Changing Season

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Note: I've decided not to continue my Natalie Saga, but I still think that there's alot I can do with her character. You can read it to find out who Natalie is, but it's not necessary in order to understand this story.

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The first time he sees her, he thinks he must be imagining things. She hasn't been seen around here for years; not since... well not since what he refers to in his mind as 'el incidente'.

Everyone else just figured she'd left because she couldn't take it anymore, but they weren't exactly correct.

Only three people- possibly for, but he doubts it- know exactly why she left, but then again, it doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that she actually left.

Marco clenches a glove covered fist as the circumstances surrounding her departure threaten to reawaken the anger he usually keeps simmering below the surface.

She shouldn't have had to leave.

He tries, somewhat unsuccessfully, to shake the negative thoughts away as he observes her discreetly from behind his sunglasses.

She hasn't changed a bit, it seems. Strolling down the street with that ludmouth friend of hers- Jubilee?- she's giggling.

An odd sensation passes through him just for an instant, but he shrugs it away. He considers crossing the street to say 'hi', but pauses, unsure.

The way she looks about every now and then belies the happy expression on her face.

He realises this place makes her jumpy; after all that's happened to her here, he can't really blame her. Not many at the institute supported her descision to leave, and among the Xmen, word travels fast.

He had understood and agreed with her reasons, more than anyone. She had needed to get away from all this.

Glancing one last time as she's swallowed up in the crowd, he hopes she's found the peace she was looking for when she left. He doesn't know if he'll see her again, but either way, he's glad for the glimpse he had.

It makes him smile.