Ok, I saw this in a Danny phantom fic, so I decided to do one! Yay! Love those who review!

Teen Titans Bloopers!!!

#1: Trouble in Tokyo

Raven is walking into the "nyuusu"(news) shop.

Beast Boy and Cyclone are inside one shop, making faces at her from inside the shop's window.

Raven stops waving her hands around and snorting.

Ben: CUT!

Everyone: *laughs*

#2: Employee of the Month

Source: I am the source!

Beast Boy looses it and laughs.

Alex: Ok, cut!

BB wipes tear from eye.

Beast Boy: Ok, sorry, it's just…you have a girl's voice! HAHAHAHA!!!

Source: Call my agent! I will not stand for this kind of treatment!

#3: Apprentice (part 1)

Salde: This is only the beginning.

A call phone is heard ringing from behind one of the machines.

Michael: CUT!!!

Cyclone is seen stepping out with the cell phone. Both Robin and Salde turn their heads.

Cyclone: No, if you think that we're gonna do that deal, your out of your Mickey mind!.....No, no!.....Fine! Wait…

She lowers phone from ear.

Cyclone: It's still ringing…

Salde: Sorry…My agent…trying to get me out of this job.

#4: Trouble in Tokyo

Robin stands up and starts to walk away from Starfire, but then turns around again.

Robin: Oh screw it!

Robin kisses Starfire.

Everyone on set: HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ben: Ok, nice one Romeo. CUT!

#5: Bunny Raven…or how to make a Titananimal disappear

Raven looks at herself in bunny form.

Raven: Who wrote this?

Ben: CUT!

#6: Betrayal

(Interview with one of Slade's robots off-screen)

Robot: I mean, come on people, do the Teen Titans have to say all the lines all the time? And why do we have to get blown up?! I have a wife you know!

Alex:….Um…ya, I'll get back to you on that one…And ACTION!

#7: The Lost Episode


Robin: WHAT?!

Matt: CUT!

Robin: WHAT?!

Cyclone pulls out his ear plugs.

Matt: I SAID CUT!!!!

Robin: Sheesh no need to yell!

#8: Forces of Nature

Lightning: Let all who pass this way know-Lightning was here!

Lightning instead of hitting the semi hits Beast Boy, who gets electrocuted.

Ciro: Cut!

Cyborg: Oooh that's gonna leave a mark.

Cyclone: MEDIC!

#9: Forces of Nature

Beast Boy: C'mon Star, this isn't any fun!

Ciro: Cue Thunder and Lightning!

Nothing happens and Beast Boy looks around briefly with the rest of the cast and crew.

Beast Boy: I said…THIS ISN"T ANY FUN!!!

Ciro: CUT! Ok, where are Thunder and Lightning?

Thunder and Lightning are sitting in chairs reading magazines. They look up.

Lighting: Oh…oh were we supposed to be on set?

Everyone: YES!

#10: Employee of the Month

While trying to follow Robin ride up the support cables of the bridge, the camera man falls off his motorcycle.

Alex: CUT! Oh are you ok?

Camera man: Um ya, I think so…

Alex: No, I was talking to the camera.

Cyclone and the rest of the Titans walk up.

Cyclone: Yes, because here at Lotto Animation Studios, we don't care about fallen camera men, we only care about the film.

Cow in UFO: Does this mean I can take 5?

Well wasn't that fun?! Ok yes, it sucked but oh well! Review! (Oh and Cyclone is me in Teen Titan form.)