This is just a brief notation to thank all those who have been reviewing my stories as they develop, you guys rock! I really appreciate getting encouragement from people to continue writing as it prompts me to keep going.

That being said, I like to get reviews I can respond back to individually, so if you send one in anonymously, I don't have that option. Reviews that are anonymous, nasty, and potentially upsetting to others I will delete. I have only received one of those so far and while it gave me something to look at to improve in my writing, it was done with the intent to hurt rather than help. If you really have issues with my writing, I invite you to please send me a private message so I can address them with you!

Also, please, please, please remember that this is AU which means that it doesn't matter if Harry is fourteen and sobbing like a 2 year old. And yes, anonymous reviewer, I do have experience with 14 year old boys who DO sob their little hearts out because they've never been told it's bad or wrong for them to do so. If you find that having an AU Harry Potter crying because he's upset offensive, you may want to stay clear of my stories, because my Harry Potter is a kid who will cry, want to give and get hugs, and needs to have someone in his life to comfort and care for him!

Sorry for the rant, folks, but I started writing stories because of the pleasure it brings me and hope to share that joy with others. I hope that most of you will continue to follow my little corner of the universe and a walking, talking, laughing, happy, and yes occasionally crying Harry Potter.

Happy reading!