Now's The Time.


Five Years Later.

The Dynasty Of Primes had never stopped watching Sam, seeing how he had coped with the change, and helping him out with a nudge or two when he needed it. They didn't intervene unless it became obvious he was not going to find the answer without a little prompt or mental nudge. After all, he had started off human, it would take him time to get used to using the mental resources available to a Prime of Cybertron.

As he became used to seeking the answer from within his own processors or, when needed, from the essence of the AllSpark, they needed to do this less and less, but at times he still needed a helping hand from them. They didn't really mind. After all, with one important exception, they had little else to do.

They also watched another person, one who was enjoying a second birth, albeit as a human, watching his progress with interest, hoping he would learn quickly. Then, considering those who currently reared him, if it were only his human memories they had to worry about, he would have been fine. By both human and Cybertronian standard, the Lennoxes were doing a fine job…

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The Lennox Household, in the back garden.

Five year old Marcus Lennox laughed out loud as his Dad grabbed his upper arm and lower leg and said "Helicopter ride, Marcus?"

"Yes, yes, please!" he yelled, laughing. Major Lennox straightened as he began to spin around on the spot, lifting the young boy up, centripetal forces pulling the small boy out. Lennox spun faster and faster and Marcus squeaked in joy as his bigger sister Annabelle clapped and laughed from the sidelines. She was too big (and too appearance-conscious) to be given such rides any more, but she loved watching Marcus enjoying them.

He continued to squeal as he felt the air buffet his face, blowing his thick dark brown wavy hair all over his forehead and round his ears, his face going red as he screamed his joy. Sarah, hearing the noise, wandered out slowly with their third, Maria, toddling alongside, her fourth betraying it's presence in the rounded curve of her stomach. In about two months, she mused, stroking her bump tenderly, another child would make their family just perfect for her.

In spite of their knowledge of who their second baby had been, Sarah and Will had agreed that he not be treated differently to any of their other children. When pressed, Sam had confirmed that the baby's mind was a blank slate, none of Megatron's memories would be accessible until the body was failing from old age.

"Then he's no different from any other newborn human baby," Will had stated. "We will give him no preferential or special treatment on account of his previous life, he has no record of it himself." Thus Marcus, like Maria, had been introduced to the Autobots from a very young age. The preferences of the children varied: Ironhide was still Annabelle's favourite, Maria was fond of being picked up and carried by the now-neutral Starscream, and Marcus himself seemed enamoured of Optimus Prime.

As Will slowed and put Marcus down, Sarah couldn't help wondering how Megatron would react upon regaining his original memories and comparing them. However, when that happened, she reflected as she moved to steady Marcus as he wobbled, she would not be around to worry about it. As she knelt to enclose the wobbly child in her arms and pick him up, she decided not to concern herself with that, but instead to simply enjoy being his mother.

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The Witwicky Quarters, the Autobot Base.

Sam came out of recharge and got to his feet. His parents had already gone, his Dad to work and his Mom to her gardening group. They were living at the Autobot base part-time, to get used to the layout, but still keeping up with their human pursuits as they gradually lived out their lives. As Sam had surmised, the idea of a longer life, one where they could try different pursuits, appealed to them, but they also wanted to complete their so-far fruitful lives as humans first.

Checking the schedules, he saw that Mikaela had a training day, continuing to learn how to fight on the ground with the aid of Elita and her team. Presumably that meant that her sparklings were either with their respective Creators, or being dandled on Skywarp's knee. Sam smiled at that thought: who would have thought the youngest member of the Command Trine would have had such a knack with the younglings of the Base?

Mikaela had taken to her new role well, even agreeing to be courted by Starscream with a view to co-creating a sparkling with him. Had Sam been a betting mech he would have put money on her tossing the Air Commander out on his audio after an hour. He would also have lost: Starscream obviously had a setting other than default obnoxious, as after a few weeks she announced she was carrying Starscream's sparkling.

Not surprisingly when it was taken out and scanned, prior to being given its own body, Ratchet found it was a Seeker sparkling. Luckily, Ratchet and the craftmech Cliffjumper has anticipated that likelihood, presenting the two co-Creators with three winglet shells to choose from, and the transfer into the blue and white body had proceeded without incident, and Skyblue was learning to fly with the Command Trine in the traditional fashion.

Mikaela had then carried three more Sparklings over as many years, for Mirage, Skywarp, and Bumblebee in turn, and would have been happy to keep doing so, but the landing of Elita's team took some of the pressure off her. She spent a lot of time with the grounder femmes, who taught her how to fight on the ground just as Starscream and the others had taught her how to fight in the air.

"A Seeker's natural and preferred element is in the air, but battle doesn't always allow you to fight in the circumstances best for you. If you are downed for some reason, you need to keep yourself alive long enough to get back in the air or rescued," Elita had told her. Seeing the sense in this, Mikaela had applied herself to her lessons with zeal.

Sam checked his own schedule: there had been three new landings, and it was his job to track them down and ascertain to which side they belonged. As he moved out and switched into his Earth alt, a Predator UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), and took off, he reflected that although the war wasn't over, life, in whatever form it took, found a way, and carried on.