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'This is Tails house?' I couldn't help but think to myself, checking the address that I had been given.

Now, don't get me wrong, there was nothing particularly wrong with it, it just wasn't what I had been expecting.

It looked a little like a garage…….A small garage.

Considering what I remembered about Tails, I was expecting something a bit….more.

But, as if to confirm that this was indeed the place, Big suddenly flew through a window, on the receiving end of a large bore 19A Photo Ion Beam.

……Don't ask how I know how I know what kind of weapon it was.

Of course, this had as much affect on Big's person as a feather, so after picking himself he continued along his business as if nothing had happened.

"Froggy! Where are you little Buddy?"

A sliver of genuine fear writhed its way into my gut, and I immediately looked around hoping to hide before he spotted me.

Alas, it was not to be. Apparently, the kids decided that Big was the coolest thing ever (go figure), and I had to make sure that he didn't accidentally squash them.

I don't want to bore you with all the details, (or the multiple times he said the name Froggy……I promised myself to make them a freaking extinct species at the first opportunity I got!) so I'll just say that I told him I saw Froggy over on the interstate.

I feel no guilt!

Sighing a long breath of relief, I step over to Tails' door and proceed to press the doorbell.

A sound between a cat coughing up a hairball and a dying jet engine greeted my ears.

Instead of Tails answering the door though, instead it was Sonic that opened it.

"Hey Shade," he greeted amiably.

"Hey Sonic," I responded, "Is Tails here?" Stupid question, who else would have used a Photo cannon to get rid of Big……. Except, maybe Eggman.

"Yeah, he's around," He says, and starts to look around. "So where's the tikes?" He smiles a large, slightly evil smile and takes out a camera. "I'm not missing this opportunity for black mail."

If this were an anime I would have sweat dropped.

It was at this point that Sonic finally saw Knuckles and, before I could blink, He disappeared right before my eyes. Turning around, I could see that he was confronting tike Knuckles, but I was otherwise distracted when I felt something gripping my leg.

So I looked down, expecting to actually see Rouge asking that I pick her up again. Imagine my surprise when something that reminded me of the vermin I once saw crawling around the Zoah city gripping my leg, and flashing far too sharp teeth.

I reacted in a distinctly unwarrior like way, yelping and kicking my leg in an attempt to dislodge my uninvited passenger.

The little…..thing did come loose, fortunately, and at the same time, I heard something distinctly crack. I quickly turned my attention back to a smug Knuckles and a now keeled over Sonic, who was rubbing his leg furiously, easy to guess what happened there.

Taking my attention off the two for now, I return my attention to looking for my assailant, who, after thinking about it, must be Sonic's pet chao Zombie Knuckles told me about. As soon as I saw where he was at, only one thought crossed my mind. 'Oh heck no.'

He was on top of a sufficiently freaked out toddler Rouge's head. As I watched, I saw a small globule of drool leak out of the weird chao's mouth and land smack dab on the bridge of Rouge's nose.

I immediately sprinted, warrior instincts kicking in as I activated my headgear which had a sonic dampener built in. I didn't run for Rouge, I doubt I could have stopped what was about to happen, but instead at Knuckles. Grasping him and putting myself between him and Rouge.

Then the world broke.


Metal Sonic had considered self destructing after the fifth trap he had fallen into on this stupid island. I was currently completely submerged in a disguised pit of quick sand, this being the tenth trap I'd fallen into today. Needless to say that I was now considering how best to take Knuckles out with me (or perhaps I'd substitute Metal Knuckles instead).

After reporting to Humpty Dumpty (a.k.a. Eggman) that both the echidnas and the bat were away from the island he had immediately ordered all three of us to go to there and seize the Master Emerald.

Personally, I would have rather have had Eggman's old defective badniks Cluck and Scratch instead of these two nimrods I was forced to work with. We hadn't really made any progress at all.

Shadow Android kept straying off with what I later found out to be a car magazine. Ogling the pictures with a somewhat disturbing goofy look on his face.

Metal Knuckle also kept straying, but instead was exploring all manner of irrelevant things from leaves, to a line of ants, to even the dirt. At least, that's what I thought he was doing when I caught him digging into the ground, but he instead told me that a worm had insulted his mother…….There were so many things wrong with that statement that I could only gape at him for a moment.

Then, of course, there was the problem that I kept on falling into these stupid traps the Guardian had set up. I attributed the fact that I seemed the only one of the three to fall into these traps not on my own incompetence, but rather the fact that the universe most definitely hated him. At this point, the feeling was completely mutual.