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Chapter One:

Kissing Alice Cullen

"hmm" I sighed as she lay her jet black hair covered head on my shoulder, we lay in the comfort of each others embrace, completely naked. This was the third time this week we had gotten so carried away with one another, not bad, considering. I could feel her clean shaven arm as I glided my hand back and forth in small but swift strokes across the surface of them. They were gloriously soft... I reveled in the sensation of her skin. I could not get enough of it.

She noticed my recess and tilted her head up into the crook of my neck while softly whispering,

"what are you thinking about Bella?"

I could tell from the quiet of her voice that she was worried, and she should be, but I wasn't exactly ready to come out with it. Alice was just going to have to wait, I conceded.


You see the thing of the matter is, I am in love with my best friend, we have been dating...

well... allow me to rephrase.

we have been fooling around for what seems like years... in all honesty it has been a mere but blissful 7 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days.

This all started when we had an argument about the temperature of our apartment, she was always so cold where as I was always blazing hot. we could never agree on what temperature to keep the thermostat at. I would occasionally catch her changing it without my prior knowledge. But with that 3 year old caught grabbing the cookies from the cookie jar stare she always gave me... how could I be mad?

It just so happened that the day of the first incident.. I had an extra excruciating stint at work and was ready to just go to my peaceful two bedroom apartment with no distractions and nothing to worry about. Just me and my air conditioning, the love of my fucking life at that moment in time.

I opened the door and stepped through expecting to melt in the cool relief... but what I got was attacked by a wall of searing heat. It almost burned my flesh right off my bones. It was hard to breath and gasping, I called out in frustration.

"ALICE!" my eyes shot around the room looking for that little she-devil, it was 90 degrees outside for god sakes, and this mental case had the heater on.

Its had been an usually humid couple of days in Washington for it being the middle of October "there's no such thing as global warming" my ass.

She finally emerged from the hallway leading to our bedrooms, Alice-y as ever with that oh so perfect little grin, in Alice's world.. everything was perfect all the time, that's the kind of smile she constantly wore.

It made me want to puke buckets.

It also made me even redder with rage. She knew very well what she had done.

"Why is it so god damn hot in here?" I practically screamed up a tonsil or two.

But as Alice ever was, she just stared like she had no damn idea what I was talking about, typical.

"Silly Belley, I have no idea what you are talking about" her grin never wavered.

Told you.

A sweat had already broken across my forehead, I swiped at it rebelliously. Now I was pissed off. And she was never going to hear the end of this.

"dammit Alice I thought we agreed to keep it at 70 degrees, you changed it again didn't you" I knew what she was going to say next and ill tell you... it probably is going to involve that damn "who me? couldn't be" look

as if she could read my thoughts, there it was in all its majesty, she knew the effect it had, and she used it wisely.... a worthy opponent.

"Bella, I am sorry but I just got so cold... pwease forgive me?" she added a little raise of prayer just to singe the deal, and as she clasped her hands together, I sighed with severe defeat, dropping my head into my palm rubbing it vertically over my face rubbing it with exasperation.

You really couldn't stay angry with her, I had known that girl for over a year and she could have gotten away with murder, seriously, if she had come to me and told me that she straight up sliced and diced some poor fool, I would have been angry, but then she would have looked at me with her patent Alice pout and I would not only have hid the body but also meticulously cleaned up every single scrap of evidence. It sounds insane, but then again you weren't in the room, you wouldn't know, you weren't subjected to that... damn... face.

I rarely ever won these fights between us, Alice was short but she was stead fast. Her shoulder length straightened black hair fell perfectly down around her face, framing it and displaying it beautifully.

I looked her in her vibrant hazel eyes and pleaded my case the best I could, although I knew it wouldn't amount to much. "Alice I'm not mad okay but could we please turn it down, there are always blankets, you know I have a thing about heat and I had a hard day at work and my boss is such a dick" I just kept going and there she stood finally after a few moments of my mindless rant I think she was starting to falter, and in my head my only thought was "good."

Her eyes were aloof and I thought that they were saying without forming words "you win"

Apparently I was wrong when reading Alice's body language. Because what I thought meant "oh... maybe she is starting to make some sense" in fact meant "you are about to receive a shit storm... be prepared" She placed her hand on her hip and bucked it to the side, her lips pursed, I would have expected an "oh no she di int" out of anyone else at this, but that was just not Alice.

And like a bolt of lightening, she was off, illuminating the room with her voice. I'll tell you one thing, the girl had spirit.

"Isabella it is NOT even that hot in here,"

I hated it when she called me that, and she sure as hell knew it too.

she kept going "and so what if you had a bad day? someone almost ran into me with their car. Esme called and she got a hold of my grades, which I'm pretty sure is fucking illegal. she's going to kill me, not to mention that cute boy I've had my eye on started seeing that stupid Maria bitch and just don't think that you are the only person in this whole galaxy to have had a bad day today" she was livid.

I had to struggle not to laugh at her apparent heat up, it was so out of character, don't get me wrong, the girl knew how to work her rage, but it was so out of the ordinary for her to be unhappy. Like a drag queen at a rodeo.

Now let me mention a couple of things to you, just so you get the gist of how things worked with me and Alice.

Me + bad day - the ability to come home and relax in a nice cold apartment +

Alice + bad day - some random crush she thought would rescue her and take her away to fairy princess Alice land

= not a very good living environment.

others also fondly refer to it as world war 3.

What can I say? we were girls and we had anger issues and we just happened to like things our way which projected over every single facet of our lives. Which isn't bad, except when in the presence of someone else who particularly likes it their way as well.

We kind of stared at each other for a moment, both our faces screwed into a scowl. Then suddenly I noticed the thermostat on the wall halfway between Alice and me. It only took me a moment to realize I could just run to it and change it myself, but that would entail fighting Alice like a cougar over the last zebra leg. I must have been out of my mind, but the heat was just melting away my good sense faster and faster.

Alice didn't miss a beat however and caught my stare, all of a sudden we were in an old country western and that damn thermostat was our own private pistols.

She stood firm with her feet planted and spread in the position, the one that alarms you she is ready for the attack.

I noticed I had also been standing in a similar stance. We kept eyeing each other as the tension built. Both our fingers twitched with a ready awareness.

The look in her eyes as she arched an eyebrow at me seamed to have a voice of its own again, it bore into me with a great solid challenge


Blink and you would have missed it.

I ran with a rabbit like quickness at the damn thermostat but that little minx got there a millisecond before my hand had completely landed. So here was my hand on top of hers and I was clawing at it with everything I had in me. we started to yell a mile of obscene things at each other

"No you can't turn it!" the struggle continued

I was inches away from her face and the thought passed through me to bite the heathen wench, but all my energy was focused on prying her jaws of life hands from the thing keeping me from my igloo of peace and harmony.

She shifted her body so that her back was pressing against me and pushing me away. So of course I did one of the most childish and cliché things I could think of in that instant, yea... that's right... I stamped my damn foot on hers. She squealed and finally surrendered her hold on the device fastened to the wall.

In letting go however it caused her back to fly into my chest and we both landed on the floor with a loud and startling "thump"

As I realized how we were positioned I flung my legs around her waist, we had fallen in such a position that I had a definite advantage here. So I took it gladly.

My feet locked around her and I held her to the ground, we wrestled around as she resisted and tried in vein to escape, I had dynamite calves. She wasn't going anywhere, and she was going to pay.

I finally got in the position where I had good opportunity to straddle on top of her, I quickly clasped her hands over her head melding them to the carpet and stared her right in her smug little face.

"listen here pard na, this apartment ain't big enough for the twos of us, I likes it cold and I had a particularly hard day, ya hear?"

My hands worked fast all over her body exploring where I knew she was most vulnerable.

Alice burst into a chaos of laughter and giggles, and I found in spite of myself that I was laughing just as hard if not harder than she was. Her laughter was so darn contagious.

"Mercy" she screamed still alight with happiness

"hmm" I contemplated that for a minute... or two "well I suppose I could" I let the words fall from my mouth slowly and mockingly

"I mean we did have an agreement and you ma'am have not followed the rules" I looked dubiously at her with my way too cocky Bella smirk.

I started to tickle her again as she writhed beneath me, now tears were forming in her eyes and her face was as red as a beet.

Out of a giggle here and a uproar of laughter there another small "mercy" was all I could make out, she breathed heavily "please" I could watch the rise and fall of her chest in rapid patterns.

Probably could have killed her, and don't believe for a second I wasn't seriously contemplating it, because I was. The thought caused an "up to something" grin to spread across my face.

I smiled down at her and finally let up on the tickling but I replaced my hands on her wrists holding her in place, she was already pinned, might as well go for broke. I wasn't going to let her get out without some conditions first.

Calmly and cool as Bella Swan can possibly get with still trying to sound serious as possible, I laid out a couple of stipulations "Alright alright, I'll let you go, but your gonna have to cut that shit out Al, its a fucking rain forest in here"

We were both gasping for breath now and I was so close to her face, and suddenly she smiled at me, it wasn't her failed innocence smile either, this was a different smile, a smile I had never seen before. She looked like she might be glowing at me.

Her delicate body lay beneath me, her shirt hitched up revealing her toned and tan stomach, due to her wriggling around on the floor. Her skin looked softer than satin and I could also make out the black lace of her panties peeking out and saying hello, just to make its presence known.

Something took hold of me then, I honestly couldn't tell you what the hell I was thinking, it just happened. There are these moments in your life where you're all there, where you can look in a mirror or in the face of a loved one and say "hi, my name is Isabella Swan and I am me, so take that" and in those moments you are completely coherent. Ready for anything.

But then there's those moments in life where everything blurs, and suddenly you are caught off guard with how you react to situations. More importantly, how you end up doing things you never thought in a million years you would do.

My face fell closer and closer to hers, I could hear her breath catch.

Then out of a black hole in a universe far far away my lips were connected with hers. at first there was just a stillness, you could hear a rice bead drop to the ground.

I felt like an idiot for about two seconds until to my surprise she responded, her lips parted and we were in a dance together, our mouths caught fire and without warning I was kissing my best friend.