Now's The Time.


Summary: Although Sam is returning to College and trying to keep his life as normal as possible, he has no idea he is being watched by a group whose decisions could change his life forever.

Rating: T

Continuity: 07/09 Movieverse

Disclaimer: Transformers and related characters belong to Hasbro and Dreamworks/Paramount, not I.

Now's The Time.

"So?" one of the Prime Dynasty asked as they watched the young Witwicky boy as they often did from the shadowy nonlife they existed in. Sacrificing themselves to hide the Matrix had earned them this sanctuary, for though not alive, it was not yet their time to depart for ever.

"His past reinforces his present. There is nothing to indicate he will abuse the power he already has, even if we add to it. He is one of those born to the position," a second stated.

"He is organic, but he does bear the hallmarks of one of the chosen. None of his possible futures suggest an abuse of such power if it is given," the first replied.

"Then are we agreed that we give him that which he was both born to and has earned?" a third asked. The first shook his head again.

"No. He has a life, short and pitiful as his natural lifespan is. When it is about to come to its end, then we can act, but let him live the normal life he craves until then," the first suggested.

"None of his potential futures show his life as being normal. With an Autobot as his best friend, and vengeful Decepticons after him, his life can never be normal again." a fourth pointed out. The first one nodded in acknowlegement at the comment.

"Very true, but let's not thrust this upon him until it is necessary," the first Prime stated. "Wait until it is time. Now is not the time. When it is, we shall act and it will benefit himself, his friends and we will be confident in a job well done. We will know when to act, but the time is not now, but later."

"Agreed," the fifth said, and his assent was echoed by the others.

That settled, the six settled back down to their observation of the oblivious human boy who had been the subject of their discussion.

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Sam found that after the earlier events, college was a little flat. Leo was not happy, for he too had signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and could not put up what he knew on his website. Of course, the whole planet was now aware of the Autobots and the Decepticons, but there were still some parts the Government were hiding.

Leo cheered himself up by taking a leaf from ex-Agent Simmon's book and publishing hints and half-truths that anyone with half a brain could extrapolate from acknowledged facts. Then he threw in enough of the not-exposed truth to draw in viewers, but not enough to constitute a breach of his NDA.

Although they had disagreed on many points during the events that led them to Egypt and the Sun Harvester, Leo and Simmons had stayed in contact with each other. Simmons privately thought that that Leo had potential, and Leo had latched onto the ex-S7 agent as a mentor, much to Sam's chagrin.

"Come on, man!" Leo had said when Sam's reaction to Leo's admission of this had been a groan and a facepalm. "He's shown me what can be done with some guts and a lot of confidence, I can learn from him, you know, and I'm sure he wants to learn things from me too. Think what I can do with a bit of help from him!"

Sam had refrained from informing Leo that it was that possibility that scared him.

However, apart from this, Sam's life was returning to something approaching normality. One good thing about all this, Sam reflected, was that after almost losing him in Egypt, Mikaela had moved to a nearby apartment to be near him.

"My father seems to be doing okay, and if he needs me, Bumblebee has agreed to take me, seeing as you're not allowed to have him in this first year anyway." she had told him. "So, I figured, if I'm this close, you shouldn't end up getting involved in any more conflicts without me by your side." She paused. "You need me, Sam."

Sam's response had been to silence her by engaging his own mouth with hers.

Yes, life had begun to return to normal, and Sam was beginning to get used to and enjoy it.

Unfortunately for the unknowing Sam, all that was about to change...