Author's Note: Hello, and welcome all to my own, baby Sonic story, began by StarVix. My own story will take place after Metal Nanny, but before Metal, We Toddlerized Ourselves, and will be written in a first person perspective of Shade (see Sonic Chronicles). In all honesty, I haven't a clue as to where I'm going to take this story, but I know I've had fun writing this first chapter, so I've got no problem winging it. Honest reviews are appreciated.


"And so, it is important duty to guard the Master Emerald, because if it ever fell into the wrong hands, blah blah blah blah," began Knuckles, or as I called him the bane of my existence, for the umpteenth time, in the pass hour. With me, the only audience to his ranting, contemplating which rock would best serve as a gag, or ear muffs for that matter.

Who knew that a guy that spent his whole life alone on an island would feel the need to be so talkative.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that he lets me stay on Angel Island after the whole, Argus fiasco, but the fact that he felt like he needed to tell me Every..Single..Freaking..Day how important his job was, was beginning to get on my nerves (the finger sized gauges on the rock I was currently sitting on attested to that).

Heck, I even imagined that the stupid Emerald looked mad from his incessant rambling.

"So," he continues, not knowing that I was considering lodging the man sized boulder in the far corner down his trachea, "because of the sins of Knuckles tribe, long ago, it is now my duty to protect the Master Emerald from all harm."

'Yeah,' I think to myself, picking at a piece of grit in my fingernails, 'I know. I was kinda there.' Of course, telling him this would only result in him getting defensive about his own Echidna history, usually by accusing me of driving his people to such an extreme, so I opted not to voice that thought.

Giving up on my ideas of silencing the chatter box, I, instead, idly watched as a fly flew around the room, before finally settling on Knuckles precious Master Emerald. 'Poor thing,' I think to myself, knowing precisely what was going to happen next.

On cue, Knuckles stopped his incessant rambling and, instead, turned to face the Master Emerald, wild eyed. He stared at the poor unfortunate fly for a minute, and I swear I could see the thing smoking, before Knuckles lashed out, ending the creature (in my head, I could imagine a little fly widow, crying over her deceased husband, with their three hundred kids).

After said crime was committed, Knuckles walked over to the corner where he stored his Windex in case of such emergencies, his lecture completely forgotten as he, meticulously rid every square inch of the Master Emerald of bug goo.

Satisfied that Knuckles would be busy for the next hour or two, I slipped out of the stuffy cave and into the blazing sun.

Taking a deep breath to settle myself, I went to explore the Island, something I had taken to doing in my spare time. Taking note of Knuckles cantaloupe garden (something he obsessed over nearly as much as his precious Emerald) I noticed that some of his larger cantaloupe were missing.

Knowing exactly what this meant, I waited a few seconds and, surely enough, soon heard Knux yelling his head off from within the cave.


Rouge the Bat, the second bane of my existence. It's not so much I don't like her, but I do, in part, blame her for Knuckles being so paranoid. What, with her near weekly attempts to steal the Master Emerald (sometimes, I swear she's just as obsessive over the darn thing as Knuckles', and that's saying quite a bit) and her way of putting said Guardian into a foul mood for the rest of the day.

Sighing, I, reluctantly, turned back to the cave to see if I could help Knux with our intruder.

At least, I was going to, but the second I turned around, my foot, accidently, got caught in one of Knuckles traps and I ended up looking upward to the ground 25ft above me.

Muttering a few words that would have gotten me dishonorably discharged from the Nocturnes Army, I powered up the Leech Blade on my arm and took a swipe at the offensive rope, wrapped around my ankle.

The good news was that I managed to slice cleanly through it on my third attempt, the bad news was that I made an ungraceful landing on my head, with a dull thud.

Luckily, as has been shone by Knuckles on many occasions, echidnas have very hard heads (more like steel really), so, instead of caving in my skull, I only ended up with a mild concussion, Chaos Emeralds swarming in my vision.

Shaking my head to clear it, I committed to myself to have Knuckles draw a map of this island, with all the booby traps thoroughly marked, if it was the last thing he ever did.

It was only then that I noticed that Knuckles had stopped yelling. Finding this to be very unusual (because even when he's unconscious I've head Knux screaming at imaginary intruders……that guy really needs to get a life), I quickly get to my feet and headed for the cave.

It should be pointed out at this point, that I had grown up as a warrior. I had watched as civilizations fell before the mighty Nocturnes, with me being the second only to Lord Ix himself. I had seen as enormous tentacles ripped us from our home and took us to a dimension filled with creatures that would come from your nightmares, beings made of rock (with speech patterns that made you want to hit your head against them), beings composed of only energy and metal (with a hankering for war, that put even Ix's to shame), beings who are one but also many (and smelled worse than a skunk in a chicken manure plant), and beings who looked like manta rays and could invade your very mind (they even revealed publicly, my own love of……none of your business).

The point being, that nothing much surprised me any more.

When I got to the cave I saw both Knuckles and Rouge fighting, but when they noticed me, they stopped, with Knuckles getting in one last hit in, which caused Rouge to wail with all her might. Oh, did I mention they were both now around two years old?

This was, by and far, the strangest and scariest thing I have ever seen in my entire weird life.