Code Geass: Lelouch of the Six Paths

Summary: Code Geass x Naruto x-over. What would happen if instead of Geass, Lelouch had the Rinnegan from Naruto? Lelouch x OC.

Reminder: I do not own Code Geass or Naruto. The Rinnegan in this story will be a little different from the one in Naruto. It will be the Uzumaki clan, later Namikaze Clan Kekkei Genkai. The first stage of my new Rinnegan will be the Rinnegan's regular techniques while the second stage will be akin to the Mangekyou Sharingan. This is fanfiction so I can do whatever the fuck I wan with this and you can't stop me. If people are allowed to write Yaoi and Yuri, then I can write this. Also, in my story, the Shiki Fujin was passed down and the Kyuubi lives on in guess who. No flames plz.

If you need to look up the Rinnegan, Shikotsumyaku, Mangekyou Sharingan, Hyoton, and Mokuton, or other Kekkei Genkai please consult the Naruto Wikia.

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Demon/Summon Speech


Chapter 1: The Maelstrom Born of Whirpool, Wave, and Wind

Aries Villa, Pendragon, Britannia, 2007 a.t.b.

A pair of shoes made their way across the carpeted floor of the quiet hallway in which the Fifth Imperial Consort and Empress of Britannia Marianne vi Britannia walked. An aura of calm superiority and kindness flowed off the Knight-turned-Empress as she glided towards her bedroom. She had planned on getting some sleep when she heard a voice from down the hall.


She turned around and smiled at the sight of her two children out of bed and in their sleeping attire. Her 8-year-old son Lelouch and her 5-year-old daughter Nunnally were looking up at their loving mother with expectant looks in their eyes. Suddenly, it hit her like Bismarck did when they fought. "Oh I almost forgot that I was going to tell you that story tonight. I think you are at the right age to learn of the tale Lelouch. But first I must go to my room and retrieve a few items."

The two children doggedly followed their mother as she entered her sleeping chambers and turned on the light. She opened a drawer in which she pulled out two items, which she held out of the view of Lelouch and Nunnally. Marianne then went across the hall into Lelouch's room. Nunnally sat on the bed while Lelouch went under the covers as Marianne sat down in the chair next to the bed. The raven-haired empress looked at her children's attentive expressions and chuckled slightly.

Lelouch asked, "Mother, are you going to tell us the story?"

Marianne looked at Lelouch, "Yes Lulu, I believe you are of age and mature enough to know the story."

She then looked up, gazing longingly at the ceiling, "My mother, as you know, was Japanese. What you don't know was her lineage."

Marianne took a brief glance at her children, who were staring at her intently. She took that as the cue to continue, "Well, my mother was named Kushina. Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina. In her family, that name tended to be very common, being that my mother was the fifteenth or sixteenth female to bear that name in the Namikaze-Uzumaki Clan. Now, what you must understand is that our lineage is very, very ancient. More ancient than your father's line, and much more powerful."

"The story of the Namikaze-Uzumaki Clan could go back to a man named Uzumaki Sôsetsu, whom was said to have been blessed by the Shinto gods Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo. He was apparently given an ability known to the Uzumaki as the Keshin no Kamigami, or Avatar of the Gods. It was also known as something called a Kekkei Genkai, or bloodline limit. There were already bloodline limits by that time, but this one allowed Sôsetsu and his descendents to control elements, wield holy items, and allow the gods themselves to posses their bodies for short amounts of time, making the Uzumaki Clan one of the strongest to ever live. However, overtime the bloodline diminished due to the Uzumaki favoring the God of Seas and Storms, Susanoo, over the other gods. However, the Uzumaki Bloodline and the world all changed with the rise of Uzumaki Ryuumaru."

"Ryuumaru was the head of the Uzumaki Clan at a time of great peril. He was the Great Sage of the Uzumaki, as were all Uzumaki Clan Heads when a great and terrible monster known as the Juubi came to destroy the world. The Juubi was lured to our world due to the foolish actions of an empire that existed at that time that fought over a miracle mineral and caused a catastrophic war, which heralded the coming of the Juubi. Ryuumaru fought the Juubi in a colossal, apocalyptic battle, in which the moon was destroyed. Ryuumaru eventually defeated the Juubi by separating its soul from its body and imprisoning each aspect separately. He imprisoned the body in a massive sphere of Earth which became the new moon and he imprisoned the soul and energy of the beast within himself, becoming what was known as a jinchuuriki, or power of a human sacrifice."

"Ryuumaru's eyes changed and reflected those of the Juubi and it became a new bloodline limit called a dôjutsu. This dôjutsu became known as the Rinnegan, or the Heavenly Samsara Eye and many of the powers of the Keshin no Kamigami warped into the powers of the Rinnegan, although the other powers, such as the Keshin no Susanoo remained a separate bloodline."

"Ryuumaru then became known as the Sage of the Six Paths, or Rikudo Sennin and traveled the known world, preaching peace for all and teaching ninjutsu. However, toward his death, he gave his three sons power. His youngest son, who became the Great Sage of the Uzumaki, was given the Keshin no Kamigami and the power to use any element (including Yin and Yang) and sub-elements. The Rinnegan was also unintentionally passed down amongst the Uzumaki and it skipped a few generations half the time. On the verge of death, the Sage of the Six Paths feared that the Juubi would escape and be reborn, so he divided the energy, called chakra, into nine unequal portions. These portions formed into demons called the Nine Bijuu or Tailed Beasts."

"However, the story of the one who truly was the greatest Uzumaki begins after the formation of the five major ninja villages: Konohagakure, Sunagakure, Kirigakure, Kumogakure, and Iwagakure. The Nine Tailed Demon Fox, or Kyuubi no Yôko, attacked the village of Konoha. In order to defeat the creature, the Kage of the village, whom was the Yondaime (Fourth) Hokage, summoned the God of Death to seal the beast within his own son, Naruto. Thus Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, the heir of the Namikaze Clan and the Uzumaki Clan (the Namikaze were descended from the Uzumaki) became the host of the Kyuubi. He then later activated his bloodline and received the Rinnegan and he also became a Toad Sage. After defeating many powerful enemies, he became the Rokudaime (Sixth) Hokage of Konohagakure and for the sake of peace, conquered the known world. He became the first Emperor of the Elemental Empire and he ruled wisely and fairly. He married many wives and fathered many children and they became the heads of their own clans save for the eldest child, who kept the name. Time passed by as many generations passed before a man named Namikaze-Uzumaki Kamuyamato became Iwarebiko Kamuyamato a.k.a. Emperor Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan. His third born, a son, kept the Namikaze-Uzumaki name and they descended into the shadows, keeping the ancient shinobi ways and collecting scrolls and other ninja artifacts. They became guardians of a great library of techniques and treasures that include many of the treasures that are considered to be lost to time."

"Mother, where is the library?" Lelouch interrupted.

Marianne chuckled, "The location of the library is in Japan. However, I will not tell you where the library is because you will know when the time is right."

She laughed at Lelouch's pout as she continued with the story, "The Namikaze-Uzumaki continued to protect the Emperor as a noble family and protected Japan secretly and quietly, as it is the Namikaze way. We swore an oath to protect the Land of the Rising Sun and I still hold true to that oath as one of the last of the clan. In time, you will need to decide if you would follow through on that oath Lelouch for it is our obligation, our promise. The Namikaze-Uzumaki creed to protect those who you call your precious people is one that is a difficult task for one. I expect you to follow that creed, that 'nindo' that was established by Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, the greatest of our clan. In time, I hope that you will be as great, if not greater than him, my son. Now it's time for bed. You have a big day tomorrow for we are going to start training!"

Lelouch groaned as he pulled the covers up. Before he could drift off to sleep, Marianne placed a necklace on Lelouch's neck. He looked down and saw a green crystal on a long cord. "Lelouch, that necklace has been passed down in my family since Naruto. It was said that it was the physical embodiment of the will to protect, the fabled 'Will of Fire'. I hope that once more it shall glow with that will one more time. Keep it close and keep it safe for it is a treasure beyond all treasures. Now good night, my sweet prince."

Marianne kissed her son's forehead as he drifted to sleep. After turning the light off and closing the door, a voice spoke, "You know that Charles and V.V. have every intention to follow through with the Ragnorök Connection. Why are you hesitating?"

The raven-haired empress turned to the green-tressed witch standing next to her. "I'm beginning to have doubts over whether the world will accept the plan or reject it violently. From looking back to the past, people tend not to like plans like ours."

"You speak of Uchiha Madara's Moon's Eye Plan?" C.C. inquired.

"Yes. Do not forget it was basically the same plan and the world rejected quite vociferously. Maybe we are moving too fast."

"Do not forget that was over a millennia ago."

Marianne smiled sadly, "Maybe. But do not forget people were as civilized then as they are now. Possibly they were even more civilized then than now. I think it will have the same outcome."

C.C. stared at her confidant for a second, watching the calm, somber visage of the Empress. "Hmm. You may have a point as you probably are more knowledgeable of that time period then I am, but do you really think that Charles and V.V. will agree with your sentiment?"

Marianne sighed, "Charles might see my point, but that all depends on how devoted he is to the plan. I think I may be able to convince him to reconsider. However, V.V. is a lost cause. He will not see reason and I know that he will want to kill me more than he does now if I make the attempt to dissuade Charles."

"So what will you do?"

"Keep my children safe and keep going through with the plan, despite my doubts. I just hope that they do not become caught up in this. There is so much hanging on them and they don't even know it."

"You think Lelouch is the next child of prophecy? Isn't it a little early to be thinking that Marianne?" C.C. smirked.

Marianne smiled, "No. I just know he is though. I know that he will lead the world into a new era of peace and understanding, for it is his destiny after all."

Lobby of Niagara Hotel, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Militarized Zone of India, 2015 a.t.b.

Lelouch Uzumaki-Namikaze sat in the quiet lobby of the Niagara Hotel waiting for his guest to arrive. The tall, raven-haired fifteen year old was well built and not overly muscular, but muscular enough to determine he worked out a lot. His soft, deep violet eyes scanned the lobby slowly as he collectively sipped his tea.

'She said she'd be here at ten. It's nearly ten-thirty. What's taking her so long?'

His mental rant at the tardiness of his guest ended when a tall, blonde Indian woman strutted through the doors of the hotel. Lelouch knew that this was her due to the lab coat and the fact that she had a long tobacco pipe in her hand. He waved to her as she strolled over to the couch across from Lelouch and proceeded to lay down.

"Ms. Chowla, I was…" Lelouch smoothly began.

Rakshata Chowla proceeded to interrupt, "If you were wondering about the success of the operation, then you have nothing to worry about. It was a success."

Lelouch breathed a sigh of relief as Rakshata continued, "She was able to move both her legs and all of her nerves are running normally. Your sister is a trooper, however she will need rehabilitation."

"I can't thank you enough for this. If only Nunnally's blindness could be fixed this easily."

The Indian scientist sighed, "Nanites can only do so much. They cannot fix psychological trauma. That is something only time can heal."

Lelouch looked down at his tea as his eyes hardened to the effect of steel. 'Mother, you will be avenged and Britannia will pay dearly for what they have done. I swear it.'

"Anyway, if there was anything I can do to show my gratitude for your services, give me a call." Lelouch said.

Rakshata smirked, "Of course, your highness."

Lelouch's eyes hardened momentarily, "Please don't call me that. I was exiled and left for dead, remember?"

"Right. I should have remembered that." Rakshata turned to leave, "Oh, and your sister will be ready to go home tomorrow."

"Thank you."

As Rakshata left, Lelouch turned towards the elevators to begin packing. Entering the elevator, he sent a bit of chakra to his eyes and if anyone was really looking, they would have seen concentric circles appear on top of violet sclera as the elevator door closed.

Meeting Room, Fuji Sakuradite Mines, Yamanashi Prefecture, Area 11, 2017 a.t.b.

Kirihara Taizo, Sumeragi Kaguya, Kuboin Hidenobu, Munakata Tousai, Osakabe Tatsunori, and Namikaze-Uzumaki Lelouch (a.k.a. Lelouch Lamperouge/Lelouch vi Britannia) sat down at the large conference table in the middle of the room. As the members of the Six Houses of Kyoto, they met occasionally to discuss important plans of the resistance and other important matters of business.

(I will not describe what these guys look like because I am just too lazy to do it. If you want to know, go to the Code Geass Wikia and type in Kyoto House.)

"You are sure Kozuki's plan would work?" Osakabe Tatsunori inquired turning to Lelouch, who was resting his chin on his folded hands.

Lelouch shook his head and gravely replied, "It probably would, however I can imagine that things will not go according to plan. There will be screw-ups. After all, they are just a resistance group and lack the discipline of the JLF or the more mainstream factions. Overall, I don't believe that it will succeed."

Kuboin Hidenobu then asked, "So should we keep on wasting our time funding them if all their going to be is a bad investment?"

"I wouldn't consider them to be a bad investment, Kuboin-dono. I see them as an unpolished rabble of freedom fighters when they could be something more. I believe that they need discipline and structure. Patriotism and nationalism is good and all, but in order to be effective they must stop taking out the pawns and start moving on trying to capture the major pieces."

Kirihara playfully rolled his eyes and chuckled, "Again with the chess mannerisms, Namikaze-dono?"

Lelouch smirked, "It is the game of kings after all."

"Before we digress, what should we do about the issue at hand?" Munakata Tousai asked.

"It's simple. We support them for now. Should anything untoward happen to them, we need to try and provide better discipline for them. It's that simple."

"Moving on," Hidenobu interjected, "The next issue of business it that the Blood of the Samurai faction keeps on whining to me about not having enough small arms and ammo in their supplies."

Lelouch blinked and said, "That's an easy fix. My contact in Sakhalin has been loading different former Cold War weaponry onto my transportation company's ships. The Arashi no Mai is due in Yokohama tomorrow."

Munakata turned to the young Japanese-Britannian and asked, "How do you do it? You've gotten missles, tanks, even helicopter gunships without a hitch and I've always wondered how you get it past Britannian forces. How?"

Lelouch displayed the Namikaze Foxy Grin™ and replied, "Some bribes and 2-month old potatoes that spent a bit of time in tropical heat. Of course the weapons smell like crap, but it's worth it after a bit of a hose down."

Kaguya, who remained quiet throughout the meeting, gave Lelouch a questioning glance, "What's the significance of the potatoes?"

Lelouch started chuckling and replied, "To dissuade a search, Sumeragi-hime."

Realization dawned on Kaguya as she giggled, "That's very sly. Definitely what I would expect from my future husband."

Lelouch face-faulted at that while the rest of the members just sweat-dropped.

Exiting the conference room, Lelouch was immediately glomped by a brown-haired bullet. "Brother!!"

Lelouch, still as fit as ever, was a little winded by his little sister slamming into his stomach, "Hey Nunnally. How are you doing?"

Nunnally looked up at her brother with her big blue-violet eyes and said, "I'm doing well. C.C. was helping me with my taijutsu."

Nunnally, at fourteen, was fairly tall for her age and her long brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail. After the witch C.C. escaped from Britannian custody, she sought out Lelouch and Nunnally. They later discovered that it was Geass, the power of the king, which kept Nunnally blind and not psychological trauma. With help, she was able to partially break Charles' Geass and was finally able to see again. Under the watch of Lelouch and Nunnally's ninja-maid Sayoko, Nunnally worked hard for two years to regain her former strength and become able to spar against her brother, who would be an SS-rank ninja in Naruto's day.

"That's good. What else have you learned?"

"Well, I've been working with my Rinnegan, but I have not been able to activate the more latent powers."

"Remember that some of the techniques of the Rinnegan require a steep price to use. The Gedo Mazo is off limits, even to me because of the requirement to use it. Also, I've paid the price in order to use the Amaterasu flames and the Tsukuyomi genjutsu. Believe me, it's a terrible price to pay."

"Right, you have to witness the death of a precious person and vow vendetta against the murderer. But I don't have the strength to do that, Lelouch." Nunnally mumbled, looking down.

Lelouch lifted her chin and gazed directly in her glistening eyes, "Trust me. You do not want that path. Believe me when I say you are strong Nunnally. In a way, the fact you don't pursue this vendetta makes you stronger than me. You are able to rise above this while I'm not. That makes you strong, not weak."

Nunnally sniffed and Lelouch held his sister tightly, never letting go. Then…

"Gee this is a touching moment, but you two have school tomorrow and we need to get out of here."

C.C. stepped out of the shadows as Lelouch gave the witch a flat look. Nunnally giggled at the smirk on C.C.'s face. Lelouch rolled his eyes as he and Nunnally began to walk towards the car.

Ashford Academy, Tokyo Settlement, Area 11

Lelouch, Nunnally, and Sayoko opened the door to the clubhouse to find the entire student council watching T.V. on Lelouch's couch. Lelouch raised an eyebrow at the presence of the entire student council on his couch, especially Nina, whom he expected to be on the computer. Milly Ashford, the blonde, busty student council president and personal friend of the Lamperouge's, glanced at Lelouch with a very concerned and worried look on her face.

Lelouch became very concerned at that moment. When the normally cheerful Ashford Academy Student Council President's face looked like that, it meant that something very bad had to have happened. Of course, Rivalz had to speak. "Hey Lelouch, check this out."

"What's going on?"

Shirley Fenette, the orange haired secretary worriedly responded, "It looks like Prince Clovis has been demoted to Sub-viceroy."

Lelouch sighed at the news, "So who's replacing him?"


Lelouch's eyes turn to the screen and they widen in horror.

Government Center, Tokyo Settlement, Area 11

"I now announce the new Viceroy of Area 11, Cornelia li Britannia!"

Cornelia looked toward the side at the mysterious figures clad in cloaks with some apprehension and a small bit of annoyance as Euphemia smiled for the camera. Focusing back on the crowd, Cornelia began, "Fellow Britannians, Honorary Britannians, and Elevens, I am replacing Clovis as Viceroy while he will be assuming the position of co-sub viceroy with my sister Euphemia. As of now, Area 11 has been deemed the most dangerous Area in the Britannian Empire. (Lelouch smirks back at the academy.) So, His Majesty the Emperor has deemed it necessary to send many of his own Knights of the Rounds to help quash the rebellions."

Cornelia let this sink in before continuing, "Now, may I present the Knights of Three, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine. They will assist the military with the subjugation of the terrorists and the restoration of peace and order in this area. To all the Eleven terrorists out there, your time has ended. Give up and you'll be shown leniency. Keep defying and you'll be destroyed. Thank you."

Cornelia stepped down as she and Euphemia walked off stage. The mysterious figures from before followed her to a conference room, where they sat down. The first two Rounds were the tall blonde Knight of Three, Gino Weinberg, and the pink haired, young Knight of Six, Anya Alstrem. They were joined by the Japanese-born Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi, who was Lelouch's best friend, and the beautiful black-white/grey streaked haired Knight of Eight, Amaya Avalon. The last member was the tall silver-haired Knight of Nine, Nonette Enneagram.

Euphemia looked sadly at the cold Knight of Eight, remembering a time when the young seventeen year old was once a very kind, gentle young girl with pure black hair, but all of that changed when she lost her best friend and secret crush, Lelouch.

Cornelia glanced at the assembled knights before speaking, "So now we need to identify the different insurgent groups and find out how to eliminate them."

Gino then spoke up, "Also, we Rounds have been ordered by the Emperor to investigate the supposed deaths of Prince Lelouch and Princess Nunnally vi Britannia. He, for some reason, believes that they may not be dead."

Amaya, Euphemia, and Cornelia all perked up and looked at Gino with some hope in their eyes. "His majesty believes that they may be alive? What has he found that has led him to believe that?" Cornelia asked.

Suzaku began to shrink in his seat as Euphemia slowly turned to her former Royal Knight, "Suzaku," Euphemia said with a sickeningly sweet voice, "do you know anything about this?"

Everyone turned to the Japanese knight as he shrank even more under everyone's gaze. He then sighed, "I was asked by his majesty to inform him of the last time I saw Lelouch and I told him that it was after Japan surrendered."

Amaya's eyes began to tear up as she glared briefly at Suzaku, "So, they may be alive?"

Cornelia then said, "Right now, we need to focus on subjugating the terrorists. Then we can focus our efforts on finding my siblings." 'Lady Marianne, maybe I didn't fail them after all.'

She then continued, "His majesty has sent the Irregulars to assist in the operations against the terrorists, so we need to figure out how to integrate them into the army effectively. Dismissed."

As they began to file out of the room, the Knight of Eight, for the first time in a long time, smiled a genuine smile.

End of Chapter One.

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