Hi it's me, The Blizzarian of Dark Love

I've decided to create a sort of spin-off from SPIKES poplular TV show "Deadliet Warrior" and putting the charaters from Stormhawks into it.

If you haven't see the show (I'd advise going to Youtue) a team of experts take two warriors (or team of warrior) and perform a series weapon tests, and other things to determine who would be the winner if said warriors fought in a battle.

I'm going to allow you. The readers, to tell me which warrior of Atmos, or team should fight which other. Then I will decided who would win if they did fight. You're all free to give suggestions to me to persuade my judgement on the battles.

Now I'm going to give you a sort of example on what I'm talking about.

Oh and can we all agree to not flame me should I kill (yes I said kill, all the loseres in the fights die) be someone you really loved

Starling VS. Suzy Lu

Starling (human): Only reaming member of the Interceptors squadron. Posses great athetic skills

Weapon: Crystal nunchucks

Weakness: One man squad. Should warrior face a squad on squad battle, chance of victory is low


Suzy-Lu (blizzarian): Skyknight of the Absolute Zeros. Enjoysbubble gum, and snoy climates

Weapons: Crystal ice staff. Snow blaster (noted in that "Atmos most wanted" episode) and crystal axe (according to wikipedia)

Weakness: Skimmer is unable to fly


Both warriors are on an unihabited terra filled with nothing but sand and dessert (I'm going to try and not make the enviorment be the difference maker in many fights) the sky in cloudy making it a nice, cool, relaxing day on the terra.

Starling is on her skimmer in the sky searching for Suzy. Suddenly she spots a red dot moving arcoss the terra. She pulls out a pair of binoculars and sees it's her enemy Suzy Lu.

She gets out her weapon and fires blast of energy at her

Suzy is doing the best she can to odge the onslaught of attacks that are raing down upon her. She puls out her snowbaster and turns in to it's maximum power. She then shoots the gun which emits a huge snowball that hits Starling dead on.

Stalirnd barely frees herself in time from the snow before her skimmer falls to its doom. She quickly gets up only to see Suzy and her skimmer charging right at her. Starling jumps out of the way, but Suzy quickly turns around and repeats the attack. This time Starling jumps on Suzy's skimmer and knocks Suzy's blaster away.

Suzy pulls out her axe and the two females duel on the skimmer for a moment until the skimmer hits a giant rock and explodes lauching the two into the air and landing hard

Starlings the first to get up, weapon in hand

She sees Suzy still flat in the sand

Starling slowly approaches the blizzarian to see if victory is hers.

Just then Suzy roles over, ice staff in hand and turns Starling into a human popsickle. zonce that's completed se uses the pointed tip of her staff like a spear and jams it through the ice into Starlings heart.

Winner: Suzy Lu

So any fights you want to see?

The possibilities are endless

Hope 2 here from U all soon :)