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Chapter 1. What?

Rain sighed, looking out the window of her best friend's room.

" God Anna, look at it, it's just pouring out there!"

"Yeah? Well, they said it was supposed to be a pretty bad storm. At least we're not outside, right?" Anna said with a shrug, before grinning, "We get to be snug and warm, while we get to watch my rented Yu-gi-oh episodes...at least until the power goes out." She gave the TV in the room a look, then the lamp, as if daring the power to go out. Rain giggled, shaking her head at her friend, her blue eyes twinkling.

"Don't even say that, Now I'll blame you if it does go out."

The two of them had decided to have a sleepover that night, due to both their parents being out of town, they didn't want to be alone in a big storm so they chose to camp it out together, little did they know this night would change both their lives completely. The girls made popcorn and spent the next two hours watching their favourite series. In between episodes, they quizzed each other on what they would do if they were in the show themselves.

"Who would be your biggest crush?" Anna asked, running her fingers through her wavy, currently reddish brown locks. When Rain made a face Anna smirked,

"come on, everyone has to have a love interest. I'll tell you what mine would be."

Rain laughed at that, "I already know what your's would be. Mr. Ice cube Kaiba."

Anna frowned, "He's not an Ice cube, he's just very misunderstood."

" Ok, well... I guess my love interest would be Yami Bakura. Can you imagine that? They should have made someone crush on him, just to see what would happen!"

Anna rolled her eyes " Of course you would crush on the most evil, longest lasting villain of the show. What's with you and liking the bad guys? He'd be the type to send anyone who actually liked him to the shadow realm. Wierdo..." Anna cocked her head to the side, Rain smiled at her,

" Can't help it if the bad guys turn out to be eye candy. Malik would be a good one for a cartoon me to crush on too, don't you think?"

Yeah, but he's not really a bad guy, his psycho other half is."

"True true, my friend." They both sat quietly for a moment, then started giggling psychotically, "Do you think I would be a bad guy or a good guy?" Rain asked, taking a sip of her Coke.

"I think you would be a good guy that secretly is also a bad guy." Anna answered, Rain stared at her,

"That makes....Absolutely no sense...I can't be both."

"You'd find a way." Suddenly there was a huge crash, then the lights flickered once and went out. Anna gave a little squeak, Rain sighed.

" Your fault. Do you have a flashlight somewhere around here Anna?" Lightning flashed once, lighting up the room brightly. Rain saw what she was looking for near the bed, "Never mind." After fumbling for a moment, Rain turned on the flashlight, shining it on Anna's face,

"Anna? What's wrong? I know you don't like the storm but--" Rain stopped when Anna grabbed her arm and pointed behind her, at the wall.

"Rain, look!" Anna finally had her voice again, Rain stared at the wall, the paint seemed to be glowing...it looked almost liquid. She stood and took a step towards it. Yes, the paint seemed to be spinning like a whirlpool.

"Uh...What the hell is wrong with your wall?"

" How the hell should I know? Stay back, what if it sucks you up?"

" Maybe this is a dream. Maybe if I went in it would just take me to the next room."

Anna rolled her eyes, the light from the wall was bright enough now that they didn't need the flashlight. " This is no dream Rain, we wouldn't be having the same dream. I think maybe something happened with the lightning, it did strike close considering how loud the sound was...maybe it caused something weird to happen. I think we should call the police or something."

Rain stared at her friend, one slender brow arched, "Call the police? What are they going to do? Arrest your wall? The minute you mention that your bedroom wall has turned into a glowing whirlpool of god knows what they'll laugh at you then tell you the number for the nearest loony bin. Don't look at me like that, you know it's true."

Anna threw her hands up in a gesture of irritated defeat, "Fine. What do you suggest we do then?"

"I think..." Rain stared at the whirlpool thoughtfully. "I think we should go through it."

"What?!" Anna looked at Rain as though she'd lost her mind. "Are you insane? You don't even know what it is!"

"It's a portal, can't think of anything else it would be. I think it's here because we are supposed to go through it. Who knows, it could be fun!" Rain sighed as Anna shook her head furiously.

"You've always wanted to be on an adventure, and I'm not much of an adventurer. I don't think we should even touch that thing. I don't care what your gut tells you. Even if it took us somewhere really cool, we could die! The thing could deposit us into a- a pit of lions or something!"

Rain smirked, "A pit of lions?" She shook her head, "Fine, you stay here then. I'll go alone. I'll prove it's not scary." she started towards the portal then stopped, grabbing her bag with her overnight clothes and other random stuff in it. She looked through it for a moment, then smiling, Rain pulled out a thin gold chain with a small pendant hanging on it. Anna stared as she put it around her neck.

"Where'd you get the pretty necklace?"

" My Grandma gave it to me after she went on a trip to Egypt. She said she'd known I would love it so she picked it up at one of those outdoor markets. She thinks it's really old, I figure I could use it's good luck."

" I really don't want you to go through there." Anna jerked her head towards the portal, as Rain had called it.

" Come with me then."

Anna sighed, then grabbed a purse and stuffed a few articles of clothing into it, along with a bunch of other things. A rope -god knows why she had a rope lying around her room- a small pocket knife, her flashlight, and some random jewellery, along with half the pens and some paper from her desk.

Rain grinned, "You done?"

"Yeah." Anna gave Rain a look, "You're crazy, you know that right?"

Laughing, Rain grabbed her best friend's hand. "You ready?" Then, before waiting for the answer she pulled them both into the portal. For a moment they were surrounded by light, then it went black and there was a long sensation of falling, images passed them, too fast to really see. Rain couldn't breathe, She could hear Anna screaming, could feel her hand gripping hers, but couldn't see her anywhere. They fell for what felt like forever, then finally hit something solid. Rain shuddered, her stomach rolling. She blinked a number of times, trying to stop her head from spinning, before examining the surroundings. They were on a sidewalk, so at least they were somewhere with civilization. Rain breathed an inward sigh of relief. She looked at Anna, who was sitting down on the cement still looking very dizzy. Rain squatted down beside her friend.

"Just take a few breaths and close your eyes, it should make the dizzy feeling go away."

Anna followed Rain's instructions, grumbling the whole time. "That is the last time I follow you through a freaky portal thingy. God, that was horrible. Where are we?"

Rain smiled, "I'm actually not sure. We are on a sidewalk, it's not stormy at all here. The sky is actually very clear. The sun seems to have just set, judging by how light the sky still is. There's something...weird about this place though. I just can't figure out what it is."

Anna opened her eyes, looked around, then stared at Rain with wide eyes "I think I know what's up."

"Huh? What?"

"Look around. Don't you recognize anything? I can't believe you can't tell where we are!"

Rain looked, glancing around at all the houses, she noticed a shop down the street. Squinted, then very promptly fell over. " Oh My God! I-Is that what I think it is?"

"The Kame game shop. Yep. We, my friend, are in Domino city."

"Oh my...How are you so calm!?....This is crazy! This place doesn't exist!"

" ...Rain, obviously it does exist if we're here."

Rain glared at her, "Oh shut up, you know what I meant." Anna grinned at her.

" Well, I figure we won't be able to get home any time soon so we might as well meet the locals...uh...You want to get off the ground? How long are you going to lay on the sidewalk?"

"This is so freaking weird....." Rain grumbled, standing up and dusting herself off, "How do we meet the 'locals' as you call them. We can't possibly tell them that we know everything about them or why. We also need to figure out 'when' in the series we ended up. I mean, we could be in danger, depending on that....oh shit." Rain paled slightly, staring at something beyond her friend, " We should start walking Anna. Now."

" What? What's wrong? Rain?" Anna started to look behind them to see what Rain had seen, but Rain grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. "Wha-"

" Bakura. He's here, walking this way. Not Ryo, his dark half. I can tell, you know how his hair goes nuts... I'm pretty sure he sensed us when we came here, as I'm assuming that portal thing was magical and he senses stuff like that, right? Do you want to stick around to see what he wants?" Rain could practically taste the spirit's presence just by the way he strode towards them with an air of purpose. She forced herself not to let her gaze linger on him, as the fan girl in her desperately wanted to stare.

"...Oh...shit. We aren't having a very lucky start with this are we..." Anna whispered back, glancing behind them now. It was indeed Bakura, and he was following them. The sennen ring was glowing slightly on him chest. She gave a strained grin, despite the circumstances. "Don't you have a crush on him? Maybe you can make nice and somehow make him go away?"

Rain shot her an exasperated look, " Shut up Anna." She sighed then, "I suppose I should stop and see if he means us harm, we obviously won't be able to get away considering who he is. Best to just get this over with."

"What?!" Anna shivered. "But we just got here! I don't want to end up in the shadow realm!"

Rain rolled her eyes, "I'm going to talk to him...You are going to the Kame game shop to find the pharoah...Just keep walking, I'll meet you there. Tell him or Yugi the truth. They should understand. Just don't look threatening, ok? We need his trust if we plan to not end up dead or something like that, Or end up with nowhere to stay...I don't want to sleep on a park bench or something tonight."

"What?!" Rain rolled her eyes at Anna's expression, knowing that she probably sounded extra pessimistic and more than slightly paranoid. She couldn't help it, she just had this bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Part of her wished that they had never gone through that whirlpool.

"Go! Seriously, move it Anna, I'll be fine, I know what I'm doing. Trust me... I think I can handle this." Rain smirked slightly, "Besides, if I end up in the shadow realm or something the pharaoh will save me...he's good at saving people remember?"

"...Alright. But at least try not to piss Bakura off enough to get sent to the shadow realm in the first place." Anna ran in the direction of the game shop, while Rain turned to face the white haired phantom of a man who was slowly walking towards her, Rain saw him pause, looking after Anna, she prayed that he would stay on his present course. Their eyes met, and Rain gasped slightly. She felt a whirlwind of emotions fly through her, none of them making any sense...His eyes were dark and she felt pain in her heart as she noticed the hatred with which he was looking at her. The strange sensations were making her head spin and she had to look away for a moment to gather her thoughts. it was making her head spin....when she looked at him again he was standing a few feet away, staring at her with a strange look on his face, but before she had a chance to dissect it he closed the distance between them, stopping about a foot away, Rain took a step back. She didn't like people invading her space. She broke the eye contact as well, feeling more than a little unnerved. He smirked. Bad sign.

" Hello Raya--" He stopped for a moment, appearing to a have a brief mental struggle, that strange expression flew across his face again but was gone in an instant, "What are you doing here girl?" He asked roughly. Rain tried and failed to stop the shiver from running up her spine at the sound of his voice. Too bad he had to have that dark, seductively evil voice...-ok, snap out of it Rain, He's probably going to send you to the shadow realm just for being here.- Rain sighed, forcing herself to look into those red tinged brown eyes of his. She had to at least look like she had it all together. What had he been about to call her? Raya? She shook it from her mind, was probably just a slip of the tongue.

"I- Um..."

He looked relatively amused, "Did you swallow your tongue on your way here?"

"No... I just couldn't think of an answer to your question."

"It really Isn't that hard." His eyes seemed to be laughing at her. "You came from another realm, I could sense that much. Why and how is what I'd like to know."

" I don't know. I came through an incredibly random portal, had no idea I would end up here. Really." Rain shivered as he stepped closer to her again. Bakura stared at her for a moment, then tilted his head back and laughed. -Wow, he is so much scarier in person than on TV...- She frowned at the thought.

"There is no such this as random. You don't even know why you're here, Pathetic girl."

"I'm not pathetic you stupid asshole." Rain regretted saying anything, because as soon as the words left her mouth any hint of laughter left the tomb robber's face. He looked her over for a moment, making Rain feel relatively self conscious. His eyes stopped at the small Egyptian ankh pendant her grandmother had given her. Rain stood very still as he lifted his hand up to the ankh, touching it softly.

"You're right. You're just very naive. I believe had you not gone through that portal you would have ended up here anyway, you were meant to come here you know. You and your little friend, the gods willed it, you'll come to understand that much in time...Also," He smirked evilly, "You'll find you'll stay alive longer if you don't insult me again."

Rain was dumbstruck, meant to come? Like destiny? Good lord...And how would he know? And why would he be telling her this? She'd understand if Yami told her something like that, but the tomb robber?! On that note, why would destiny or whatever even want her here? She was a normal girl, from a very normal place. She realized that Bakura had turned to walk away. "Hey! Wait, Bakura!" She realized her mistake the moment she said his name, he turned to her, eyes narrowed slightly.

"How do you know my name?"

"I-the place I'm from...this place, it was a story. I never knew it existed...but I know everyone's names, I know the story....I know who you are. I thought you would figure that out right away. I would have just greeted you like a normal person if I didn't know anything about you." Rain could feel him appraising her. Judging her words with his eyes.

"Fine... I'll believe your babbling for now...know this. You have a strong magic within you. I'm giving you this chance to learn more about it yourself before I take it from you, I won't wait forever though so learn fast my dear."

"Uh...Why are you even giving me a chance then? Wouldn't it just make more sense to do that now, when I have no idea what the hell you're talking about?" Rain mentally cursed her mouth. Why couldn't she just shut up? Smirking, Bakura walked back to her, placing his hand on the small of her back and pulling her forward, he bent slightly so his mouth was inches from her ear. Rain leaned away, completely taken by surprise

"There would be no challenge in that, darling. I want a challenge from you. Depending on how you perform, maybe I'll let you live after I take your magic." His whisper made Rain shiver. He made her feel an odd mixture of intense fear and intense desire...she was getting a feeling that he knew it too...Bastard...

He leaned away again, the smirk still on his face. He twirled a piece of her hair around his finger. "Your hair, it's always been the colour of gold...long and straight...I do hope you keep it that way....I'll be watching you..." With that, he turned and walked away.

"Wow...can't believe he just did that....actually, can't really understand how I still have my soul..." Rain ran a hand through her hair, no one had ever compared it to gold before, that was new. Well, he was an ancient Egyptian, perhaps he just liked blonde hair. Rain suddenly realized he'd complimented her...she pondered for a moment, then shook her head. Why was she even dwelling on the comment? -Frickin weird-assed ancient Egyptian evil king of thieves guy...he was just trying to mess with me I think...I hope...- She shuddered. "Watching me...good lord...."

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Rain eventually made her way to the kame games shop, the lights were on. Good, that meant Anna had gotten there ok. She knocked on the door, then rang the bell. Yugi came to the door...no...Rain looked a little harder, no, this was the pharaoh. His eye's were a reddish colour and yugi's were purple. Rain took a small moment to ponder how no one seemed to notice the differences when he was in control.

"Rain I presume?" He looked her up and down, before letting her in.

"Um...did Anna tell you about us?"

"She did." They stood there for a moment in silence, before the pharaoh spoke again, "She also told me that you were confronting Bakura as we spoke. The poor girl was out of her mind with worry. Are you alright?"

Rain smiled, "I'm fine, is Anna ok?"

"Yes. She's upstairs in the living room. I suppose we'll talk more there."

"Ok...uh...what do you want me to call you?"

"Hm? What do you mean?"

" Well, do I call you Pharaoh? Yami? What should I call you?"

" Yugi calls me Yami, so does everyone else." He seemed surprised that Rain had noticed who he was.

" Alright."


The two of them walked upstairs quietly, when Rain turned into the living room she was nearly knocked over by Anna.

"Oh my god! I so thought he killed you or something! You have to tell me what happened!!! Rain, I'm so glad he didn't do anything to you! How did you manage to get away from him!? I--"

"Whoa, Anna. Calm down buddy. Deep breaths." Rain had to fight back a smile. She looked at Yami, he raised an eyebrow, she rolled her eyes slightly. It took a moment for Anna to settle down, Yami gave Rain permission to make some tea, so after a few minutes the three of them were all sitting around the table in the living room, drinking the freshly made chamomile lemon tea Rain had found in the cupboard. Rain was ready to talk, she looked at Anna.

"Ok, one question at a time, ok? First of all, Bakura, while he did scare the hell out of me, didn't hurt me. He just promised to later."


"Well, it was weird...he said whether that portal had brought us here or not, we would have ended up here anyway. Apparently it was fate, according to him."

"I have a feeling he was correct in this Rain. Everything happens for a reason, we just have to find that reason now."

Rain nodded, "Well, we had quite a conversation. He doesn't seem to understand the concept of personal space, which irritated the hell out of me. You know how I am right?"

Anna nodded, "Yeah. That's weird though, I always thought Bakura liked to keep a good distance from everything and everyone."

"Maybe he doesn't see me as a big enough threat yet."

They both looked at her, "Yet?" They echoed, Rain sighed.

"Well, he said more...he said that I have some sort of power that he wants...he said he would give me time to learn about it myself, but wouldn't wait long."

"Why would he wait and let you learn about it if he wants it so bad? Wouldn't that give you a chance to fight him? Why didn't he take it right then and there and be done with it?" Anna pondered out loud, a look disgust crossed the pharaoh's face. He was angry, Rain could tell from the way he was sitting.

"He wants a challenge. He doesn't want an easy prize." Rain nodded,

"That's what he told me. I asked why he didn't just act then, and he told me that it wouldn't be a challenge...he said if I was good enough, he may let me live after he takes this power he seems to think I have. I don't plan to let him even get close to that. In all honesty I really don't think he wants to actually kill me though."

"What makes you think that?" Yami asked quietly. Rain blushed slightly,

"Just a hunch of sorts... he said he might let me live." She shrugged, "probably just me being hopeful though. I really don't want to die."

"I won't let that happen." He said it with such conviction that Rain was taken aback for a moment, they had only met moments ago and he already cared for her well being. Rain wished there were more people in the world like that. She closed her eyes, the worry evident on her face as she spoke, voicing a new but rather frightening thought,

"I just...What if he's wrong and I don't have this power he was talking about."

Yami shook his head, he was eyeing Rain's necklace, "Bakura wasn't wrong about that. Anyone with links to the sennen items will be able to sense the power radiating off you. It's not subtle, that's for sure. That necklace, where did you get it?"

"My grandma gave it to me, she got it from a street vendor in Egypt a little while ago...back in my realm or whatever of course."

"It has some sort of energy to it...I think it may be a conduit to make your power easier to control...and likely stronger...but we won't know until you actually use your power. Don't take it off, it should give you some protection...it can probably be used to protect you as well, there's a charm on it."

Rain sighed, holding her ankh pendant for a moment, so it was special, and apparently so was she. How did it have a charm? There was no magic in her realm! Unless...maybe magical things were only awakened in magical places? That seemed to make sense the more she pondered it. She had a thought after a moment,

"When is this? Before after or during--"

"It's during battle city Rain, before the finals." Anna said helpfully, "Before the leader of the ghouls comes."

Rain sighed..."Shit..."

Yami looked at her with worried eyes. "Are you ok?"

" I guess...It's just, If Bakura wants whatever the hell it is that I have, then he probably will too."

"You have a point." Anna said, looking exhausted. Yami looked between the two of them,

"We need to go to the museum tomorrow, maybe Ishizu can help you two. She can see the past and future, so maybe she'll see something about you."

"You're right Yami, thanks...You don't mind if we camp out in here do you?"

"Yugi won't mind." He left for a moment and returned, arms piled high with pillows and thick blankets. "So, I'm heading to bed so yugi can sleep properly, if you need anything, his room's right down the hall.

"Thank you." Both girls said in unison, both curling up in the makeshift bed. After he'd left the room Anna spoke,

"Rain, I know you weren't saying everything about that encounter with Bakura. What else happened?"

"He just acted weird, that's all. Doesn't help that I love his voice...He was driving me nuts. I'm absolutely terrified of him but I can't help being attracted to him...I don't want to be....he knows it too, I can tell. How can one person do so much to me without even really doing anything? I shouldn't want anything to do with him, he's the frickin bad guy." Rain groaned into the pillow, Anna gave a small laugh.

"He's the ultimate bad guy. Hell, you've always liked bad boys. It's very freaky actually. I'm sure it's a sort of faze. Next time you see him, I'm sure you'll feel the proper fear and hatred."

Rain stared at her friend for a moment, then smiled, "I guess...I don't think I can hate him though, don't you kind of feel sorry for him?"

Anna shook her head slightly, she was starting to drift to sleep. "Not really Rain...I don't think you have it in you to truly hate something anyway...you're too nice."

Rain smiled. "Thanks. 'night."


It didn't take long for Rain to fall asleep, she abandoned herself to the peace and silence of a sleep with no dreams.

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