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"Myrnin! Myrnin I think I found it!" Alex cried. They were together at Myrnins lab looking for a book that was really important to Myrnin. Everything was going great between them. Myrnin had barely left her side since she was rescued that night but she didn't mind at all. They were in love and everyone was happy for them. She was part of a family once again.

"Yes! Yes this is it!" Myrnin said excitement slurring his words coming up from behind her. He grabbed the book out of her hands quickly flipped through it and set it down. He kissed her passionately and spun her around. She laughed and he set her back down grinning like a fool. He picked up the book again and tugged her towards the loveseat. He sat down and started to read. He was completely involved in the book and Alex rolled her eyes playfully. She remembered a week ago when she got a book he really wanted for his birthday. He had kissed her softly then flopped down and read for the rest of the day. Alex sighed and rested her head against his shoulder.

"Myrnin was is this book so important?" She asked. Myrnin looked at her with a surprisingly serious expression and said,

"This book contains the formula of reversing the change of a vampire." Alex pondered that for a minute while Myrnin watched her expression carefully. He saw the moment when she realized what he meant.

"You mean to tell me that this book contains a formula that can change you back to a human?" Alex said awed. Myrnin nodded and said,

"We will still have a vampire's strength and craving for blood but we will age and be able to die as humans do." Alex stared at him for several seconds with her mouth hanging open. She blinked a few times and said,

"Do you know what this means?" Myrnin nodded saying,

"Yes but not all vampires will like this and it could become extremely dangerous. Promise me you wont tell anyone just yet. We need to keep this as quite as possible." Alex nodded.

"Shall we get started my dear?" Myrnin asked a few moments later. He got up and held out his hand.

"Yes." Was all Alex said taking his hand. Together they began to work on a formula that could change their life and many others forever.

About three hours later Alex yawned and stretched. The formula wasn't coming a long as fast as she would have liked. There was so many different mixtures they needed to make, all the mathematic equations were starting to make her head spin. Glancing over at Myrnin she noted he was still reading the same book that he had been looking at an hour and a half ago. Deciding to check the time she blinked and muttered "Oh man.." She had five missed calls from Eve, three texts from Claire and a text from Michael saying if she didn't call them soon they were going to come looking for her. Overprotective much Alex thought rolling her eyes. She couldn't blame them though. It had been a little over a month since she had been kidnapped by an escaped vampire. She shivered remembering the look in those crazed red eyes. She still had nightmares about it. Quickly texting Eve saying she was fine and would be home in the next ten minutes, Alex closed the book she had been reading after marking the page. She couldn't help but yawn again and when she looked over at Myrnin she saw he was watching her with tenderness in those big dark eyes. She smiled saying,

"I better get home. School starts tomorrow and Claire would kill me if I wasn't ready on time tomorrow."

"Its not that late.." Myrnin started but stopped when he looked at the watch Alex had also gotten him for his birthday. "Oh well we better get you home." Myrnin closed the book he was holding and stepped up to the wall to open a portal for her. The Glass House's living room came into view.

"Thanks. I will see you tomorrow. Try to actually get some rest tonight." Alex said giving Myrnin a stern look. He grinned back sheepishly and gave her a kiss.

"You better go. I bet they are already worried about you."

"You're right about that."

"Do you want me to come and explain you got caught up in work?" Myrnin asked. Alex shook her head.

"No its fine. I will see you tomorrow." Alex gave him another kiss and stepped through the portal into home. She sighed. Home. It felt good to have a home and a family again.

Thirty minutes later Alex headed towards her bedroom to get ready for bed. She had just sat through a long lecture on safety and responsibility. She had been expecting it though. Eve had been pacing when she went into the living room. Michael was in his favorite chair while Claire and Shane snuggled on the couch playing the newer version of some zombie killing game. Michael being a vampire had sensed her coming in. Eve swung toward her and started yelling and asking if she knew how to pick up a freaken phone. Alex had sat down and patiently waited for everyone to have there turn. Shane was the only one who really hadn't said anything. He had been grinning the whole time. Well I am glad atleast someone was amused Alex thought changing into her pajamas. Alex was dead on her feet by the time she made it to bed.

"Alex! Alex!" Alex turned and snuggled more into her pillow she was dreaming of the first time she met Myrnin. She distantly could hear banging and someone calling her name but she ignored it.

"Alex I swear if you don't get your ass up right this minute we are going to break the door down!" Eve shouted. Alex sighed. She sat up and stretched while the last tendrils of her dream faded away. Turning she looked and her alarm and jumped up. Omg! She had fifteen minutes to get ready for her first day of school. Flying out of bed she yanked open the door and almost knocked down Eve who looked to have been getting ready to kicked her door.

"Sorry, sorry, overslept!" Alex yelled at them slamming the bedroom door shout. She took the quickest shower of her life. She had seconds to spare as she rushed into the kitchen. Michael stood there holding a portable cup of coffee.

"Omg Michael you're a lifesaver." Alex gasped and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as she ran out to the car where Eve and Claire were waiting. She barely got into the door before Eve gunned the engine and took off. Eve and Claire were talking about who knows what as Alex went through her school bag making she had her laptop and books. After going through her mental check list and finding nothing missing she relaxed and joined in the conversation with Eve and Claire.

"I will be back at three to get you guys. Try not to get into any trouble." Eve said and with one last stern look drove off. Claire and Alex shared an amused look and laughed.

"Ok well we better get going. I will meet you at the cafe at around one." Alex said while pulling her hair into a quick ponytail. Claire nodded and said,

"Good luck." The two girls parted and headed towards there first class.

Alex had just taken a seat in her first class which happened to be Medieval History when the teacher went over and locked the door and began to start an overview of the class. Her attention fully focused on the teacher she hardly noticed when the classroom door opened. Their was a collective gasp and the whispers started. Their teacher Mr. Bents stopped and looked to see what had gotten his classes' attention. Alex saw him pale and take in a sharp breath. Alex turned and gaped. The girl was medium height with bright bleach blonde hair. She was dressed in jeans and a tight red top. Moving with grace she walked towards Mr. Bents and said something that had him give one sharp nod and pointed to take a seat. The girl smiled and took a seat in the front row. She glanced around at the class giving them a smile when she met Alex's eyes though her violet eyes gleamed and she waved. Alex could only stare and smiled confussed. What was that all about she thought. She tried to focus on the rest of the class but only one thought kept popping into her mind, the girl was a vampire.

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