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Reflection: Beautiful Shadows

Chapter 1: Our First Glance

In the world, everyone has secrets, some are dark and some are of no importers…


Some secrets are so secret that not even the person they involve knows about them…

She walker through the market, like every other day. It was somewhat of a routine to do so… Wake up, eat, get dress, go to work, go home, eat, go sleep and then do it all over again the next day. She didn't go to parties, clubs or anywhere that would involve being around lots of people at one time. It wasn't that she couldn't, it was more of not wanting to…Pathetic, wasn't it?… Oh yeah, lets not forget one more thing, she only had three friends. Wasn't that just the cherry on top?…

She enter the hospital, were she worked full time as a nurse.

"Good morning, Miss Hinata" said the front desk clerk

"Good morning" Hinata said quietly and walked into the staff room and in to the woman's changing room. She changed into her nurse uniform, then pull her long hair back into a loss braid. Today s. She graded her clipboard and headed out to do her job.

Today she had a special patient. She enter his room to find Naruto and Sakura inside giving her new patient a headache.

"Sasuke!" said Sakura

Yes, Sasuke Uchiha was her patient. He had come back willingly to the village a week ago. And For now he was under watch by an Anbu. He was here in the hospital because he and Naruto had gotten into a fight in which both had been injure but since Naruto had the nine tails inside him. He had heal faster. Sasuke, however, had not. He had been transfer to her because all the other doctors before her, he had hated and made their life's miserable.

"C-could you, p-please, go wait out side?" asked Hinata as she enter. They really didn't needed to go out side. She just didn't feel good doing her job in front of others. It made her nerves.

"Ok, Hinata" said Sakura and left dragging Naruto with her.

"Why did you kick them out?" asked Sasuke as she looked at her with those black eyes of his.

"I- I need to-"

"I see, you wanted to have me all to yourself." said Sasuke teasingly from were he was on the bed

This made Hinata blush. "N-no, it's not like-"

"Come now, Miss Hyuuga. I know, so there is no denying it. Your kind of cute, you now. I wouldn't mind if you decided to have your way with me. Right here, right now" Said Sasuke flashing her a killer smile.

Hinata's blush deepen to a dark red. "Please, don't-"

"Come over here" said Sasuke and he made a space for her on the bed. "Let's have some fun"

Hinata was backing of into the door, to try to get away from all the thing Sasuke as telling her.

"Hey, I'm just kidding, you know" he said when he saw her ready to run away "Can't you even take a joke?" he asked

Hinata came back and stared to do her job as fast as she could. "P-please don't say things like that again" she asked him nicely

"Why? Do they bother you?" he asked

"Y-yes, very much" she said when she finish. "Y-you're f-free to go home today, you just need to comeback tomorrow for another check up."

"Well in that case, I'll go home. By the way I think you have very beautiful eyes and if you let your hair down and put on some sexy cloths you would look totally hot." he said teasingly.

In a matter of seconds, Hinata was no were to be seen all was left was a door wide open where she had made her rapid exit. Sasuke set there, thinking she must have really meant what she said about not likening to be tease.

The rest of Hinata's day went by with no more teasing and she was glad of that. When her shift was over she went home, eat and off to sleep.


Sasuke set on the stool of a bar. With that Anbu watching his every move, he had nothing better to do. He couldn't even fight Naruto anymore, Hokage's orders.

As he took a drink of his cup he notice a woman came in. She was tall, with long curly indigo hair. She face was like a porcelain doll's face. She wore a black dress that fit her just in the write places with black hills. She had on a very flashy necklaces and matching bracelets. The only thing that didn't really mache where her were her eyes, they were black. If she had lighter color eyes she would have been perfect. A pair of lavender color eyes flash through Sasuke's head. Yes, if she had those eyes she would look perfect. he thought.

The new woman came over and order a drink. Then she turn to look at him.

"Done staring?" she ask with a sexy voice.

"You wish, I have better things to look at" said Sasuke, embarrass for being caught looking at her a bit to long.

"Really? Then why haven't you taking your eye of me since I walked in?…don't worry I think your cute. And if we redo your hair and change those outdated cloths of yours, you may even look hot." For some reson this conversation reminded him of the one he had with his new doctor, Miss Hyuuga

"So, what's your name?"

"Sasuke, you?"

"Well I go by many but you can call me Atanih"

"Well, Atanih, would you like to have a drink with me?"

"Sure, but your paying" she said and took a sit beside him.

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