tail." I rolled my eyes. Grover had been super ecstatic lately, probably due to being appointed a Lord of the Wild.

"Okay, Katie, truth or dare?" he looked at Katie.

"Truth." Katie said. Big shocker. Grover instantly looked incredibly evil.

"How do you feel about Connor?" Katie paled and blushed at the same time, if that was possible.

"Umm. I kinda like him." She whispered.

"What was that Katie? I didn't hear what you said." Clarisse asked innocently.

"Okay, I like him. Happy?" Katie yelled. We all burst out laughing at the look on Connor's face. It was a mix of disbelief, confusion and happiness. Katie was bright red now.

"Fine. Well now it's MY turn." Katie threatened glaring at all of us. We all gulped.

"Clarisse, truth or dare?" Katie's face was grinning in anticipation.

"Dare me flower girl." Clarisse said with a menacing grin.

"Okay then. I dare you to kiss…" Katie thought for a minute "Grover."

"WHAT!?!" Grover, Clarisse and Chris yelled at the same time. Well, Grover kind of bleated it out in a terrified voice.

"But Grover has a girlfriend, and I have a boyfriend." Clarisse spluttered.

"Fine. Then I'll pronounce you Grand Chicken for chickening out." Katie gloated.

"Fine." Clarisse mutterd something hating tree huggers. She kissed Grover for half a second then both her and Grover started spitting and retching.

"Hey! This is my room you know." I complained. Clarisse and Grover glared at me.

"Okay then, Prissy, truth or dare?" Clarisse demanded. She scared the Hades out of me.

"Dare." I said confidently. At least much more confident then I felt.

"Hmm. I dare you to kiss Annabeth in the Artemis cabin." I paled at the thought of that. Cabins were like the thrones to the Gods. They could tell when someone was inside. I felt dead already.

"Do I have to?" I pleaded.

"Yes." Clarisse had an evil look on her face. "Or you can forfeit and be a chicken."

"Fine. Err, Annabeth. Give me a second. I need to write my will." I walked to my desk.

"Can I have some paper?" Annabeth asked me. "Thanks. My will shall state that Chiron should torture the witnesses who led us to our death." I stared at her. She was really scary when she was angry.

"Good Luck!" Grover called out. We would need it. Annabeth and I trudged off the Artemis cabin. I swear, silver has never been so frightening. We walked inside fearfully.

"If we die, I want to tell you something. I'm the one who used your computer to download some music." I admitted.

"You WHAT!?!!" Annabeth tackled me to the ground. She took out he knife and held it to my throat. "Apologise." She coldly demanded.

"I'm sorry!" I stammered loudly. She may be my girlfriend, but that wouldn't stop her from gutting me like a fish.

"Fine. I'll let you live." Annabeth said. She helped me to my feet.

"Thanks Annabeth. I owe you." I told her.

"Don't worry you don't owe me anymore." Annabeth suddenly kissed me. After to me what like ten minutes she stopped and pushed me to the ground and ran out.

"What the Hades?" I said aloud. Then there was a bright flash of light and I saw a VERY, VERY angry Artemis.

"PERSEUS JACKSON!!!" Artemis was still in her twelve year old form but she was still frightening. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CABIN!!!"

"Umm, it was truth or dare and I was dared to kiss Annabeth." I said in very quiet voice.

"Fine, because it was a dare, I'll let you live, but do that again and you'll spend the rest of you life as a pitiful worm. Do I make myself clear!?!" Artemis demanded.

"Yes, my lady! Very clear!" I stuttered.

"Good." I turned away as she dissapered in a flash of white light. I ran out the door and barraled into Travis and Connor where they were filming the whole scene. I was ready to murder all of them. But I was going to get my revenge in another, much more sweet way.

I returned to the cabin to laughs and snickers. I ignored them and sat down. My revenge was all set in place…