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Dedicated to Candelight, for letting me borrow her.

It was near the start of September, that was all the old rat could remember. His sons had been sick the past few days and they needed to get out. So the first day he deemed warm enough, he took Leonardo and Raphael by the hands with Donatello and Michelangelo holding on to his robe. "Sei- Sei, where are we going?" Donnie questioned, forever the curious one. Splinter was hesitant to tell them, for fear they'd get too excited and rambunctious. By the time he was finished delaying, they were at a manhole.

The rat's nose poked up and found an empty park, perfect. It was much too early for people, so no one should be around. As he was lifting himself out, making sure to watch the four little ones on the surface, He heard distant crying, the sound of two little sad girls. After checking that they were covered, he headed toward the sounds, being tugged by eight little hands.

Both girls were obviously young, one blonde and the other dirty blonde. The blonde seemed to be older, trying to comfort her sobbing companion. "Lauren, come on, we'll find Grandma and Grandpa, I know we will."

Mikey was always the one with a big heart, everyone knew that. So it was of little surprise when he toddled up to the young girls and asked with big blue eyes, "What's wrong?" Both girls just stared at him, his hood having slipped off. "Momma and Aunt Winda tolded us not to talk to stwangers." The younger one said matter of factly. But the other walked up with her right hand outstretched. "I'm Anna, and this is my cousin Lauren. We came to New York with Grandma and Grandpa, did you come with your Grandma and Grandpa?" Neither seemed not at all bothered by the fact that they were talking to a turtle, who was talking back. For all they knew, all New York kids looked like this.

Raph, not be out done, and be called a wimp, walked up to them next. Removing his hood, he introduced himself. "I'm Raph and this moron is Mikey and we live in New York." Both girls seemed impressed by this fact. Leo and Donnie introduced themselves and soon after the six children were chasing each other and laughing.

But time was passing and the sun was getting higher and Splinter worried about him his sons. But not wanting to leave the girls here alone in a park, he quickly formed a plan. "Anna, Lauren, what do you Grandparents look like?" Again they didn't seem at all freaked out by the fact that a giant rat was talking to them. Anna shrugged, what five year old really knows what her grandparents look like?

Lauren, apparently the one with the larger vocabulary, decided she could answer the question. "Gwandma has white hair and Gwandpa does too. Gwandma wears these silly shoes with spawklies all over them. Gwandpa loves fishing and he always wears his fishing hat." Anna seemed as proud as her cousin that one of them knew that answer. Splinter took the young girls by the hands, and making sure his sons were following, headed toward the nearest police station.

They stood outside the official looking doors, all the little ones looking sad that they had to leave their friends. The two girls, to the embarrassment of the six year old guys, hugged them all, even Splinter. They had instructions to walk inside and tell the police men that they had lost their grandparents, give a description, and not to tell the nice men about the kind rat and his turtle sons. Little did anyone know, this wouldn't be the first time the Turtles helped someone.

Years later, on one of their first patrols, accompanied by their father, the guys heard two familiar voices. Below them, two cousin walked hand in hand with their grandparents.