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Willoe POV

The wind was strong today, and tousled my thick black hair as I flew. Yeah, that's right flew. I have wings. Awesome wings, if I do say so myself. I inherited them from my mother and my father. My mom is Maximum Ride. I don't know my dad though. The few times I ask about my dad, my mom eyes tear up. Now I know I'm a girl, and girls are supposed to be all emotional and crap, but let me put this straight. I am not. And I can't stand to see other people cry as well.

I spotted the place I worked, Lolo's Pizzeria, and started my descent. The fall before I landed was always the best part about flying. It was the feeling of adrenaline and freedom that you could get no were else. My feet touched the ground outside the parking lot, I slipped on my black sweatshirt, and walked towards the entrance.

It was a bit ironic I worked in a pizzeria, considering I couldn't cook anything. That's why the agreement for my job was that I do anything not involving the kitchen. One foot inside that kitchen, I'm fired. I guess that's because last (and first) time I went into the kitchen, the microwave ended up in flames and chocolate milk shake ended up on the ceiling. Don't ask. Anyway, Lolo's was packed, filled with people from the local college and high school. I recognized a few of the kids but none of them were my friends. I was in the 'outcast list' at school. Walking towards the front counter to clock in, one of the big football players (I think his name was Josh) stuck his foot out with the intent of tripping me. I sighed and sidestepped him. Sometimes fast reflexes really come in handy. But so does the art of controlling things with your mind, I told myself and laughed as I made Josh's milkshake explode in his face.

Yeah that's right; I can control things with my mind. Telekinesis, whatever you want to call it, but I do it. The power thing is kind of combined with the wings. Still laughing from the milkshake 'accident' I put on my apron and started walking towards the back room, but not before I saw something that made me stop in my dead in my tracks.

It was a weird group of people. One looked as young as twenty, and two looked about thirty. The youngest was a girl who had bright blue eyes and curly blonde hair, and was sitting next to a boy who was almost identical and a little older. There was a girl with curly brown hair and mocha skin talking to them, but it appeared no one was listening. She held hands with a guy who looked maybe a year older, with blue eyes that looked almost glazed over. Weird. But what really caught my attention was guy, who sat with them. He was wearing a dark sweatshirt and dark jeans. And he was like the guy version of me.

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