Tosh kicked off her shoes in anger, smiling grimly at the satisfying thud as they hit the lockers and dropped to the floor. She strode to her locker, tearing the staid, sensible jumper over her head, before letting it drop to the ground. Her jeans were the next casualty, the zip sticking as she tried to wrench it down. With a snarl she yanked the zipper, swearing as she caught the skin of her finger in the metal contraption.

Damn him! I have been such an idiot, mooning over the ungrateful little bastard. Well no more! He has crossed the line! Shagging nameless bimbos that can't pronounce a word of more than two syllables is one thing, but now… now he brings it to work. With Gwen 'I'm so innocent, butter wouldn't melt' Cooper, no less. At least with Suzie it was discrete and just a dirty fuck when he couldn't be arsed to find a tart that wouldn't charge!

Tosh walked into the communal shower and turned the water up to full blast, but not even the scalding water could ease her tense muscles. "Bastard!" She growled. "No more! No more covering for him, no more leaving aspirin on his desk when he's hung-over, no more buying large portions of chips just so he can finish them off when he's forgotten his lunch. I've had it! He can type up his own autopsy reports from now on!"

Tosh began to lather the soap and furiously scrubbed her skin. I spent hours working on that translation program and he and his tart destroy it playing football! And then he has the audacity to have a go at me because I grew a back bone and didn't just accept his pathetic excuse for an apology! If he had sounded even slightly apologetic I would have left it, but the bastard actually thought it was hilarious that all those hours of work had been wasted!

She turned off the water and began to roughly towel herself dry, the coarse material rubbing her body red raw. She walked back to the lockers and scowled as she saw the sensible jeans and top. Tomorrow she would go out and buy herself some new clothes, some short, tight, figure hugging pencil skirts and some 'fuck me' shoes with at least 5 inch heels. Stick up my arse, indeed! She thought. If Owen 'Weevil boy' Harper can get a shag, then so can I! I'm an attractive, successful woman. Any man would be lucky to have me! With that thought in mind, Tosh began to make her way to the latest 'fashionable' bar to open in the city.

Toshiko's positive thoughts lasted just long enough to get her to the bar before reality set in. What the hell am I doing? I hate these soulless bars, I hate drinking alone and do I really want to bring myself down to his level and screw the first man that asks me? She scowled, she had already ordered a drink and would have to finish it before she left, her pride dictated this much at least.

The woman sidled up to her just as she was finishing her drink. As the blonde introduced herself, Tosh felt a tug of attraction that confused her, but she pushed the confusion to the back of her mind. As she began to flirt with Mary, Tosh grinned, Owen's fantasy is about to come true and he isn't here to see it. I wish I could read his mind when he realises that poor, sad, anally retentive Tosh, has just spent the night living out every erotic act his sordid, little mind ever imagined.

Later on, as she wept, Tosh would remember the old adage, 'be careful what you wish for'.