HI! I know second chapter in one day! I hope I can finish this before I have to go. Anyway, Hi THIRD chapter in two days! More guest appearances including me! Sorry I hope I can add everyone in. Last time, Laura, daughter of Apollo and Jason Dixon, son of Hermes were dared to perform a set of dares on the whole camp. This chapter actually has a name!

The Six Dares: the worst set of labours to since Heracles 12 labours!

Jason's POV:

Okay, Laura and I left the cabin to head to the camp store. I stole three canisters of whipped cream, four bottles of honey, two bottles of chocolate sauce and a bottle of soy sauce. The Hermes cabin already had a lifetime supply of Whoopi cushions. On the way out, I stole a bowl for the faux shampoo. Laura and I had to take care of the whipped cream in the shoes first. We ran to the Hermes cabin first. Luckily no one was inside. We were able to plant the whipped cream easily. The Apollo cabin and Athena cabin followed suite. When we got to the Aphrodite cabin, we spotted our first problem; almost all their shoes were open. I looked at Laura for an answer.

"We'll just have to take care of the rest of the shoes. You take the shoes, I'll switch the shampoo." She grabbed the soy sauce, honey and chocolate sauce. The finishing effect was a realistic sludge that looked like shampoo. Sadly, the Aphrodite cabin washed their hair so much we used up three bottles of supplies. We snuck off the complete the rest of the cabins, rubbing honey onto the floor as we went. But as we ended up in the Hecate cabin someone was there.

"What are you guys doing?" Zoe thundered (A.N: HI IT'S ME) Laura and I tried to run away but the door slammed shut. Vines shot out from the cracks in the ground and held us in place. Styx! All Hecate children were specialised in a branch of magic, which left them with an ability where they didn't have to cast a spell. One daughter of Hecate had X-ray vision, another had super-speed. Zoe had control over the elements but she couldn't do much with her abilities. It was sort of like being a Hermes kid with superpowers. She was Jack of Trades, master of none. It was probably hard for her to concentrate right now.

"Were pranking the camp." I explained. The vines snapped back through the cracks.

"Oh if that's it then. But don't touch my cabin or you'll find your self in a tree." She threatened. Hey! That gave me an idea.

"Zoe? Can you freeze things?" I asked. Please say yes!

"Well, if something's wet or I make it wet I can sometimes combine the elements to create ice. Why?" she asked suspiciously.

"Can you help us prank the camp and freeze everyone's clothes?" I asked crossing my fingers.

"Sure why not. Archery class is boring. All I have to do is control the arrow to go where I want it to go. It's so easy." She clapped her hands and grabbed a hair tie to tie up her curly red hair. Her eyes glowed green with excitement. All together Laura, Zoe and I made our way to the Aphrodite cabin. Someone was in side. Alexa, I think her name was, was starting to apply lip liner and eyeliner.

"We have to do it NOW!" Laura complained "But she's still inside."

"Wait. Laura can you do something." I asked her. Desperet times call for despret measures.

"What is it?" she asked

"Can you go inside and ask for a makeover. It's the only thing that'll keep her destracted long enough.

"Fine. But you owe me." Laura gave me a death stare. With her grey eyes she reminded me of Annabeth the time I put a fake spider on her laptop. It scared me to Hades. Laura was usually so happy I didn't know she even had a death stare. She flicked her long auburn hair in my face. She walked in, asked for a makeover and grabbed placed in a chair and instantly Alexa had taken out her eyeliner.

I turned to Zoe, she was focusing hard, moving her hands for extra power. The drawer slowly opened, and frost started gathering, building into blankets of snow. The drawer shut. After doing this for three other drawers. We finished the rest of the cabins. But after finishing the Hades cabin we were stopped by Jon, he had messy black hair pale skin and black eyes, your typical son of Hades. He stoped us with a glare on his face.

"What are you doing with my clothes?" he demanded.

"Spring cleaning?" Zoe attempted with a weak smile. She looked at me with a huge "Run" look in her eyes. I started running but Jon grabbed me. Zoe concentrated really hard (A.N: Now you can tell that this is a fiction novel because me, concentrating hard, please) and a vine sprouted from the ground wrapping him up and dragging him behind a cabin.

"Don't worry. The vines will break eventually." Zoe told Jon.

"Eventually?" he croaked.

"Okay, three hours. Bye!" She stuffed a gag into his mouth. We ran off towards the Poseidon cabin.

"Were done!" I exclaimed. I may be a son of Hermes but that was a lot of pranks. Zoe blushed at the sight of Travis. (A.N: Sorry. Travis is awesome! He's a prankster. That's awesome in my book!)

"What's with the witness?" Connor demanded.

"Zoe helped us out with the pranks." I explained.

"So you switched Laura for Zoe." Annabeth raised her eyebrow.

"Nah, she's having a makeover. Distraction. You know." Travis and Connor both "Aaa" -ed.

"Well that was quicker than we thought, how'd you freeze all those clothes so quick?" Annabeth asked.

"Zoe. She used her freaky witch powers." I explained Zoe whacked me so hard I flew into the wall. See all Hecate girls hate being called witch and if you call them freaky, you ought to start writing your will. Well, if you call any girl a witch they'll get mad. Sadly, if you have a bunch of mad girls with super powers, things turn deadly. I soon found out.

Percy's POV:

The door to my cabin blew open. A bunch of very, very pissed of girls were out side. Jason gulped. The Hecate counsellor Bellatrix Astor, was the person who blew open the door. She had complete control of her telekinetic abilities.

"WHO!!!" she demanded looking very, very scary. We all pointed at Jason as if on cue. Jason was yanked in midair and looked at Bellatrix with a scared look on his face. The Hecate girls stormed out of the cabin with Jason floating ten feet in the air.

"He'll be okay right?" said a voice outside. Laura was back, looking very pretty, but she had too much makeup on.

"Yeah, we Hecate girls torture our victims, we don't kill them." Zoe waved her hand as if to say "he'll be fine" but her words didn't exactly calm us. I looked at the clock on the windowsill. It was 7:18!

"Guys! Dinners in two minutes! Bye!" everyone sighed.

"This has been one dangerous day." Katie sighed.

'Yeah." Connor agreed. "Let's do it again!" everyone cheered.

"Tommorw then?' I asked. "Meet me in my cabin."

"Better yet, why not mine." A voice said from the door. It was…

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