AN: These next two shorts don't actually have anything to do with each other I just figured that since this is a bonus short I should give you guys all I can. Hope you guys enjoy it.


You make me so hot
Make me wanna drop
It's so ridiculous
I can barely stop
I can hardly breathe
You make me wanna scream
You're so fabulous
You're so good to me

Hot by Avril Lavigne


Shawn was sure that Carlton Lassiter was the best thing that ever happened to him. When Shawn first met Carlton he thought of him as a serious, guarded man who tended to be a little tight-assed at times. At first, Shawn found himself saying and doing almost anything to get a rise out of the detective. He found the man's expressions and actions highly amusing…at the time.

He wasn't exactly sure when his reasons for baiting Carlton truly changed but soon he found himself trying to get a rise out of him just to get Carlton to touch him, to throw him up against a wall in frustration. Shawn found himself saying brazen things to Carlton to see how he would react, not because he thought it was entertaining but because he was truly interested.

On one particular day, a little over two years ago, Shawn started to notice changes in Carlton's demeanor. He began to notice the ghost of a small smile being directed at him whenever the detective rolled his eyes in what was supposed to be annoyance. When the man would grip his shoulder to push him away from say a crime scene claiming they didn't need him Shawn noticed a new gentleness in the action. Mostly though, Shawn took notice of Carlton's lust filled eyes when he roughly threw him up against walls, cars, and other various hard surfaces.

A few months passed after that before Shawn even worked up the nerve to ask Carlton out for some drinks. This was new and uncharted territory to him seeing as how he'd never actually had to work up the nerve to ask anyone out, especially for something so seemingly casual. Even as a young child Shawn had been a very confident person. For some reason it was different with Carlton. He actually wanted something long-term with the detective.

It had shocked him when Carlton actually said yes to the invitation but he was pleased nonetheless and that night there was no distance between the two. There was no barrier that disabled him and Carlton from actually having a good time together and later that night when Carlton dropped him off Shawn decided to make sure that barrier never came back again and invited Carlton up to his apartment. Of course, Shawn's neighbors weren't too happy with him the next the next day. What can he say, he's a screamer.

For the past two years it seemed as though nothing in the entire universe could extinguish the blazing inferno that was their love and Shawn was quite certain that that would never change.


[Warning: Extreme fluffiness of the preceding short may cause uncontrollable smiling. Please contact a doctor if condition lasts for more than four hours.]

The birds, they sing with the morning rain.
I can hear you breathing.
My tries not to wake you end in vain.
I can hear you breathing.
You smile at me and say 'I love you'.
I can hear you breathing.
The excellence of a dream come true.
I can hear you breathing.

Loves Morning Song by Patricia States


Carlton was greeted that morning to the soft sound of Shawn's rhythmic breathing. He wasn't sure why but waking up to the sounds of his boyfriends breathing never failed to calm him. It was like waking up every morning to the beautiful, enchanting song of an angel…as cheesy as that sounded. It just brought him to a state of serenity, especially when waking up in the early hours of the morning. It reminded him that the two years they've invested into their relationship thus far wasn't in vain.

Looking down upon Shawn's sleeping form Carlton let his eyes linger on the peaceful look on his face. He looked so calm, so…tranquil and despite his best efforts Carlton couldn't suppress the chuckle that bubbled up into his throat. It was just so odd to see Shawn in such a state when usually the pseudo-psychic was bouncing off the walls in a restless fashion and acted with such energy and enthusiasm.

The chuckle that erupted from Carlton's mouth, no matter how quiet, was enough to rouse Shawn from his sleep and when Carlton looked into those murky hazel eyes he knew, as he did every day since he and Shawn first got together, that this was…right.

He watched as Shawn smiled and blinked tiredly a few times before speaking.

"Love you Carlton."

Carlton smiled. Even though he wouldn't admit (at least not yet anyway) he loved the way Shawn said that he loved him every morning and every night. At first, Carlton didn't understand why Shawn felt the need say it all the time. He asked him about it one day and was happy with the response he got. Shawn told him that it was because he'd never truly loved anyone outside of his family and friends (all his relationships in the past had been mere flings) and he'd said that he liked the way it felt. Carlton knew he'd never forget that day.

"Love you too Shawn." Carlton murmured as he ran his fingers through Shawn's tousled hair.

Carlton pulled Shawn in as close as possible to him and for the rest of the morning the two stared out the bedroom window, feeling quite content with lazing around in each others arms, and listened to the birds as they chirped out their sweet melodies while being accompanied by a morning rain. Carlton was sure that it was their loves morning song.

Wow, okay so I think that last one might be the most fluffiest thing I've ever written (my reasoning for the warning). Also, while I may not own any of the songs shown in this series (or any of my other series) of Shassie shorts, I do own 'Loves Morning Song' because I'm Patricia. I wrote that poem (if you can call it that) a while back and I really wanted to use it so…yeah. Anyway, I hope you guys liked it!!