Lingshan Islands, South China Sea, Dec 17th, 2012

Whac – Whac – Whac. The barrage of bullets from MG of the KPA forces slammed into the thin wall of the island villager's home behind Nomad. Barely an hour into this operation and everything had already gone to hell. Not only was their insertion jump fucked up by some….. Something but Aztec was already dead. Ripped up, once again by an unknown something, before he could get out of his parachute which was caught up in a tree. He himself had been hit by the thing that had disrupted his jump which had ripped off his chute. He thankfully had been over water which he landed in but had scrambled up his suit functions for a short time until he had managed to reboot the system once he had crawled onto the rocky and craggy shoreline.

He had then proceeded up the beach through the cliffs and taken care of the patrol of two careless KPA soldiers thanks to his silenced SOCOM pistol and his suits cloak function. Further up the beach, perched on a ledge in the sea cliffs, was his teammate Jester, the resident jokester and trickster of the team. He had jumped down his perch and radioed to the squads' leader Prophet. "Prophet Me and Nomad have linked up and are now moving to the rendezvous point" "all right try and keep quiet thought, any sign of Aztec?" said Prophet. "No but we will keep our eye out for him".

Just then Aztec came through on the radio. "Can anyone hear me?" Prophet quickly spoke up "Where are you Aztec, we'll come and find you". Aztec replied" I don't know sir, im caught up in the trees and I can get lose"" oh crap," he whispered" I'm not alone here, four man KPA patrol I don't think that they see me and OH GOD!!!! WHAT IS THAT!!!!" the radio then erupted with gunfire, rifle fire, and the screams of soldiers." JESTER, NOMAD, get to him NOW!!!!" yelled Prophet.

The two soldiers then charged up the hill as the landscape changed from craggy, rocky, sea cliffs to a lush and think tropical jungle. The screams and gunfire still echoed on the radio and up the canyon but were now joined but an unearthly roar that sounded like it came from something not of this earth. Aztec was screaming and praying into the radio as it sounded like he and the people were being ripped apart by a demon. "What the hell is that" shouted Jester. The roars then reached a high point and all of a sudden stopped. The two men had then reached a fallen tree that was very near Aztec's last position. Aztec then signed to him to stay quite and follow him.

They crouched under the fallen tree and saw a massacre. The four KPA soldiers had been ripped apart by something but they saw no sign of Aztec. They heard a dripping noise and looked up into the tree. Staring down from there was Aztec, his face contoured into a silent never ending scream and his body and nano-suit were ripped up and strewn around. "Sir, we found Aztec" said Jester. "What's his condition?' said Prophet. "KIA, sir" replied Jester. "Christ, alright stand back were going to vaporize we can't let the Koreans get this technology". Aztecs suit then glowed bright yellow and caught aflame in a brilliant flash of light and when it dimmed there was nothing left. "Jester you clean up here and Nomad, you continue up the valley and find the RV" ordered Prophet.

Nomad then moved up the heavily forested valley while keeping alert for more KPA patrols. As he rounded on corner of the valley he saw two soldiers lazily walking up the canyon and joking to themselves. A lazy enemy is the best enemy, nomad remembered from his training. He then switched to cloak mode with a thought click and moved up the bushes along the side of the valley floor until he was within a few feet of the soon to be dead men. He then pulled out his silenced SOCOM pistol and prepared for his move. He waited before the soldier closest to him leaned up against the tree that he was on the other side of, safe beneath a digital invisibility cloak. He then snaked his arm round the man's neck with his left arm, pinning him to the tree. He then pointed the barrel of the invisible pistol at the man's shocked friend and fired the pistol once into the man's forehead neatly killing him without a sound. Once he fired the pistol the suits remaining energy was immediately expended since he fired while in cloak mode. He then put the now visible pistol to the pinned mans temple and pulled the trigger once more. Two enemy soldiers down in less than two seconds, very nice work he thought to himself. He then left the two bodies behind and moved into a thick jungle.

He then came to a rise and saw a glorious sunrise over a tropical paradise. The sun had a beautiful reflection off the water of the bay and the tropical villages could be seen spotted around the bay. This beauty was then shattered by a pair of MIG's on patrol as they screamed across the island. Moving down the beach and came across a villagers hut occupied by the KPA. He then pulled out his silenced SCAR assault rifle and slid on the reflex sight. He crouched down in the bushes and took aim he tagged five Koreans on his SatCom. He then saw one of the few men walking out to the forest to pee. He waited till the man had undone his fly and then fired twice into the man's head. To his surprise a yell rang out as someone had seen him do this. He then saw a soldier run out of the house and fire a flare gun into the sky. He winced because this would make things much harder. He then stormed up to the house and took cover in there since the remaining soldiers had run out to engage him. A light scout car then came around the road bend a little up the bays shore and opened up on him with its mounted MG. The bullets then slammed into the wall above his head.

A/N: I will do a halo part next. These two probably won't meet till later on. The chief will come in the crisis universe rather than other way around. I am a bit of a tech guy so I will call things by their correct names such as SCAR and SOCOM and such. Next chapter I will explain the Nanosuit to and extent. Also I am a huge lore guy for halo so I will bring in a lot of background.