Okay, so this one is a little different from what I usually write. An idea popped into my head last night, and refused to go until I wrote it down. Sorry it's so short - it really does look like a lot when it's written by hand. Once again, don't own House. Or Maury.

Anyway, hope you like it! R&R!

Three in the morning. I'd love to be in my bed sleeping, yet here I am watching repeats of Maury. Insomnia's a bitch sometimes. Wilson often says to wake him if I can't sleep so I have some company. But I never do - no reason why both of us should be exhausted.

Oh God. The newest guests on here have come to tell their dad to stay out of their relationship and stop stirring shit about them. When the guy in question comes out, he calls them every name under the sun and repeats the phrase "fucking queers". It made me squirm on the spot, reminding me of when I told my dad that I was gay. A noise from the bedroom door gets my attention and looking over I feel a smile pull at my lips.

Wilson was leaning on the door frame, clearly having just woke up, hair sticking up and in his shirt and boxers. Amazing how he can still look that good just after sleep. As he sat next to me on the couch and rested his head on my shoulder I was able to catch a smell of sex, and something that was just pure Wilson.

"'m sorry I woke you"

"It's okay." He whispered, hand ghosting over my stomach. A burst of shouting from the TV made our heads shoot up. Apparently now the dad abused his son. Like I hadn't guessed that as soon as he came on.

"Bet you knew that already didn't you?" Wilson asked me. I nodded - this story was getting more and more identical to mine every second. Though that dad stopped at physical abuse. Shame mine didn't.

"He reminds me of your dad, all that anger and hate." I tensed up, and Wilson lifted his head up to look at my face.

"Greg?" I could tell he looked confused, though I kept my eyes on the screen. He grabbed the remote from my hands and switched it off, so I had no choice but to look at him.

"He did all that stuff. The lashes with the belt, ice baths, making me sleep outside, hitting me, telling me I was worthless… exactly like him." I mumbled, hanging my head in shame.

"Did he stop there?" I took several deep breaths, looking at anything except the man next to me, before finally shaking my head. Suddenly I felt myself well up. Wilson cupped the side of my face and lifted it up to face him properly. His thumb gently brushed against my cheek.

"Lets go to bed." He whispered, helping me stand and get me into bed. I instantly went for his chest the second he made himself comfortable, burying my face in it. Wilsons arms were protectively around me, drawing me closer to him. All of a sudden, the memories of my past came flooding back, and I couldn't stop myself from letting out a strangled sob as the tears ran down my face. I felt Wilson place several kissed into my hair and heard him whisper in my ear.

"It's okay, Greg… I've got you now, you're safe here…"

In-between the sobs, I choked out 'Love you' into his chest, which I'm surprised he heard.

"Shh, shh… I love you too, so much… try and get some sleep, Greg."

He was right - now I'm worn out. As I drifted off, still wrapped safely in his arms, I wondered if Mom ever knew what went on under her roof.