Me + Twilight

This is a Twilight FanFic about what would happen if me and my friends were vampires and the Cullen's, as they are at the end of Breaking Dawn, move to our area.

Disclaimer: I- (sob) don't- (sob) own- (sob) TWILIGHT! (Sob, sob- hic)

Chapter One- England

Carlisle POV

I hope this is a good idea. I know Bella will miss Charlie terribly, but I see no other option. I can't pass for 40, so we're moving. Well, I haven't told the others yet, but the won't disagree. I asked Alice, and she said Bella would kick down five trees, but would agree. Renesmee would also take some talking round, but I had already decided Jacob would come, Billy dying earlier this year had upset him. I was just a bit worried about the place. England.

I know its been centuries, but I still feel nervous about going back. I keep thinking about it. I know Edward knows how I feel because we went to visit Chicago on a holiday last year. Of course, Edward knows my decision and what's going to happen, but hasn't told anyone. I hope this is the right decision...

"Esme, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Bella, Renesmee, Jacob?" I called, talking no louder than an average human did. I knew they would hear me.

Within seconds they were in my study. The werewolf stench wasn't nearly as overpowering as it had been when he first moved here, when Jake and Nessie had got married. Alice nodded encouragingly at me, and I started talking.

Edward POV

"As you all know," Carlisle said, " we can't remain here much longer, so I have been thinking about other places we could move to."

"And you'd like suggestions," Emmett said.

"No. I have actually decided on where we are going." I felt Bella tensing beside me. I sure hope Alice was wrong about the trees.

"Where are we going?" asked Esme, quietly.

"England," he said. "Specifically, Bromley. There are some large houses there, and a good school where you will never be suspected of being vampires." He grinned, and I I heard Jasper analysing the emotion in the room. Bella was having a panic attack.

"Shh," I murmured under my breath, rubbing my granite arm against hers. I heard in Jasper's mind Bella calm down.

"It's a Christian school. A C of E secondary. We should fit right in. The people in the neighbourhood we're moving to keep themselves, mainly, to themselves."

"Hang on," Bella said, I heard Jasper's emotion analysis of Bella rise in panic. " We're moving so soon?"

Carlisle, unaware of Bella's tension, nodded.

"Yes, we're leaving in three weeks."

Is the dog coming with us," asked Rosalie, as usual completely oblivious to any emotion.

That was the last straw for Bella. She shrieked, and ran out the room. I heard something fall down outside, and guessed it was one of the five trees.

Yes, these three weeks were going to be very long.

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