Code Geass: Lelouch of the Six Paths

Summary: Code Geass x Naruto x-over. What would happen if instead of Geass, Lelouch had the Rinnegan from Naruto? Lelouch x OC. Possible harem.

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Demon/Summon Speech


Chapter 4: Human

Ashford Academy, Tokyo Settlement

"So she did report us to her superiors." Lelouch sighed as he stared at the growing amount of military personnel massing outside the gates.

C.C. responded with her usual apathetic tone, "I told you she couldn't be trusted. She was probably only pretending to be Nunnally's friend."

Lelouch was silent before turning to the green haired witch, "No. She was not pretending, but I think there is more to her reasons than meets the eye. It would not be fair to accuse her of manipulation just because she was a Britannian Soldier. If she was faking, she would have reported us as soon as Cornelia arrived, possibly earlier."

"You maybe right. However, her 'comrades at arms' are most likely Geass users like herself and they probably think that you have Geass."

"That could be a problem. We might need to clear up that little misconception later. Right now, you need to focus on getting out of here and warning the rest of Kyoto." Lelouch said as he continued to watch.

C.C. turned to leave, but stopped, "So what are you and Nunnally going to do?"

Lelouch turned to her and gave her a sad smile, "I think it's time that we face them once and for all. I refuse to give up my revenge and I will change this world. I will bring peace. I will stop my father if it's the last thing I do. This world cannot live in the past or the present, but we must live for the future. I will stop my father's plans."

C.C. gave a small smile and left the room. As she left, Nunnally entered and asked, "Are you sure about this Lelouch? We could be going back to the lion's den."

"That may be a very astute assumption Nunnally, but do you really want to have to turn this into a bloodbath? Do you want to put Suzaku, Amaya, Cornelia, and Euphemia's lives in jeopardy?"

"No brother, I don't."

Just then, Milly burst into the room, "Lelouch! Nunnally! They've found you! You've got to get out of here!"

Lelouch just sighed at the frantic Milly Ashford, "Milly, I know we've been discovered, but right now there's nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide from the family. We always knew this day would eventually come and now it has."

Milly was shocked, "So you're staying then?"


Milly sighed, "Alright. I just hope you two know what you're doing. Be safe, Lulu."

"Thank you, Milly," Nunnally smiled, "for everything."

As the blonde student council president left, Lelouch once more looked out the window to see Cornelia and Euphemia walking up the path while flanked by Suzaku, Amaya, Guilford, Nonette, and the Knight of Three Gino Weinberg. Lelouch specifically noticed the guilty look on Suzaku's face. 'Remind me to kick him in the balls so no more of him can populate the Earth.'

The Eleventh Prince smirked as he saw Suzaku suddenly shiver as he thought of destroying generations of little Kururugis. Nunnally sweat-dropped and slapped Lelouch's arm, "Lelouch, stop torturing Suzaku in your mind and let me have my chance to do it."

"Hehehe. You definitely are my little sister."

Nunnally was about to activate her Rinnegan when Lelouch stopped her. "No Rinnegan. Let's just try to be as cordial as possible to our guests while thinking of horrible things to do to Suzaku during it, ok?"


'Suzaku, I really hope you aren't planning on having any children in the future.' Thought both siblings simultaneously.


One Suzaku Kururugi, Knight of Seven, began to shiver even more intensely than before. Euphemia looked back at the Honorary Britannian Knight of the Round and asked, "Suzaku, are you cold?"

"No, I just have this very bad feeling that something bad is going to happen to me."

Gino raised an eyebrow, "Why would something bad happen to you?"

Amaya smirked, "Maybe because Suzaku will probably be singing soprano after this little visit."

Suzaku, who no one thought could possibly look more like a turtle than he did, withdrew into his cloak even more, while Nonette Enneagram, Knight of Nine, chortled at Amaya's comment.


"Oh crap, of all people to send, Charles sends her. Oh the humanity." Lelouch groans loudly.

Nunnally giggles, "You just dread her because of all the dirt she has on you and Cornelia."

"Don't remind me. It's bad enough that the devil herself is coming up the walkway."

Nunnally's eyes gained even more mirth, "All the better to torture you with, huh Lulu?"

Lelouch groaned.


The feeling of tension began to rise as the party arrived at the door of the Clubhouse. Cornelia raised her hand to knock, but hesitated slightly. With a deep breath, she knocked three times before putting her hand down. Almost instantly did the door open to reveal a woman with short brown hair wearing a maid's uniform. However, before Cornelia introduced herself, the maid Sayoko said, "Master Lelouch and Mistress Nunnally will be with you in a moment."

Cornelia, much to her shock, only nodded dumbly at the maid as Sayoko retreated in to fetch her charges. Suddenly, a flash appeared as Nonette put a digital camera away. Cornelia glared at the Knight of Nine, who only smirked and said, "It's for the scrapbook, Nellie. You're face right now definitely belongs there."

Before Cornelia could retort, Sayoko reappeared and said, "They are ready for you, please come in. Throwable items will be available shortly."

Everyone was mystified at the maid's comment, thinking she was being humorous, until, "By the way, I was not joking."

Still mystified, the group decided to drop the issue as Sayoko set up the dining room. Then with a deep breath, Lelouch appeared in front of the group.

Amaya gasped as she remembered the charming prince that she had once fallen in love with only become more charming as time passed by. Although she could swear that he was more muscular and filled out more than she remembered. Her eyes began to tear up as she stared into Lelouch's deep violet eyes, which was something she always missed. The room was silent as many began to tear up or smile upon seeing Lelouch, however the silence was ended by a resounding smack.

Lelouch, expecting the blow, rolled away from the slap as soon as her hand moved in order to keep her from breaking her hand. The slap still hurt though.

"You IDIOT! SEVEN YEARS! Seven goddamn years I thought you and Nunnally were DEAD! Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you contact me or Euphie? We were devastated by your death!" Amaya yelled as she leaned into Lelouch's chest and began to cry.

Lelouch sighed, "You know the reason why, Amaya. Suffice it to say, I didn't like it either and it broke my heart to make you believe that we were dead, but we had to so we could survive."

Amaya nodded as she continued to cry in Lelouch's arms. Lelouch looked to a crying Euphemia and a shell-shocked Cornelia, "Euphie, it's so good to see you. You look even more beautiful than I remember. Cornelia, you look commanding as always."

He then turned to Suzaku and muttered just loud enough for everyone to hear, "I'll deal with you later."

This got chuckles from the Knights of Three and Nine, who garnered Lelouch's attention next, "Knight of Three, it is a pleasure to meet you. Nonetteā€¦it's so nice to see you as well."

Nonette smirked, "Oh it won't be for long, little Lulu. Though I admit, you definitely filled out, macho man."

"Nonette!" Cornelia cried out indignantly.

"What? It's true." Nonette pointed to Lelouch's arms, "Look at those muscles, Nellie! God what I would give to be in Amaya's position right now, but I guess Rai will have to do!"

Lelouch muttered, "I feel sorry for that poor soul."

"I heard that!" came the sing-song voice of the Knight of Nine.

Suzaku, who was silently praying that Lelouch forgot about killing him, then asked, "So how is Nunnally?"

Lelouch then got a devious smile on his face and said, "Why don't you ask her for yourself."

Right on que, Nunnally strolled out, to everyone's shock and ran and hugged Euphemia, "It's so good to see you again, Euphie!"

Everyone, save for Lelouch, was in complete and utter shock. Cornelia's jaw was on the floor. Amaya's eyes threatened to fall out of their sockets. Suzaku fainted. Euphemia fainted. Gino was surprised and Nonette was smirking up a storm while taking pictures of a stupefied Cornelia. "Leave it to little Nunna to get me gold!"

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