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Tsuna looked around him. Everything was black and he couldn't see a single thing except for himself. It was just like the time when he had his horrible nightmare that was warning him about the future.

Tsuna took a shaky step forward. He didn't know what in the world was going to pop up, but he was sure as hell that he wasn't going to look forward to it. He takes a couple more steps further before he begins walking forward with more confidence.

Tsuna walked a bit more and up ahead, a small light began to shine. Tsuna walked a bit faster towards the light. He stopped as he stumbled upon an unfamiliar scene. There is a man in front of Tsuna. His back is turned and Tsuna couldn't make out the shape of the head. Though Tsuna couldn't recognize the man, he had a feeling that came from within that told him that he knew this man very well.

A splash of red startled Tsuna. The bright light turned red, tinting everything with a scarlet glow. Another man who was standing in front of the first person fell to the ground. Tsuna stepped back and covered his mouth. He's paralyzed as he recognizes that lifeless face. The face of his father.


Tsuna sat up in his bed with a start. He checked his surroundings to find that he was not in that cursed place anymore. He sighed and lied back down on the bed to stare at the ceiling for a bit.

"I'm back… huh…" He mumbled quietly to no one in particular.

Three weeks ago, Tsuna had flown back to Japan from Italy with everyone. Though he said everyone, not everybody was actually there. Byakuran and Dino couldn't come with them, and Mukuro was being taken to court for some reason so that meant Chrome wouldn't be heading back either. Tsuna had a hunch that Mukuro had done something perverted and had gotten caught. Or was it because he was climbing the statues at three in the morning with Yamamoto? Tsuna would never know.

But even if some people were missing, as long as Tsuna knew they were alive, it was alright. And besides, he got to stay in Giotto's arms the whole ride.

Tsuna giggled at the memory. Giotto had made him so warm and made him feel so fluffy, it was like a dream.

Whether it was a higher power or just Tsuna's intuition, something was telling the boy to look at the clock. He turned his head to look at the little clock on the bedside table. His heart almost stopped.

"I'm going to be late!" He screamed at the top of his lungs and jumped out of his bed. He ran into his bathroom and accidentally slipped on the tile ground. Tsuna rubbed his head and crawled his way over to the sink and started getting ready.

At 8:10 A.M., Tsuna was running down the hall of the mansion towards the kitchen where Giotto should be.

"Giotto! I'm so sorry! I got up— uh…" Tsuna trailed off as he saw that no one was in the kitchen. He walked further into the room to see a note placed on the table.

Some things came up so I had to leave early. Take care at school.


Tsuna stared at the note for a bit.

"Oh well, he is in the mafia after all." He muttered before tossing the note in the trash. Tsuna made himself some quick toast and ran out of the door with the bread still in his mouth.

"I wasted so much time just standing there! Now I'm definitely going to be late! Hibari-san is going to bite me to death!" He shouted. A little tan Chihuahua came running up next to Tsuna and barked. Tsuna took the toast away from his mouth and looked at the little dog.

"Oh, it's you again. Haven't seen you in forever. Here!"

Tsuna tossed his bread to the dog. The Chihuahua did a gallant leap and caught the bread, making Tsuna laugh. The Chihuahua stopped running and gave an appreciative bark to Tsuna. The teen waved and then continued his way down the hill.

With just seconds until the bell rang, Tsuna burst into the classroom and ran in. The bell rang at just that moment.

"Safe!" Yamamoto yelled and then walked over to Tsuna.

"Hey Tsuna, slept in this time?" He asked. Tsuna nodded his head, since he was all out of breath.

"Hey you bastard! Don't address the Tenth so casually! Show some respect!" Gokudera yelled as he ran over to Yamamoto. He turned to Tsuna.

"Good morning Tenth!"

"G-good morning, Gokudera-kun." Tsuna said tiredly. He straightened up and walked over to his seat. The principal walked in.

"Eh, as you all know, due to some circumstances, Ricardo-sensei had to quit. After a whole lot of trouble, we were finally able to find you a new homeroom and math teacher. Please come in." He said as he gestured to the person standing outside the door. As a tall man with rimless glasses walked in, Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto stood up from their seats with their mouths gaping.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Giotto. I will be your new homeroom and math teacher from now on. I hope we get along well." The new Sensei said and gave his sweet smile. All the girls swooned. First the handsome Ricardo, and now the hot and sexy Giotto. School was becoming heaven!

Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera gawked at Giotto. They had no idea that this was going to happen! Giotto smiled at them.

"Could you three please sit down so I can start the class?" Giotto asked them. The trio slowly sat down in their seats.

"So, are there any questions?" Giotto asked. Many girls began raising their hand. As Giotto began answering them, Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Tsuna all leaned in to whisper to each other.

"I can't believe Giotto-sama is here!" Gokudera said happily. Tsuna stared at him.

"How can you be happy? This isn't a good thing!" He said. Yamamoto laughed.

"Maybe this guy is just some random person who just coincidentally looks like Giotto." Yamamoto said. Tsuna and Gokudera looked at him like he was an idiot. Yamamoto shrugged.

"Hey, if he's in the mafia, he could easily disguise himself as Giotto." He said. Gokudera and Tsuna nodded their heads in understanding, finally getting what Yamamoto meant.

"Where are you from?" One girl with a high pitched voice asked.

"Italy." Giotto said.

"How old are you?" Another asked.

"20 years old." Giotto answered. Tsuna leaned closer to his two friends.

"Is it just me, or do these seem like the same exact questions in the same exact order that were asked when Ricardo was here?" He asked. Gokudera nodded his head.

"It's beginning to seem like déjà vu, only with Giotto-sama." He agreed.

"Then, Sensei, are you married?" One girl asked.

"No." Giotto answered. The girls began squealing in joy. Yamamoto chuckled.

"They didn't ask that one when Ricardo was here." He pointed out. One guy raised his hand.

"Then, are you engaged?" He asked. He was hoping that the new sensei would say yes so that way all the girls would let up, but his hopes were crushed shortly.

"No." Giotto replied. Even more screams from the girls erupted.

"Then do you have a lover?" One eager girl asked. She was already halfway off her seat from the excitement. Tsuna was secretly hoping that the sensei would say no, that way, it really would be an imposter and not really Giotto.

Giotto smiled.

"Yes, I do." He said. All the girls let out disappointed moans and Tsuna buried his face in his arms. His cheeks were becoming hot. Even though no names were mentioned, he still felt embarrassed.

The principal laughed.

"It looks like you'll do just fine in this class Giotto." He said. He turned to the class.

"You guys should be thankful that this man would even come here to teach you. He was able to earn a Master's Degree in just three years. And he was supposed to get his Doctorate degree this year when he had to go to Italy for an emergency. That's four years. Four years! That's enough to get you a Bachelor's Degree, but he's already on to his Doctor's!" The principal exclaimed. Giotto scratched his cheek.

"Haha, you flatter me. I'm not all that great. It's my tutor who is the great one. He was able to get his Doctorate Degree in just two years." Giotto said. The principal made a surprised face.

"Oh? And who is your tutor?" He asked,

"He's Rebo— er, Professor Boreen." Giotto said. The principal made a shocked face.

"You mean that legendary genius, Professor Boreen? That Professor Boreen!" He shouted. Giotto nodded his head.

"Yes, him." Giotto confirmed. The principal began ranting on about how great Professor Boreen is before he wished Giotto good luck and walked out of the room.

"Nice observation, baseball-freak." Gokudera said sarcastically. "It really was Giotto-sama and not an imposter! I can't believe I even trusted you for a second." He said angrily. Yamamoto just grinned.

"It was just a guess. I never said it was a fact." He defended. Gokudera rolled his eyes and sat back in his seat with his arms crossed. Meanwhile, Tsuna was just wishing that the ground would come alive and swallow him whole so he could disappear from the room.

Suddenly, the door to the room was opened and in stepped the great Hibari-sama. Everyone immediately snapped their mouths shut at the presence of the fearsome perfect. The school was peaceful while Hibari was gone, but since more rules were broken while he was gone, Hibari had gone all-out on those that broke the discipline. He was even stronger and scarier than before he left.

Hibari eyed Giotto with a glare.

"What are you doing here?" He asked. Giotto just smiled.

"I'm the new homeroom and math teacher." He answered. Hibari pulled out his tonfas.

"I don't remember accepting you as a new teacher in Namimori." He said.

"Well, the principal sure did." Giotto said. Hibari growled and the whole class cringed in fear. Giotto put his hands up

"Okay, how about this. I'll challenge you to a fight and if you win, I'll leave, but if I win, I get to stay here and you won't get in my way. Deal?" He asked.

"Deal." Hibari said immediately. One girl stood up from her seat.

"Wait, Giotto-sensei! You don't know what you're getting yourself into! Hibari-san is incredibly strong!" She shouted. The other girls also joined in, saying that Giotto shouldn't get himself killed on his first day. Giotto just smiled.

"I'll be fine." He reassured, making all the girls melt.

And so, Giotto and Hibari walked out of the classroom and onto the courtyard, the whole entire classroom following after them.

The students stood off onto the side, watching Giotto and Hibari stare each other down. Finally, Hibari moved. He dashed towards Giotto and swung his tonfa. Giotto dodged quickly and was just about to light his dying will when he stopped.

Oh shit! If I light my flame here, that would be bad! There are students watching! Oh god, I can't believe I forgot about that!

Giotto began to sweat. He was dodging Hibari's attacks, but they were all a hair width away from hitting him. Gokudera began to get impatient.

"I wonder why Giotto-sama isn't just beating the shit out of that bastard…" He mumbled as he continued to watch. His face suddenly lit up.

"Maybe he's letting that bastard Hibari taste the feeling of humiliation by dragging the match on and then beating him in one hit! That must be it!" Gokudera said. Tsuna sighed. Sometimes, he really couldn't tell where Gokudera's mind was.

But still, Tsuna couldn't shake off the feeling he had. Giotto hadn't lit his flame yet and he had a troubled expression on his face. Something was up.

Just then, Giotto made a giant explosion, making dust go up into the air. Though they only had a split second to see, Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto definitely saw Giotto light his dying will right before he used his flame to create an explosion. If anyone else had seen it, they would have thought they were going insane. After all, people don't catch on fire on their foreheads and not even get burned or yell in pain.

The dust from the explosion blocked everything. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of metal clinking and fists impacting with flesh. As the dust began to die down, Hibari was kneeling on the ground and Giotto was standing above him. Giotto quickly took off his gloves and stuffed them in his pocket.

"So I guess this means I win." Giotto said smugly. Hibari remained silent. He got up and walked away to go look for someone to beat the fucking shit out of… That's how mad he was.

There was a long silence in the crowd that watched before they all started screaming and running to Giotto.

"How in the world did you do that!"

"Are you like some kind of super hero!"

"How the hell are you so strong!"

Giotto was rained down on with questions that never ended. Tsuna sighed. Yamamoto and Gokudera had run over to Giotto as well. He was the only one still standing on the side lines.

As he watched everyone cling onto his older brother, he felt a wave of jealousy wash over him. He envied how Giotto was able to get everyone to like him right away, and he also felt a bit of resentment to the people who were crowding around him.

Realizing what he was thinking, Tsuna shook his head to rid himself of the bad thoughts and walked back into the school. Though he was a bit preoccupied with the people surrounding him, Giotto couldn't help but stare after the small, lonely figure of his younger brother. He took a step forward to follow the teen, only to stop when he heard a scream. He looked down worriedly, only to see a girl who was blushing and holding her cheeks in bliss.

"Giotto-sensei stepped closer to me!" She screamed in joy. The other girls immediately became jealous and began squeezing closer to Giotto. The boys in the crowd pushed their way out, not wanting to get in the quarrel between crazed girls.

"Ah! Giotto's gone!"

"What! He really is! Where could he have gone?"

"Maybe he did what they do in manga! He crawled out from under without us noticing!"

Yamamoto and Gokudera casually walked away and towards the school.

"It's so obvious that Giotto-sama went after the Tenth." Gokudera said. Yamamoto nodded.

"But still, that was pretty sly of him, getting away from the middle of a crowd of girls without being noticed." He said.

"Of course he could do that! He's Giotto-sama after all!" Gokudera scolded. Yamamoto just laughed.

Tsuna walked into teacher's office. Since everyone was outside, he might as well take this time to talk with his science teacher about his missing homework.

"Excuse…" Tsuna trailed off as he saw that no one was in the room. He mentally slapped himself for his stupidity. It was the middle of class time and all the other teachers who had a break this period were in a meeting.

Tsuna sighed and turned to walk back out when he bumped into someone.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." Tsuna apologized. He looked up to see Giotto.

Before the teen could even say his brother's name, Giotto had grabbed Tsuna's wrists and pushed him back until he hit a desk.

"Giotto, what are—" Tsuna was cut off as Giotto pressed his lips against his. He closed his eyes in bliss and returned the kiss gingerly. They broke away and Giotto quietly whispered Tsuna's name, sending shivers running through the teen's body. The older one trailed his hand up Tsuna's shirt.

"Gyaah!" Tsuna yelled and pushed Giotto off of him. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"What do you think you're doing! We're still in school! And besides, what are you doing here in the first place!" He shouted. Giotto sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

"I'm here to watch over you, why else would I be here?" Giotto replied. Tsuna pouted and began to walk out of the room.

"I don't need you to watch over me. I'm perfectly fine by myself!" He said and then stomped away. Giotto sighed and followed after him.

"I just thought it would be easier this way. I can grade little kids' tests easily so I'm also able to do my paperwork for the family here and watch over you all at the same time." He explained. Tsuna remained silent. He was going to give his brother the silent treatment until he convinced him to leave.

"Tsunayoshi?" Giotto asked and bent down to look at Tsuna at eye level. Tsuna turned away with a 'hmph' and walked into the classroom, where everybody had all ready gathered, waiting for Giotto. Giotto decided to let the matter rest for now and straightened up. He began his lesson and he would once in a while sneak a peek at Tsuna, only to find the teen looking at anything but him. This little game was beginning to annoy Giotto.

When school was over, Tsuna rushed home before Giotto could even talk to him. Giotto's eye twitched at his little brother's arrogance. When he got home later that night, the first this he did was stomp up into the teen's room.

He slammed the door open, almost breaking it, and stepped in. Tsuna shrieked in a horrified voice and hid under his blankets like Jack the Ripper had just appeared.

Giotto walked up to the bed and laid down on top of Tsuna.

"Do I have to punish you for ignoring me all day?" Giotto asked. Tsuna said nothing. Though he wouldn't admit it, Giotto was quiet heavy and it was becoming very hot under the blanket.

"Okay, I guess I have no choice." Giotto sighed and then raised his hands. He began tickling Tsuna's sides, making the teen go into a laughing fit. He squirmed and squealed as he tried to get away from the threatening hands.

"Bwahaha! G-Giotto, s-s-stop! I-it hurts! Aha, ahahaha!" Tsuna choked out through his laughs.

"It's too hot under here!" Tsuna screamed and tossed the blankets off of him. Giotto grinned and immediately started tickling Tsuna again. Tsuna started laughing again until his face was completely red and he started crying. Giotto stopped and rested his head against Tsuna's chest, which was rising up and down from the younger one's pants.

"You have to accept me as your teacher or else I'm going to hold a grudge and give you F's." Giotto threatened. Tsuna smiled and ran a hand through his bangs.

"Please spare me." Tsuna mumbled through his breaths. Giotto smiled and snuggled his face into Tsuna's stomach and blew out. Tsuna laughed at the feeling and pushed Giotto off of him.

"I think that's enough Giotto." Tsuna said while grinning. Giotto smiled back. He leaned in to kiss Tsuna but was interrupted by a sudden ring from the doorbell. Sighing, Giotto got up and walked to the entrance, Tsuna trailing after him.

"Yes?" Giotto said as he opened the door, only to be greeted by a bunch of people.

"Yo Giotto, we came for a sleep over!" Yamamoto greeted as he stepped into the house. Giotto looked at him.

"Sleep over?" He looked at Tsuna, who just shrugged.

"Yeah, we all came. Gokudera, Senpai (Ryohei), Kyoko, Chrome and Mukuro just got back too and Dino came with them, and I even got Hibari to tag along, though it was really dangerous." Yamamoto admitted. So the whole group stepped into the house and headed for the living room. As Giotto and Tsuna watch them go, they both sighed.

"There goes our night together…"


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