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Chapter 18:

Anna grumbled to herself as she followed Seto and Mokuba through Pegasus' castle….lair… place. She was still confused about the whole kiss ordeal with the elder Kaiba and didn't really feel like being around him at the moment, not that she had the choice to stay on the jet as he'd forbidden it. She was so consumed by her thoughts that she ran right into Seto's outstretched arm without realizing that both the Kaiba brothers had come to a stop.

"Anna, for the love of all that's holy pay attention to your surroundings!" Anna was taken aback for a moment at the pure anger in his voice, then she finally looked in front of them and gasped. There was no floor in the room ahead of them! Mokuba clung to her with teary eyes.

"If it wasn't for big brother, you would have fallen!" She rubbed the boy's back soothingly, trembling slightly herself.

"It's ok Mokie… I'll pay attention now, I'm just glad Seto stopped me." He nodded, glaring downwards. Seto scowled across the room, having run out of patience.

"Pegasus, show yourself!"

Just then, Pegasus appeared, laughing in his obnoxious way.

"Oh come now, Kaiba boy. Where's the love? We've been through so much together!" Anna made a gagging motion, to which Mokuba couldn't help but giggle quietly, Seto shot them a look before turning back to Pegasus.

"I didn't come to chat, I came to duel you so you'll get the hell out of my life!"

"Oh, what ever did I do to deserve such hostility!"

"You're obviously behind this big monster scare. You've caused me a lot of grief, and that's only recently." Pegasus made a face,

"Even you must admit that maybe these monsters are real. No hologram could do what they have been doing."

"I've said this a million times! I don't believe in any of that magic hocus pocus crap, and I definitely don't believe in real monsters!"

"Gods, he's the skeptic of all skeptics…" Anna mumbled to herself. If he doesn't believe in any of it, then how the heck does he explain Rain and I? Oh well, at least I didn't end up liking a complete nutcase with magic powers. I'd rather the infuriating skeptic to that.

After more bantering crossed the room a few more times, Anna stopped really paying attention. It took forever, but finally the dueling arena lifted up from the big hole in the floor and both men got their decks ready. Pegasus used his usual toon creatures, which Anna had always found really creepy. Things weren't really that interesting until Kaiba realized his opponent wasn't really Pegasus. The guy he was really dueling was named Amelda and in reality was one of Dartz' goons. Anna had seen it coming, apparently she didn't look surprised enough because he noticed.

"Hey girl! You almost look like you were expecting this!" Anna raised a brow,

"Yeah, so what?" He frowned,

" Who are you?" Anna crossed her arms,

" Nobody interesting, shouldn't you be dueling? I mean, you've been kind of ignoring your opponent for a few minutes now." The red haired duelist smirked at her,

"I have an interesting feeling about you, girl. We'll have to chat once I'm done wiping the floor with Kaiba."

"In your dreams buddy." Anna glared at him, "Kaiba will be the one wiping the floor with you."

"As nice as it is to listen to this conversation, I believe you have a duel to lose." Seto growled, Amelda nodded.

"I play the seal of orechalcos." Anna grabbed Mokuba and backed up, but wasn't fast enough as the seal expanded and knocked both of them over. Mokuba shot off of her and began banging his fists against the magical barrier.

"Big brother!" Anna got up and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"He'll be ok, calm down Mokuba." The boy nodded and Anna resigned herself to watching the duel, hoping that Amelda guy wouldn't talk to her anymore.

… … … … … … … … ^^… … back in Japan… Also a bit of a time warp.

Rain looked at her phone, wondering when anyone would be calling her with any updates to the situation in America. She hadn't been able to go to the library alone yet, though it had only been two days since she'd gone the first time. It seemed like Bakura would keep popping up whenever she was going anywhere but work. It was almost like he knew something was up, but she had been so careful… And even if he did have it figured out she had no choice but to press forward regardless. She had to save both their immortal souls after all. She sighed, lifted herself off the chair she'd been lounging on and steering herself to the door. She was pretty sure Ryo had said he'd be out all evening dealing with stuff at the apartment so this was a prime time to meet up with Malik to at least look through the books he had that were still in the city. She found her way away from the docks and called the number Malik had given her, he answered on the second ring.

" Rain?"

"Hey Malik. Can we meet about those books? I finally got away from Bakura but I don't know how long that may last."

"Yeah, can you be at the museum in half an hour?"

"I'll be there. Already walking."

"You're walking? Want me to come get you then?"

"Nah, the exercise will do me good."

"Seriously? Ok then. You just don't want to ride my motorcycle."

"Hey, that's got nothing to do with it!"

"Ok, well, I'll be taking you back to the boat when you're done."

"Fine then. Anyway, I'll be at the museum soon." Rain hung up and shoved the phone in her pocket only for it to start ringing moments later. She sighed and answered it without looking at the caller Id.



"Oh, it's about time you called me with an update Anna! What's been going on?"

"Well, so far Kaiba kidnapped me from the group, then he dueled the fake Pegasus who was really Amelda. After that we went to go find the real Pegasus but when we got to Industrial Illusions we just found the rest of the gang, who had just had to deal with Mai. She didn't manage to take Jou's soul but it definitely rattled everyone. We found a hologram of Pegasus who told us about the Doma group's influences on history. It was interesting, to say the least. Though you probably would have been more interested in that little history lesson than I was. He told us that he'd learned that duel monsters has been around a lot longer than anyone thought. He went on to tell us that Doma is acting again and is trying to resurrect the most terrifying beast that has ever existed, though he wasn't quite sure yet. You know, the whole you are the only people that can save the world thing."

"Okay. Kaiba kidnapped you?" Rain smirked, "He was mad you went with the others, wasn't he."

"Uh… Yeah. He was pretty pissed. He hauled me into his helicopter…"

"Uh huh… I sense you're leaving something out."


"What else happened between you two?"

"Uh…He kinda kissed me… but it didn't mean anything! I mean, he just wanted me to shut up, that's all." Rain could see the museum, she strode past the big clock in the park nearby and chuckled at her friend.

"One doesn't kiss someone just to shut them up. At the very least he's attracted to you, and is likely very much in denial. It is Seto Kaiba after all, the walking popsicle."

"Can we change the subject? I don't want to think about it right now."

"Ok, aside from Kaiba secretly wanting to get into your pants, and a bunch of stuff that we already knew was supposed to happen, is there anything else?"

"He doesn't… Ugh… Rain, you're such a pain sometimes."

"You know you love me."

"Jou and Yugi realized they need to team up with Kaiba to defeat Doma, but he refused saying he doesn't do teamwork and is in charge of his own destiny."

"Hah, that's classic Kaiba for you though, he is the king of denial."

"Uh huh. Well, we took off in the blue eyes jet, and I'm not sure what the others are up to now. We're staying at a hotel right now."

" Ah, well, I just got to the museum, I'm meeting Malik here so I'll talk to you later."

"Ah, alright. Later."

Rain hung up as she entered the museum, smiling as Malik came to greet her.

"Hey, you ready?"

"Yeah." She took the name tag he offered her before following him into the back storage area. They both put on rubber gloves for handling artifacts and went to the room were the scrolls and books were stored.

"So, what are we looking for?" Rain met his curious violet eyes,

"Anything about dark magic, or demonic possession, dark pacts."

"Alright, so anything about extremely evil stuff."

"Basically." They worked in silence for a few minutes, Malik handing her books and looking through some himself. As Rain pored over a promising chant for capturing dark energies a thought occurred to her.

"Hey, there's a specific book I may need to find if we don't find what we are looking for here."

"Hm, a specific one?"

"Yeah." She bit her lip, part of her not wanting to tell him what she wanted to find…well, find and later destroy so no one else would be able to use it. "Um, it's the sennen spell book."

"That book is a myth." Malik said quickly, Rain rolled her eyes.

"No, it's where the spell to create the sennen items came from. Surely you don't think they just popped out of thin air. That was the only spell the pharaohs court was able to translate but I think the spell I need is somewhere in the rest of that particular book."

"I don't even know where we would begin looking. It would have to be in Egypt, but the book has never been found. Not to mention how dangerous the book itself was rumored to be."

"It is quite dangerous… But that book may be my only hope. You should ask your sister if she knows anything about it. I'm assuming that the tomb keepers may have it, even if you don't know about it. The only reason I believe this is because after the creation of the items I think it was still in the pharaoh's possession. Unless it was left in Kul Elna, but I doubt that."

"Kul Elna?" Rain flushed,

"The um… The site where the items were forged."

"How exactly do you know so much about the actual creation of the items?"

"My visions and the other realm."

"You wouldn't see it in a vision because you wouldn't have been born yet, and you speak of it as though this place gives you great sadness. You can see it in your eyes Rain, this whole subject bothers you." She gave him a look.

"I was a baby at the time actually." She sighed, "But yeah, this subject makes me sad. The creation of the items is a touchy subject as it has been the cause of a lot of horrible things. It was a dark ritual that made them. And their creation brought forth a demon by the name of Zorc Necrophades. He's pretty close to being the devil spoken of in Christianity. Pure evil."

"Can you tell me what the ceremony entailed? Why do you need the book?" A small smile crossed Rain's lips.

"I thought I told you I wouldn't be burdening you with my problems."

"You don't have to tell me everything."

"Hm… I won't. But I'll tell you a little I guess, I can tell you about the creation of the sennen items, even though when I'm done you'll want me to take it back." Rain sat back in her chair, closing the book she'd been leafing through. "The country of Kemet was at war with neighboring nations because they wanted the book the pharaoh's had in their possession for millenia, it was so old that no one could read the language anymore. At the darkest of times, one of the pharaoh's high priests begged to translate and use the book to win the war and pharaoh agreed. They managed to translate only one spell. The one that could create seven items of power, the high priest got the pharaoh to agree to create them but had with held the details of the spell knowing that the pharaoh would never agree to it normally. This spell took seven days and ninety nine sacrifices to complete." Malik gasped,

"So Kul Elna…"

"Yes. They chose a town on the edge of their borders, one they figured they could get away with destroying as it was a town of thieves and criminals. It was home about a hundred people and it was decreed by the high priest that there would be no survivors, not even the men from the army that they took to assist them. No one was to know what had happened to that town." Rain took a breath, closing her eyes, "They used the bodies and souls of ninety nine people to create the sennen items, and as they did so, other men burnt down the huts and slaughtered anything and anyone they could find. Then in the final act of brutality, the high priest killed the pharaoh's men before taking the items back to the kingdom. They did not realize that there was one survivor, a small child who witnessed the whole thing. That child would grow up to make a pact with a demon, and become the kingdom's worst nightmare."

"You… You mean the spirit of the ring is…"

"Yes. I'll warn you now, never let on that I told you this story. In this world, you are one of less than a handful of people who know what happened to his home, the reason behind his hatred." Malik rubbed the bridge of his nose, standing up to pace the room.

" You said he made a pact with this demon."

"Yes, it resides in his soul."

"You want to get rid of it?"

" Yes. Because if I don't, this quest of his is going to get him killed and every time I try to talk him out of taking revenge, Zorc gets mad and surfaces then tries to harm me."

"You know, I feel bad for Ryo. He's possessed by an evil spirit who is also possessed by a demon."

"I know. I hope to somehow make it all okay. I can only start with defeating Zorc. And to fight Zorc, or at least get him out of my boyfriend, I need a spell to capture or destroy him." Malik nodded slowly.

"I see." He placed a hand on her shoulder, " I guess we'd better get back to work then Rain, lets just start with looking through all these books before we go looking for that evil tome of yours." She nodded and grabbed another book, ready to pick her way through it.

Rain nearly dropped the book a few moments later as her vision suddenly went black, she gasped when a sharp, tearing emotional pain which was not her own seemed to lance through her chest. She was overcome with anger and grief for a brief moment in time, and she could have swore she felt the pharaoh's soul cry out to her. Malik gripped her shoulder, concerned as she cried out.

"Holy…Shit…" She panted, suddenly weary as her vision came back, the room swayed as she tried to stand, Malik pushed her back down gently.

"Rain, are you ok? What happened?"

"Sorry Malik… I think Yugi's soul was just stolen."

His eyes widened in shock, "What? How do you know?"

"I… somehow… Felt my brother's pain. Nothing else could have caused him to cry out in such a way. It was like… Extreme empathy. I have no idea how he did it, but I think his soul just literally touched mine. They were dueling someone, and he lost."

"How? Since when did you two have such a bond?"

"I… I don't know. I'm pretty sure it was his own power, enhanced by the puzzle, that enabled him to emit… Whatever he hit me with. I don't even know if he realizes what he did. I'm guessing he'll be calling me soon, in a less painful method… If not, I'll call him because he obviously needs my support."

"This is bad." Malik went back to pacing the room, "You are certain the pharaoh lost?"

"Yes. I knew this duel was going to happen, I just didn't know when…Nor did I know that it would affect me like it did. It's ok, He will get Yugi back, it's just a matter of time." Rain glanced at the clock on the wall. "I have to get back to the boat before Bakura gets there, with my luck he won't be back yet." Malik nodded and they left the museum, Rain climbed onto his motorcycle behind him, he grinned back at her before taking off. They were at the docks five minutes later, Rain had her face buried in his shoulder, hands clenched in his jacket.

"Um, We're here Rain." He helped a rather pale Rain off the bike, she shot him a dirty look. "Malik, so help me god, if you ever drive like that again while I'm on that bike I will beat you within an inch of your life!" He chuckled,

"Oh, don't be such a baby. You liked it."

"Yeah, sure." Rain rolled her eyes as he took off again, promising to call the next day. It was 8pm, hopefully Ryo was still doing stuff at the apartment. She slowly strolled towards the boat, whipping out her phone and calling Anna's number.

"Hey Anna, something happened to the Pharaoh, I think Yugi's soul was taken."

"What? How do you know?" Rain proceeded to explain what happened when she'd been at the museum, there was silence on the other end for a moment.

"How is it all this weird shit seems to happen to you? I mean really, now you suddenly have a weird empathic bond with Yami?"

"I know."

"Jeez, I mean, we're connected, you've got some weird soul bond with the tomb robber, you're brother just projected his emotions halfway across the world to you… You experience way too much weird shit. I'm wondering what the point of me being here is, I mean, Apparently I'm supposed to protect your heart, but how? And from what exactly? You have the wicked magical powers, so you seem pretty good at protecting yourself. Why was I even sucked in with you? Hell… Why did I die with you in the past?" Rain winced,

"What exactly brought this on?"

"I'm sorry…I think I've just been frustrated." Anna sounded shocked at her own little outburst.

"I suppose you make a lot of sense… Though… Magical powers that I still would rather not use unless I have to because I have control issues, they really aren't that great. You're there for me. You're my best friend, and you've been there for two life times helping me through the hell I've had to deal with. You gave your life to stay with me, and even if we don't know or remember your true purpose, I don't think I would be able to deal with any of this stuff that's been happening to me without you. So Anna, you are definitely not useless, and I have a feeling we'll learn what you're here to do soon enough. And that whole thing about protecting me, well, it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize from what. I mean, the demon that is taking up residence in my soul mate's essence that wants to kill me would be a good guess. And loving Bakura is hard on my heart, I'll need to lean on you when we have to face him in the final game of his, just in case I fail and he does end up dying."

"Don't even talk like that Rain."

"Sorry, it's true though." Rain glanced at the boat as she strode across the dock and her heart plummeted down to her toes when she noticed the thief king leaning against the railing looking down on her with an unreadable expression on his face. "Um, Anna I have to go."

"Are you alright? You sound alarmed."

"I-I'm fine. I have to go, I'll call you later." Rain hung up before her friend could answer. Her hands trembled as she climbed up onto the deck where Bakura was waiting for her. He just stared at her for a moment.

"So, where did you disappear off to?"

"I just needed some air, walked down to the museum." His eyes darkened ever so slightly before he shoved her bodily against the door to the cabin.

"Then why was the tomb keeper driving you home?" He purred in her ear,

"Because he was at the museum and didn't want me walking home by myself." Rain gasped as his hands left her arms to trail down her ribs. He smirked against her ear as he felt her tremble.

"You could have told Ryo you were going out, could have called so we knew where you went. How do I know you aren't lying to me. You've been spending an awful lot of time with Malik." His teeth grazed her earlobe.

"Y-You just have to trust me, Bakura."

"Trust is very hard to come by these days. You have been trying to get away from me ever since I took you as my own, and I would dearly like to know why." Shadows seemed to swirl around them as he spoke, "I'm sure a little visit to the shadow realm would loosen your tongue." Rain tried to escape his grip, then gave up and collapsed against him. Wow…Jealous much?

"Damn it Bakura, I'm telling the truth. I was at the museum, and yes, I hung out with Malik while I was there. Hell, you can look over the security tapes if you want. I did nothing wrong that would warrant this behavior from you!"

"Hmph." The shadows faded away, "If I ever find out you're lying, there will be hell to pay." Rain nodded, looking him in the eye,

"I don't doubt it." She whispered back. His mouth covered hers in a possessive kiss as he crushed her body to his own. She had a feeling this was going to be a long night, his jealousy obviously fueling him to reaffirm their relationship. Not that she minded, as long as he didn't find out her plans she was happy. She only hoped that in the end, he would understand that everything she did was for him. She succumbed to him as he fumbled to open the door behind them, pushed through it then slamming it closed as they got inside, it didn't take him long to remove her clothing and his own, She forgot about all her problems, the current threat to the world, everything, as he laid her in the bed and swiftly entered her in one thrust, she gripped his shoulders tightly and thanked the gods that he gave her a moment to adjust to the intrusion before he continued and she lost herself to the sensations of him loving her fiercely.

After hours of making love, when they were both completely spent Bakura brushed his lips lightly against her own. His dark eyes intense.

"You are mine, Rain. You've always been mine." Rain sighed, wondering if that was his own way of being sentimental. Wondering what brought on this sudden bout if jealousy that had him acting this way. She stroked his hair as he laid beside her, holding her close as though he was afraid she'd float away. Perhaps he was worried that she would leave one day, as he had been alone so long it had probably increased his paranoia.

"I know Bakura. I will always be yours."

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