A Moon's Lullaby

This fan fiction had been written for entertainment purposes only and without the intention of infringing upon any copyright. NARUTO and its characters are a creation of Masashi Kishimoto. The only thing I lay claim to is the plot.

Chapter 1: Prologue: Her or Her Life

She ran through the forest at top speed. Her legs were trembling, they felt weak. She needed to stop and rest but she knew that it wasn't an option. Rogue ninjas were following close behind. If they were to catch up to her they would kill her in a blink of an eye.

How long had it been since she stared running, the sun was starting to set…?

How much longer could she keep it up…?

Only one thing was for content, if she stopped, she was as good as dead.

Why had she asked to be put on this mission….? She wondered for the millionth time.

To prove that she was now strong and not a weakling, that's why…. But running away was not providing she was strong! She told herself. How she wish she had listened to her sensei and stayed at the village, saved.

Her heart was racing and her legs burned from exhaustion. The moment her feet landed on an old tree branch up ahead, she heard it crack. It broke under her feet, making her loose her balance and go tumbling down. She saw her life flash through her eyes and she realized something. She was going to die today.

A peculiar thought crossed her mind. In all the short seventeen years of her life, she had not done anything that would make people remember. In those seventeen years she had always been in the background, unnoticed. She wasn't the most beautiful or the strongest ninja in the village. She wasn't the smartest. She wasn't the most courageous. She wasn't even the funniest. She had always been therejust there.

Like a wallflower.

As she fell she reached out for a tree branch but with no strength left she couldn't hold on and she started falling again. It did however help lessen the impacted of the ground to her body, whereas the full impact would have most likely killed her on the stop. She tried to push herself up but her right arm gave away. Her arm had been dislocated and most likely she had scrapes and bruises everywhere from the branches she had hit on the way down.

She looks up and saw the rogue ninjas surrounded her in a matter of seconds. There were six in total. She couldn't see their faces because of the masks they were wearing but she knew that behind they were probably laughing at her. Once again she pushed herself up, this time keeping her weight off her right arm. She felt a sting on her leg but ignored it and sat up.

She took out her kunai knifes with paper bombs and smoke bombs. There was no way she would get out of this a life but there was no way she was going to go down without a fight. She saw them shift on their feet and knew they were about to attack. She threw the kunai knifes at them and they jumped away to avoid them. Just as they jumped she used the smoke bombs to create a distraction to escape.

Her byakugan eyes helped her see through smoke, giving her an advantaged. Her injures however didn't allowed her to move very fast and soon the smoked cleared. She head behind a tree and reach back to her weapon pouch but came out empty handed. She had no weapons left. She looked to the grounds and notice a trail of blood that lead to her. In no time the rough ninjas were going to find her.

She led on the tree and banged her head on it. Useless, she was so useless and pathetic. She couldn't do something so simple as to cover her own blood trail. She deserved to die if she was these weak, she thought. She closed her eyes and heard them approached. Any minute now she would die.

Seconds went by and nothing happened, a small frown appeared on her face. Confused, she slowly opened her eyes and turn to look behind the tree. The ninjas that had try to kill her laid on the ground cover in their own blood, lifeless. Her mind couldn't process this. How were they all dead…?

She frantically looked around. Trying to figure out what had happen and who had done this. Her light lavender eyes landed on a single figure that stood in the shadows. His face was cover by the shadows of the night but she could tell he was tall and if he had kill all six ninjas in a matter of seconds, he must be strong. Who was he…? She pondered. Was he a friend or an enemy…?

"Are you ok…?" The stranger asked in a low husky voice. He turned head to look at her and she gasped.

Those red eyes, they could cold only belong to two people. Uchiha, Itachi and Sasuke both were missing ninjas from the Leave Village and very dangers people. Who was before her thought, Sasuke or Itachi…?

"W-who are you…?" She mumbled.

The Uchiha didn't bother to answer her question. He just stepped out into the moon light as he reached out for her. She stepped back to hit a tree and then slide down so that she was now sitting on the ground. He kneeled in front of her.

"W-why d-did you save me…?" She questioned him. She got a better look at him now that he was this close. She realized who he was, Uchiha Sasuke. What did he want with her, though…? "T-thank you f-for saving me, Sasuke…"

She saw his eyes widen just a few millimeters when she said his name. "Don't thank me. I didn't do it out of the kindness of my heart. I saved you because I need something from you…." he simply stated with his low and cold voice.

What would he want with a weakling like her? Hinata wondered. What could she have that he need…? She did have any money, so what was it…?

"W-what do you want…?" she asked, trying to be brave.

"Your body… Hinata." was Sasuke's small reply.

That petrified her. Did he save her just to use her body…? To rape her…? No she couldn't allow that. "No…!" she yelled and tried to get away "I won't let you rape me…!"

He graded her arm to stop her from struggling. Hinata gasped in pain, he had graded her injured arm.

"L-let go! You're hurting me…!" Sasuke let go of her arm and grad her other one neck.

"Look, I don't want to do this but I have too, to keep my bloodline alive. As a missing ninja, life isn't safe. You could die at any time. So, I need an heir, a strong one, to continue on the bloodline." Sasuke spoke as he looked at her strait in the eyes.

"B-but I'm n-not s-strong…" she protested

"You're wrong, you may not be physically strong but your blood is strong. If we were to have a child it would have a greater chance of inheriting my Kekkei Genkai."

So that was what he wanted…! He wanted an heir…!

But she couldn't, she was only seventeen. She was too young to have a child. She didn't even know him…! "But-"

"It's a fair trade, I believe. A life for a life, I saved your life and you owe me."

"I didn't ask you to s-…" Hinata tried to protest, to find a way to make him reconsider this.

"I could kill you right here and now and find someone else that would be willing to do so… Or I could also just… have my way with your body."

This wasn't happening, she thought as her eyes threaten to tear up. He couldn't be doing this to her. Why her…? What god had she upset to her in this situation…? He wasn't giving her much choice. It was either let him rape her or kill her. She didn't want to die but she didn't want to give her body to a complete stranger. She didn't want her first time to be like this, not with him. She wanted someone she loved, someone that cared for her. Not-… not THIS!

"Why…?" she asked with tears falling from her eyes "Why me…? Who not someone stronger…?" she protested.

"What is your answer…?" he asked with his husky voice.

Her mind was telling her no, it was against everything she believes in. She couldn't be with him, she couldn't have a child. She was only seventeen and couldn't care for one…

But it was her life on the line, she was too young to die, a voice said in the back of her mind. She still had much to do in life. She had to become stronger and prove herself to her father. She had to become a better ninja….

"If I let you, will you let me go…?" the question was out of her mouth before she could even think about it.

Sasuke nodded "When…?" Hinata said as she whipped the tears from her eyes.

"Tomorrow, before dawn…"

"H-how will you know that I'll be p-pregnant…?" she asked and then slapped herself mentally for it.

He thought about it for a few moments "I won't, it's all about taking a chance"

"A-and if I do, w-what will happen to the c-child?" New tear rolled down her eyes.

"The child will stay with you. I cannot care for him…" Sasuke said and gently wiped the new tears from Hinata's face.

Say yes, the voice in the back of her mind said. After all, what were the chances of getting pregnant from one night? Noting was going to happen. She had to live. She was too young to die.

"O-ok, I a-accept" she choked out and closed her eyes. Thinking on how painful it was going to be.

Sasuke nodded at her. He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up bridal style, minding her injured should and her injured leg.

"W-where are you taking me…?" she asked after opening her eyes

"To take care of your injuries, I'm not so heartless as to take you right here while your wounds are still untreated." She said and started to move.

Sasuke took her to what seem like a river with a waterfall but he didn't stop there. He went right through the waterfall and into a cave that was behind it. He walked to the very back of the cave and they came to stop where a futon laid on the ground.

"I-is this w-where you live…?" she looked around the room. There wasn't much in the cave. It was dark with just the futon, some weapons and some extra clothes. A few candles where lit so the cave was not completely dark.

"For now, I change around very often." She understood, he was a missing ninja so he couldn't stay in one place for too long. It would be dangers for him. He would probably move tomorrow seeing as she knew that he was staying here.

He gentle put her on the futon and went to get a few things. She looked back at the Uchiha and saw him lit an oil lamps to get better light.

"Take your jacket off…" he told her as he laid the things to thread her wounds on the futon.

She hesitated for a moment but then did as she was told. The Uchiha started to clean the wound on her arm. It seemed that it wasn't just dislocated it was also cut. She looked away, with a blush on her checks. All she had under her jacket was a black fishnet shirt. You could easily see her black bra through it and that made her felt a little self-conscious. She wasn't the skinniest person in the world. She wasn't overweight but she did have wide hips for a female ninja and her breasts were a bit too big for her likening.

He placed a hand on top of her shoulder and the other on her shoulder blade. Without warning her, he pushed it back into place with one single movement. She screamed and tears were ran down her eyes when she finally calmed down. She looked at her shoulder feeling like it had been ripped out but it was back in place. She moved it a little to test it and it didn't cause her a lot of pain. It was a b it sensitive but that would pass with time.

"W-where did you learn that…?" she asked, trying to break the silence that had fallen after her scream.

"Self-experience, I'm a missing ninja remember. I had to learn these kinds of things or else I would be dead from an infection or something similar." he said as he moved to the injury on her leg.

"Oh…" She felt stupid of course he had to know how to treat wounds. He couldn't just go to a hospital and expect to be healed there. He was on his own now.

As she watched him she noticed her leg wasn't as bad as she had thought. It had a long wound but it wasn't deep. The Uchiha cleaned it and applied some type of ointment to it. Then he started wrapping her leg with some bandages as he had done with her arm. As time pass tension started to build up in her body. When he finish he picked up the things and put them aside.

He came back over and sat beside her. She knew what was going to happen next and she was nerves. "Lay back…" he said.

Very slowly she did but she was still tense. Who wouldn't be in her situation?

"Relax…" he told her after he noticed how nerves she really was.

He crawled up to her and looked into her light lavender eyes. She watched his now onyx colored eyes skim over her body. He lowered his head to her neck, where he started kissing her. This felt weird to her. No one had ever been this color to her personal space. She wondered if this was how it felt for everyone else. Probably not she thought because everyone else did this for love not to save their lives.

How many girls had he done this to? She pondered. How many girls had her put in this situation just like she.

He kissed her everywhere but the lips and she was glad for that. For some reason, if he kissed her lips it would make it personal, something this was as far away from. He took of her fishnet shirt and tossed it to the ground, being careful with her bandage arm. He resumed kissing her while his hand worked on removing his own white shirt.

This was it. This was going to be her first time with a complete stranger.

He laid himself next to her and covered them both with a blanket. He was unsure of what to do next. He looked down at the girl – woman, now thanks to him – beside him and noticed she look tired. Then again who wouldn't be after what they had just done. Their intimate encounter had turn out noting like he had thought. It had been nice…satisfying. He had tried to make it pleasurable for her and wondered if he had succeeded. This girl – woman – in his arms was nothing like he had expected.

She was an heiress, yet she was a spoiled or arrogant. She was something else. It made him feel bad for what he had done to her. If he hadn't left the village and gotten to know her would they have fallen in love…?

A thought passed her mind, he knew that even if she had not been screaming and fighting him it was still rape. Guilt tried to sneak inside him but he shoved it down, telling himself that he had to do this for his clan. That he had to do this to keep his bloodline going.

"Sleep, I'll take you to your comrades tomorrow before dawn." He whispered into her hair. She nodded and drifted off to dreamland. It made him fell like she actually trusted him.

He made himself comforted and carelessly wrapped an arm around her. For a second time that night, he wondered. If things had been different, would he have allowed himself to fall in love with someone like her, with her…?

He shocked his head. There was no point in thinking about that. Things were as they were and nothing would change that. Not even this beautiful girl – woman – in his arms.

When daytime arrive, her teammate found her leaning by a tree wrap in what looked like a white shirt. She was injured and had this spacing-out-look in her eyes but she looked ok. A few feet away laid the lifeless bodies of rogue ninjas. They looked back at her and wonder if she had killed them. Did she have the skills to do that…?

What had happen to her…?

"Are you ok, Hinata…?" one of her teammates asked as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

She pulled away and whispered without stuttering "Yeah…I'm fine. I was attack by those rogue ninjas yesterday afternoon but they are dead now"

They wanted to ask more questions but they held themselves back and nodded "Mission complete, let us go home them." said the leader of the team said

"Yes, let us go home." she said and stood up slowly.

She look behind her 'I wonder what will happen…?' she asked herself but deep down she knew that only time would have the answer to her question.