It was early morning when Tsuna returned home with Giotto from their trip and stretched his sore limbs after climbing out of the car. After the cruise, Reborn had gone off and disappeared somewhere while Dino was taken back to Italy with his men. That left the task of dropping Kyoko and Chrome home up to Tsuna and Giotto, and they had just gotten back from the drive. Tsuna yawned and looked up at the house, only to slump his shoulders and sweat drop. Giotto also stepped out of the car and walked up to him.

"Oh! It seems like they repaired the house," Giotto said happily and grabbed his bag, heading for the entrance. Tsuna rolled his eyes.

"Isn't it like, impossible to repair a hole in the side of the house in thee days! Not only that, this is a mansion!" Tsuna yelled as he also grabbed his bag and ran to catch up with his brother.

"It's not impossible. You just get a lot of people to repair it," Giotto replied as he stepped through the front door. Tsuna huffed, his bangs going up from the air before falling back down against his forehead again.

"Did you have like hundreds of men working on it or something?" Tsuna asked. Giotto laughed.

"Oh come on Tsunayoshi. You know it wouldn't make sense to have hundreds of men working on a mere hole in the house," He waved his hand to show that he thought Tsuna's thinking was crazy and took his shoes off, heading up to his study room. Tsuna pouted and threw his bag onto the floor.

"Well, you may think I'm crazy, but you and the whole mafia are a lot worse!" He shouted in his anger. Giotto just laughed and turned the corner, going upstairs.

Tsuna stood there frowning for a bit before he smiled. He kicked off his shoes and grabbed his bag, running up the stairs after Giotto. He soon caught up with Giotto as he was just done climbing the stairs and jumped gallantly. Giotto had turned around a second too late and was greeted by Tsuna's chest impacting his face and the force of the tackle sending them both to the ground.

Tsuna wrapped his arms around his older brother and laughed, an expression of sheer joy plastered on his face. Giotto just sighed and smiled, hugging Tsuna back.

"Care to give an explanation for that?" He asked. Tsuna just giggled and shook his head. The older one sat up and Tsuna wrapped his legs around Giotto, refusing to let go. Giotto nuzzled his face against Tsuna's shirt and breathed in the younger one's scent, sighing in content. Tsuna laughed again.

"Did you know that if you have sex with a minor and you're over 18 years of age, even if the minor agreed or not, it could be considered rape and you can get fined and go to prison?" He asked. Giotto sweat dropped.

"Oh please, don't remind me…" There was a slight pause before Giotto laughed. "But oh well. They don't know and they won't find out. Especially since the mafia can cover tracks even if they did find out," He said happily as he smiled at Tsuna. The younger one grinned and pecked Giotto on the lips before he pointed past him down the hall.

"Onward my slave, take me to my bedroom!" He commanded. Giotto rolled his eyes and stood up with Tsuna in his arms, turning to walk down the hall.

"Why can't you just go yourself?" He asked. Tsuna giggled and blushed, hugging Giotto tightly.

"Because…" He mumbled. Giotto raised an eyebrow. Tsuna snuggled his face against Giotto's chest and laughed again.

"I wanna have sex!" He said in a giddily manner. Giotto was taken aback a bit by the sudden declaration from Tsuna and took a step back, halting his steps. He stared down at Tsuna in complete awe.

"…Are you serious?" Giotto asked. He just had to make sure, because he can't remember Tsuna ever asking for sex so willingly like this before. Tsuna pouted and lifted his head, staring at Giotto.

"Yeah, I'm serious. Don't make me change my mind," He warned. Giotto grinned brightly and captured Tsuna's lips into his own and carried the teen all the way to his bedroom and entered it, falling onto the bed with him and proceeding to give him as much love as he could take.


As Tsuna has found out, you don't need to go far to get to heaven. In fact, you can see it from your very bedroom. The most euphoric feeling ever happens right in your very bed. Imagine that. And Tsuna swears, with each passing second, he's getting closer and closer to it. Why you ask? Well, let's just say that Giotto knows exactly where to hit to send Tsuna over the edge in a screaming frenzy.

As Tsuna laid there on the bed, his body rocking back and forth in time with Giotto's thrusts and his chest moving up and down rapidly from breathing too fast, he slowly opened his eyes and looked up at his older brother. Oh how beautiful he looked to him. Even if his face was matted with sweat, his cheeks tinted pink, and his eyes glowed lustfully, he still looked beautiful. Tsuna smiled. All this was his and no one else's.

The teen leaned up and wrapped his arms around Giotto's neck, nuzzling against him and moaning out his name. Giotto held Tsuna close with one hand, the other on Tsuna's hip, to keep him in place with each deep thrust.

Mine… he's all mine…

Tsuna thought contently as he closed his eyes and moaned till he climaxed.


Tsuna pouted as Giotto buried his head into the pillow. He climbed onto Giotto's back and playfully slapped his shoulders.

"That's it? Already?" He questioned. Giotto sighed.

"I only have so much energy after all that ok? And since when was it mating season for the rabbits? It's not even Spring yet!" He mumbled into his pillow. Tsuna frowned.

"I'm not no rabbit!" He argued, crossing his arms.

"Fix your grammar, and then I may believe you," The older one muttered, making Tsuna frown even more.

"I'm not a rabbit," Tsuna corrected, making Giotto snort. He turned around to face Tsuna, looking up at him and running a hand through his hair. Tsuna grinned.

"Then~ I'll just be on top and do the work for you!" He declared. Giotto coughed.

"Since when were you so willing to have sex over and over again!" He asked in disbelief. Tsuna placed a finger over his lips and pondered.

"Uh… since just now?" He concluded, making the older one sigh.

"Well that's new. You should have done this way earlier when I actually had more energy for it," He complained. Tsuna just pouted and leaned down, pressing his body flat against Giotto's.

"I just want to feel Nii-sama's warmth," He whined, licking Giotto's lips. Giotto sweat dropped and sighed again.

"You really tend to say unreasonable things you know that?" He muttered, staring up at Tsuna. The teen just cocked his head in question and stared back. Giotto smiled and sat up quickly, flipping them over so Tsuna was on the bottom. The boy squealed and then giggled in joy as they prepared for another round.

They were abruptly interrupted though when someone rang the door bell. Tsuna frowned and wrapped his arms around Giotto's neck.

"Stay," He commanded. Giotto tilted his head and made a face that said, "Too bad sweetie" with a smug smile and he pried himself loose from Tsuna's grip, pulling his pants and shirt on before leaving the room to go answer the door. Tsuna stuck his tongue out after Giotto's back and jumped out of the bed, tossing his clothes on as well before heading downstairs to go see who the guest was.

As he reached the entrance, he stood on his tiptoes and craned his neck to look past Giotto's shoulder.

"Who is it?" He asked. Giotto stepped to the side to reveal Yamamoto, Gokudera, Chrome, Kyoko, and Mukuro, all dressed lightly and holding bags.

Yamamoto raised his hand and waved at Tsuna, his usual cheery grin spreading across his face as his eyes lit up.

"Yo Tsuna, want to go out to the beach? We know you just got home and everything, but we didn't get to see you for a while and we thought we'd take a trip down there to have some fun! Lunch will be served too!" The black-haired teen exclaimed happily, looking at Tsuna expectantly. Tsuna's face lit up like a Christmas tree and he nodded feverishly.

"Yes! I would love to! Giotto, we should go!" He said happily, tugging on Giotto's sleeve. Giotto rolled his eyes.

"With what I have to put up with from you, it's a miracle I haven't started smoking yet," He mumbled, making the others laugh. Tsuna's face dropped.

"Giotto! If you smoke, I will never forgive you!" He yelled. Giotto pointed at Tsuna and he stared at the others in disbelief.

"Do you see what I mean?" He asked, making them all laugh except for Tsuna, who only pouted and delivered a kick of justice to Giotto's shin. Giotto howled and his lifted his leg, rubbing the sore spot that had been abused and glared at Tsuna.

"I'll be in my room getting ready, thank you very much," Tsuna snapped and then stomped away. Giotto just laughed and watched Tsuna leave before turning back to Yamamoto.

"He's so cute when he's angry," He stated, making the boy laugh.

"I know what you mean!" He agreed. Gokudera huffed and glared at Yamamoto, biting into his cigarette.

"How dare you say that about the Tenth!" He yelled and pulled out his dynamites. Kyoko laughed and Chrome just stared, trying to get what Gokudera was so mad about. Mukuro did his signature chuckle at the bickering and how stupid Gokudera seemed at times.

Giotto looked around and then turned to Kyoko.

"Where's Hibari? Did he decide to not come?" He asked. Kyoko nodded in response.

"Yeah, he said he didn't want to be crowding around herbivores today and then went off somewhere," She explained, her soft smile remaining on her face the whole time. Giotto nodded his head in understanding.

"Sounds like him."

Giotto stepped aside to let the crowd in and he headed upstairs to get his stuff as well, and to check up on Tsuna. He knocked on the door to Tsuna's room and was soon replied with a sweet hello. Giotto opened the door and poked his head in. Tsuna turned to see who it was and huffed, turning his gaze into a glare and looked away abruptly.

"What do you want?" He asked, making Giotto chuckle. The older one stepped into the room and shut the door behind him.

"You do know I was only messing around right?" He questioned, making Tsuna shrug.

"I know, but still," Tsuna argued unreasonably. Giotto snickered and hugged the teen from behind, nuzzling his face against the other's cheek. Tsuna laughed and placed his hand on Giotto's face, turning his head ever so slightly so their lips met. Giotto smiled at the warm, soft touch and pressed back lightly before pulling away.

"You don't want to keep everyone waiting," He said and then left the room. Tsuna grinned and began getting ready for their little beach party.


Most people would tend to avoid the beach during September, but today had been exceptionally sunny. As Tsuna walked across the sand, the little grains warming his feet, the sun shined at full blast against his face. There was a slight wind in the air, tossing the trees lightly side to side. Tsuna giggled as the scent of the salty air reminded him of his trip on the cruise ship.

"We haven't even done anything and you're already having fun?" Giotto asked Tsuna as he picked a spot in the warm sand and laid a large blanket over the area, Kyoko taking off her shoes and sitting down on the cloth with Chrome and setting down her bag filled with food. Tsuna pouted and walked over to Giotto.

"I was only laughing," he stated, watching Giotto work with the bags, while Gokudera and Yamamoto ran to the waves and made huge cannonballs into the water.

"Which is having fun," Giotto replied with a smile, making Tsuna laugh lightly.

"Fine, we'll do something to get the fun started then," Tsuna said and then walked away, unbeknownst to Giotto. Suddenly, Tsuna stopped and turned around, running at full speed towards Giotto. He jumped and then landed on the other's back, wrapping his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist, hanging on and laughing. Surprised, Giotto almost toppled over, bending over and losing the things he was holding, just barely keeping himself upright. Kyoko and Chrome giggled at the action.

After a moment's confusion, Giotto stood upright, Tsuna hanging on his back happily.

"Tsunayoshi…" Giotto said and turned his head as much as he could to look at Tsuna, who only grinned at him, his cheeks a light pink.

"Wow, you two are really close aren't you?" Kyoko said happily, giggling a bit more, making Giotto and Tsuna blush hard and Chrome sip her water shyly. Kyoko still hadn't found out after all.

"Y-yeah… we are…" Tsuna stuttered, a bit embarrassed. Giotto just smiled, a small blush still on his cheeks, and laughed. If it wasn't for Gokudera calling for the two to join them in the water, there would have definitely been an awkward silence. Giotto turned and yelled out a response before running to the waves with Tsuna on his back. He jumped when he got to the cold, salty tide and splashed into the water, Tsuna flying off his back and his arms flailing out as he fell into the sea as well. Yamamoto laughed as Giotto came back up and Gokudera dived in to go save Tsuna, even though the water was only 3 and a half feet deep.

Kyoko goes to join the four boys after a bit for some volleyball while Chrome sat under the shade of the umbrella that was set up over their blanket. Mukuro, who was away for a bit, came back with shaved ice and handed her a cup, sitting down next to her.

"You won't join them?" Chrome asked as she lifted the small spoon and took a bite of some of the syrupy ice. Chrome smiled at the flavor: Cherry.

Mukuro shook his head. "I have an unsettling feeling about today," He stated calmly and ate a bit of his blueberry flavored shaved ice. Chrome turned to look at Mukuro and tilted her head in question.

"What do you mean?" She asked quietly. Mukuro shrugged, watching the five oblivious idiots play happily in the water, tossing the colorful beach call back and forth and Tsuna slipping as he tries to hit it back.

"I'm not really sure myself. All I know is that today might end up becoming a little hectic. I feel pity for whoever the misfortune decides to fall upon," Mukuro said and went back to eating his cold treat. Chrome took a moment just looking at Mukuro before turning her eyes back to her friends. She watched them in silent worry, but for now, it seemed that things were going to be okay.

About an hour and a half had passed and Chrome had fallen asleep on the blanket, her back turned to the sun, when Tsuna and the rest came out from the water, all worn out, but still in high spirits with lots of energy.

"We should do some watermelon bashing!" Yamamoto declared as he reached their little picnic site. Tsuna smiled at the idea and looked at Giotto.

"You want to?" He asked. Giotto shrugged, letting the younger one know that he didn't really care. Tsuna grinned and ran to Yamamoto, getting out the baseball bat and a blindfold while Yamamoto carried a large watermelon out onto the sand.

"Yamamoto, you should go first," Tsuna suggested happily as he handed Yamamoto the bat. The black-haired teen grinned at Tsuna and agreed. Gokudera placed the watermelon a few feet away from Yamamoto while Tsuna blinded him with the cloth and spun him around till the teen was losing his footing in the sand, making Tsuna laugh. He stepped away and everyone cheered for Yamamoto as he tried to get his balance right, falling over twice but still laughing.

There was silence as Yamamoto held very still after walking around a bit. He now stood almost in front of the watermelon, but did he know that? No one knew. They all watched with interest as Yamamoto raised the baseball bat in a batter's position, as if he was going to hit an oncoming ball.

There seemed to be a pause in the area when Yamamoto suddenly stepped forward and swung the bat down, hitting the watermelon and sending it flying through the air. Tsuna's eyes widen and he clapped while Gokudera stood up angrily and shook his fist at Yamamoto.

"This isn't golf you baseball-idiot!" He shouted. Yamamoto laughed and undid his blindfold. He looked around.

"Ah, where's the watermelon?" He asked, completely clueless. Kyoko, Tsuna, and Gokudera all pointed to the sky, where the large fruit was last seen. Yamamoto looked at the direction they pointed in and laughed.

"Whoa, it sure went a long ways didn't it?" He said merrily. Tsuna and the others laughed, except for Gokudera who proceeded to go bash the brains out of Yamamoto. Giotto stopped him in time and pulled out a new watermelon, saying that they should just cut it up instead of bashing it this time. The rest agreed and they all sat down to enjoy their afternoon lunch.

"I worked hard on today's lunch," Kyoko said happily, opening up a large bento that held all kinds of foods and different types of onigiri. "We thought you guys would end up having a big appetite after playing so hard," Kyoko said with a large smile on her face. Tsuna awed at the sight, his stomach beginning to rumble. Yamamoto laughed and pulled out his own bento.

"And my Dad prepared some sushi for us," He stated and opened the lid, revealing a luxurious set of different kinds of sushi, each one shining from the sunlight, hinting at their freshness.

"Wow Yamamoto! They look delicious!" Tsuna exclaimed as he picked one up and ate it. His face turned into one filled with bliss as he chewed. "And they are."

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Giotto scolded teasingly. Tsuna stuffed his face with food just for the sake of mocking his brother after that.

Lunch went by smoothly and by the time it was finished, they were all so stuffed everyone just flopped down on their beach towels and laid in the sun, soaking up its rays and lots of vitamin D. Ryohei, who was taking his daily jog around Namimori, had met up with them in the middle of their meal and decided to join. He was now sprawled out next to Yamamoto and taking a nap in the warm sun.

Giotto, who still had his eyes closed and was lying on his stomach, nudged Tsuna with his foot. "Are you thirsty?" He mumbled into his arms. Tsuna hummed his response and sat up.

"I'll go get us something. What do you want?"

"Mmn… iced milk coffee," Giotto answered tiredly. Tsuna grinned.

"What if they don't have that?" He asked. Giotto lifted his head and opened his eyes, making a face.

"Why wouldn't they have that?" Giotto questioned. Tsuna shrugged.

"Just in case," He stated, making Giotto sigh. He closed his eyes and rested his head back down in his arms.

"Then lemon tea," He said. Tsuna nodded and then stood up, heading over to the vending machines.

So many people… Tsuna thought as he dodged his way through the beach, trying to avoid crashing into anybody or to bump into any punks that may want to start something. He was able to reach the vending machines in one piece and inserted the coins, getting Giotto's iced milk coffee. He stood there for a moment longer, trying to decide what he would get when his eyes landed on a certain drink. He gasped.

"C. C. Lemon! I haven't had one in so long!" He exclaimed happily and inserted the coins in the machine. He opened the drink hurriedly and took a quick sip, smiling at the taste. Tsuna began walking back when he saw something in the corner of his eye. He stopped to watch the scene unfold.

There was a girl in a green bikini surrounded by four guys. She had dark brown hair that was held up in a pony tail and she was making quiet a big fuss about the guys hitting on her.

"I already said no so would you PLEASE step aside!" The girl yelled and tried to walk past the harassers, only to be grabbed by her wrist and held back. Tsuna bit his lip. He knew he should just walk away like everyone else was doing and pretend he never saw anything, but he couldn't help but feel sorry for her. After all, he knew how it felt to be harassed like that.

Without even thinking ahead of what his actions would bring, he took a step forward and threw his C. C. Lemon bottle at one of they guys head, making the others jump. Tsuna stood there, completely lost, with only a can of iced milk coffee as his weapon. He hadn't even thought of the words to say after doing that.

Being the idiot he is, he stuttered out the first words he could think of.

"C-can't you see she doesn't want to go with you guys? Why don't you just leave her alone and go pay for a slut?" He shouted. He immediately regretted those words though. The attention of the attackers was redirected to him, which he knew because the guy holding the girl's wrist had let go and was walking towards him.

"And you think it's okay to go around throwing bottled drinks at people who are just trying to have fun? I think I should beat the shit out of you just so you know not to mess with us again," The man said while cracking his knuckles. Tsuna gulped and mentally cursed himself.

Why do I get myself into these kinds of things? He thought to himself as he felt the first hit make contact with his skull.


"H-Haru is so sorry that you had to go through that!" The girl that Tsuna had just gotten his ass kicked for shouted, holding an icepack to Tsuna's forehead who currently had his head rested in her lap. Tsuna sighed and waved his hand.

"It's fine. I'm used to worse. I can live through a bruised lip, bruised cheeks, and a bump on my forehead," He said calmly. The girl abruptly burst into tears, startling Tsuna.

"B-but—! They stomped on your wrist too while you were down!" She sobbed. Tsuna made a confused face. Did they? He couldn't remember. The only pain he could remember was feeling their fists connect with his face in harsh blows. He experimentally lifted both of his hands and almost yelped out in shock when a surge of pain ran up his right arm, his wrist beginning to feel as if it was on fire. Oh damn… They really had stomped on it. Tsuna sighed. It just had to be the hand he wrote with.

"It's fine, it's fine. Don't cry," Tsuna soothed, trying to calm the crying girl down, which worked somewhat. "These kinds of injuries will heal in no time."

"R-really?" The girl asked, sniffling a bit. Tsuna nodded his head in response, making the other smile a bit.

"Thank you very much for helping me. My name is Haru," The girl told Tsuna. He smiled up at her.

"I'm Tsunayoshi. You can call me Tsuna if you want," He said. And you better be freaking grateful. I just got my assed kicked to help you and I don't even know you! Tsuna voiced in his head.

Tsuna sat up, being mindful of his wrist. "Well, I have to head back now. Giotto will be worried about me if I don't get back soon," Tsuna said and then stood up, making the girl no known as Haru stand too. She seemed to blush and looked Tsuna straight in the eye.

"I know this seems really sudden, but when you stood up for Haru like that without even caring what would happen to you, I was so touched! I think Haru has fallen in love with you!" She exclaimed. Tsuna's eyes widened and he took a step back.

"EEH!" He yelled, completely taken aback. What the hell? They just met and she was already confessing her love? And to Tsuna! She must be one desperate girl.

"I-I can't return your feelings, I'm sorry. I'm already in love with someone else!" Tsuna explained, waving his one good hand. Haru just stepped forward, a new determination on her face.

"Then, Haru will do her best to make you fall in love with me!" She said. Tsuna could feel his head spinning from the confusion. Things like this were supposed to happen in cliché movies, not in real life!

"Y-yeah…" Tsuna mumbled, not really knowing what else to say. The girl beamed and giggled, linking arms with Tsuna's.

"Thank you for saving me, Tsuna-san!" She said happily, and Tsuna himself couldn't help but smile.

And while all this was going on…

Kyoko reached out a tentative hand and shook Giotto awake gently. The man slowly woke up and opened his eyes, lifting his head.

"Tsunayoshi?" He mumbled out blearily. Kyoko giggled and shook her head.

"Nope, it's me, Kyoko," She said. Giotto sat up and yawned.

"Oh, Kyoko-chan. Sorry, I thought you were Tsunayoshi back with the drinks," He stated.

"No, it's fine," Kyoko said with a small smile. Giotto smiled and blinked, feeling more awake than before.

"So, did you need something?" He asked. Kyoko nodded.

"I really need to talk to you…" She said quietly. Giotto gulped. Had Kyoko found out about him and Tsuna? "I can't say it here though."

"Okay," Giotto said and then stood up, Kyoko doing the same. They walked down the beach for a while, nearing the rocky part of it where all sorts of sea animals dwelled on the rocks or in the puddles where fish and other creatures got trapped when the tide went down.

Giotto stopped, making Kyoko, who was a couple paces ahead, stop as well.

"So what was it that you wanted to talk about?" He asked. Kyoko turned around and smiled at Giotto.

"I'm in a bit of a fix," She stated, making Giotto look at her with a questioning expression.

"Well you see, I've fallen in love with someone and I have no idea how to tell them…" She said, looking down at the ground, her cheeks a bit pink. Giotto smiled.

"Well, usually the best way to tell them is to just say it to them in person. Like if it's over an email or text message, it doesn't hold a lot of emotions of meaning, and over the phone isn't as good as saying it in person. So if I were you, I'd tell that person," He answered. Kyoko nodded.

"But what if… you're too shy to say it?" She questioned. Giotto shrugged.

"I'm sure you'll find the right moment," He replied. Kyoko giggled and turned to face Giotto.

"Yeah, you're right," She said, her face turning a reddish color.

"Then, Giotto-san, I want you to know… that I've fallen in love with you," She said clearly so Giotto wouldn't miss a word. And he didn't. He heard every single one clear as a bell and it rang in his head like a curse. His face turned red and all he could do was stare with wide eyes at the girl before him.

There was a long moment of awkward silence when Kyoko finally broke it by shuffling forward, walking past Giotto with a red face and her head bowed down, looking at her feet.

"We should be getting back. We don't want to make the others worry," She said quietly and quickly walked back to where everyone else was. Giotto took a moment to get his wits together and then followed after, his face still flushed with embarrassment from the confession.

When he and Kyoko reached to where to others were, Tsuna was already there waiting for him along with a girl he had never met before, holding a can of iced milk coffee for him… and looking a bit roughed up. Giotto furrowed his eyebrows and walked quicker, stopping right in front of Tsuna and inspecting him.

"What happened here?" He asked worriedly. Tsuna grinned sheepishly and laughed a bit.

"Ah well, let's just say I got into a bit of trouble that's all. Nothing serious," Tsuna reassured, but Giotto wasn't convinced.

"We'll head home for today Tsunayoshi," Giotto said and began grabbing their stuff. Though he did want to go home so he could help Tsuna, he also didn't want to stay because of what he had just heard earlier.

Tsuna, who was a bit confused, nodded his head anyway and turned to Haru.

"The rude one here who didn't bother to introduce himself if my older brother Giotto," Tsuna said playfully, making Haru giggle and Giotto roll his eyes. Yamamoto sat up from his spot on his towel and waved.

"The name's Yamamoto Takeshi. Nice to meet you," He said in a friendly manner. Ryohei and Gokudera were passed out and Chrome gave a shy introduction of her name while Mukuro just sat in the shade of the umbrella and allowed Chrome to do the talking for him. Tsuna explained how they had met and Giotto didn't seem too happy in the end. Of course, Tsuna had omitted the part where Haru had suddenly confessed to him.

"You should have come and got me. I would have shown those guys a lesson," Giotto said as he slung his bag over his shoulder. Tsuna sweat dropped.

"I'd rather you'd not…" Tsuna mumbled. "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around later then Haru,"

"Yes! I hope I see you soon, Tsuna-san!" Haru said energetically. Yamamoto waved.

"See you later Giotto, Tsuna,"

"Yeah, see you at school," Tsuna said and then followed after Giotto.


At approximately 9:00 P.M., there was a sudden ring from the doorbell. Tsuna was just brushing his teeth with his left hand and was being a bit messy with it, since the hand he usually used was currently bandaged up, and had his bangs pinned out of his face with bobby pins when he answered the door. Outside was a lady with long brown hair that curled in spirals towards the ends. The length was just past her shoulders and she had bright brown eyes. Her stomach was popping out a bit and Tsuna mentally thought that if she lost a bit of weight, she would look beautiful.

"Cahn ah hewp yoh?" Tsuna said. It was kind of difficult to speak when you had a toothbrush in your mouth. The lady smiled at him, but it made him shiver. Something about that smile seemed fake no matter how warm it looked.

"Is Giotto here?" She asked softly and Tsuna nodded. He turned to go get him, but the man was already on his way down.

"Luciana?" Giotto said in recognition. The lady known as Luciana waved. Giotto stopped at the door.

"What brings you here?" He asked. Luciana smiled and rubbed her stomach.

"I have some important news to tell you," She said quietly. Tsuna felt his heart seem to drop and his stomach do flips. He stopped brushing his teeth and held his breath, fearing the worst. Giotto seemed to be doing the same. His body was tense and he looked like he could break right into a sprint at any moment.

"You see, Giotto, I'm carrying your child," She stated.

Tsuna could literally feel his world shatter into a million pieces.


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