Radarr VS Aerrow

Aerrow: Skyknight of the Stormhawks. He's 14 years old. And wants to free Atmos from Cyclonia

Weapons: Twin crystal swords

Weakness: Flying skill may not be as good without Radarr

Radarr: Youngest member of the Stormhawks. Possilbly a blizzarian, Aerrows best friend. And a good climber

Weapons: Anything he can get his hannds on

Weakness: He's little


Aerrow and Radarr are on terra Neverlandis

Aerrow whips out his blades while Radarr puls a wrench out of his little backpack and throws it at Aerrow.

Aerrow knock it away like it's nothing, and proceeds to do his skyknight move.

Radarr gets blastedandand hits the ground hard. He soon wakes up to see Aerrow towering over him.

Radarr tries grabbing another weapon from his backpack but Aerrow proceeds to try and stab him with his blades. Radarr rolls around dodging the onslaught, and loses his backpack (along with a bit of fur and skin) as Aerrow manages to get in a lucky shot.

Radarr is now defenceless and wounded a bit.

Aerrow laughs as he prepair to deliver the death blow. But right before he can finissh him off, Radarr dose a very unique attack

Aerrow howls in pain as his balls get bit by Radarr.

Aerrow raises both his blades to kill the blue, furry animal that's biting on his nuts

But Radarr lets go just intime leaving Aerrow to die a tragic and painfull death.

Or should I say leave "her" to die a tragic death

Winner: Radarr

Let's hope Radarr brushes his teeeth after that one