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The Best of Both Worlds belong to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.

Breaking Free belongs to High School Musical.

Leavin' belongs to Jesse McCartney.


.Singing in the Shower.
Purple. Chocolate. Stars

Azula sat grumpily on the red carpeted floor in front of the bathroom door. Her arms were crossed and she sported a sour look on her face. She was dressed in her bathrobe and a pair or red fuzzy, bunny slippers.

Yes, the princess of the fire nation had bunny slippers.

She gave another exasperated sigh and banged on the locked door she was leaning on.

"Zuko! Hurry up, you've been in there long enough!" She yelled.

When she heard no response, but only the continuation of running water, she stood up and banged even harder.

She had been sitting there, annoyed to no ends, listening to Zuko's horrible singing.

Did she mention how much she hates High School Musical now?

"We're SOAAAARING! FLYYYYYYYYING, there's not a star in heaven that we can't see!" She heard.

Not long after, Azula commenced banging her head against the wall in frustration.

Sure they were the royal family of the Fire Nation, but with the world in the palm of your hand and living in luxury and prestige, you'd think they had more than one bathroom.

She banged angrily again, but was only responded by an expert of ever known lyrics of the one and only, Hannah Montana.

"You got the BEEEEEEST of BOTH WORLDS!" Zuko bellowed at the top of his lungs. Azula quickly shielded her ears along with a group of passer-by maids who sent a weirded out look at towards the doorway.

10 minutes or so later, Zuko's Hannah Montana soundtrack had ended and there was silence.

Azula sighed a breath of relief, but suddenly the worst had happened.

"I'm leaaaavin', never lookin' back again~"

Azula gaped, unable to even make a sound. How DARE Zuko make a mockery of her idol Jesse McCartney?!


She heard a pleasant hum over the water running, and he continued.

"No stress, no stress, no stress. Girl, you deserve nothin' but the best…"

The fire princess blew some stray hairs from her face and growled at the sheer irony of that line. How can she NOT stress when Zuko was belting out Jesse McCartney?

And so what if Azula kept a Jesse McCartney poster in her closet? Zuko has one of Hannah Montana.


"Azula; quit yelling! All your screaming's opening up my pores and is ruining my complexion!"

What the f—

Azula stood there with a shocked look, then backed away slowly from the door. She dropped her things in front of the bathroom and rushed in the direction of the throne room where he father was.

While she ran, she hollered, echoing through the large empty halls, "Dad; I think we need to talk…it's about Zuko's sexuality!"


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