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Beautiful Reflection

When she enter the hospital she saw someone that made her have a strange and weird feeling. A feeling she didn't had very often… Anger

Chapter 3: Two and Sasuke Makes Three

"Hinata are you ok?" asked Gaara noticing something different with Hinata. "Does it have something to do with Sakura" he asked looking at the person in the hospital.

"N-no, it's nothing" she said and they both walk in.

Hinata lead Gaara to her office and she went to change clothes. When she came back Gaara was reading a scroll about rare medical problems so she told him where she was going to be in so he could just go find her when he needed something.

Thought the whole day she didn't saw Gaara again. She guess he was still reading the scroll from earlier. She looked at her watch, she still had time for one last patient. She headed to her next patient's room. When she open the door she saw the person that had made her day miserable yesterday, Sasuke Uchiha.

"Well, hello Miss Hyuuga." said Sasuke from his spot on the bed. Hinata nervously approached him. Seeing him, she had another weird feeling but this one she couldn't place what it was.

"You look even prettier today, don't I get a hello kiss?" he asked smirking

"N-no" said Hinata trying to be brave but fail.

"Hey Miss Hyuuga how about some lunch after we finish here?" said Sasuke "Afterward we could go somewhere…alone…just the two of us." he said and smiled mischievously.

"N-no t-thank you. I-I already have p-plans" she said and stared to do the check up. Hoping it wouldn't take long and Sasuke would stop teasing her.

Sasuke was quite for a few minutes wondering if she was telling the truth. "Really?" he said as if not believing her "With who?" he asked

"With me!" said a voice form the door.

Sasuke turn his head to look at the person. It was someone that he hadn't seen since a long time ago. Someone that he had never gotten along with. It was Gaara, the Kazekage of the sand village.

"Leave her alone, Uchiha" said Gaara and gave him an evil look.

"And if I don't want too?" challenged Sasuke. "What are you going to do about it?"

"Try anything with Hinata and you'll find out." said Gaara getting closer to Hinata

Sasuke for some reason didn't like that "What are you her boyfriend?" Gaara didn't respond to that.

"I-I'm finish, y-you're free to go now, S-sasuke" said Hinata and moved closer to Gaara.

"So what do you say, Hinata?" asked Sasuke after standing up.

Hinata didn't got a chance to reply because just then Sakura enter the room. Sakura walked up to Sasuke and hugged his arm.

"Hey Sasuke how about we have lunch together?" she asked him giving him one of her pretty smiles.

Sasuke pulled away and went over to Hinata and put an arm around her. "Sorry I already have plans with Hinata" Gaara gave him an evil glare but Sasuke just smirked.

"Come on Hinata lets go to lunch I'm starving" said Sasuke an lead Hinata to the door. Gaara follow behind not too happy about Sasuke using Hinata as an excuse to get read if the oink haired ninja. Sakura was left in the room confuse, had Sasuke just ditched her to have lunch with plain Hinata…and Gaara.

When they were outside Gaara place himself between Sasuke and Hinata. "Ok Uchiha, get lost" he said to Sasuke. Sasuke pretended to not heard and went to Hinata's other side.

"So where we going to eat?" he asked her

"S-sasuke y-your really want to come with us?" she asked and Sasuke nodded "O-ok but on one c-condition, you have to stop t-teasing me" Sasuke thought about it for a second and then decided to agree. Beside Hinata, Gaara groan. Just what he needed Sasuke having lunch with him and Hinata.

They walked through the market and Sasuke was confuse. "Why are we here? I thought we where going to go eat?"

"Y-yes but Gaara doesn't like to eat out so we're here to buy something to cook at my house" said Hinata "S-sasuke what's your f-favorite food?"

"Tomatoes" Sasuke said and so Hinata decided to cook something that both sasuke and Gaara would like to eat.

Thirty minutes later they were at Hinata's house. Sasuke and Gaara were sitting at the table while Hinata was only a few foot steps away cutting some vegetables. Gaara go up and went over.

"Do you need any help?" he asked nicely

"Oh yes, c-could you please get a pot and put some water to boil." Gaara gave Sasuke a look that Sasuke took as a challenge. So he too got up and went over to Hinata. He stood behind her. He looked over her shoulder and place his hands on top of hers.

"Is there something I could help you with?" he whispered in her ear. A blush appeared on Hinata's cheeks.

"…Y-you could h-help b-by s-setting the t-table…" she said. Sasuke slowly pulled away making sure he touched Hinata as much as he could. "E-excuse me" said Hinata and ran out of the room blushing like mad.

He looked over at Gaara and notice he looked furies that made him grin. "So where are the plates at?" asked Sasuke innocently and turn to look through the cabinets "Did you know that Hinata's skin is very soft and smooth. I wonder what her lips taste like."

"Uchiha!" said Gaara, ready to do something very bad to Sasuke. Unfortunately for him and his plan, Hinata came back right at that moment.

For the rest of lunch Gaara prevented Sasuke form touching Hinata again every time he try. Hinata was totally oblivious to all of this and actually thought they were getting along very going. They eat lunch quietly and they Hinata send them both home because she was tired and needed to sleep.


Gaara walked through Konoha at night when he caught a glimpse of indigo color hair. Thinking it was Hinata he follow but when he reach the person he found someone totally different then Hinata. This woman indeed had Hinata's hair color but that was were the resembles ended. This woman was wearing a blue dress that reached her mid thigh and jeweler that sparkle every time she move. Hinata would never wear something like that would attract too much attention to her. Her eyes were black and her hair was in curls. He had never seen this woman before but deep down he knew he meet her somewhere else. He just couldn't remember where. Apparently she had seen him too because she was making her way to him.

"Hello, have we meet before?" she asked with a smile that in a away reminded him of Hinata's.

"No" he reply

"Well my name's Atanih, and you are?" she asked

"Gaara of the Desert" he reply eyeing her causelessly. How could she not know who he was. Everyone knew who he was. He was the Kazekage.

"Well nice to meet you Gaara of the Desert " she said and smile at him.


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