Inari Reincarnated within Death

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The grass was stained a violent crimson and the smell of blood permeated the air even to those who didn't have animalistic sense of smell. But what truly scared everyone was what was going on right in front of them there in front of their village Konohagakure was The kyuubi No Yokou a force of true destruction but the creature only would obey one deity and that was Inari the Lord of all animals including their demonic brethren the kitsune.

But what scared some the most was that their Yondaime Hokage was atop Gamabunta the Toad boss fighting the Kyuubi but the yondaime seeing that it would have to come down to his last plan he told Gamabunta to hold Kyuubi off as he disappeared in a yellow flash.

Running into the Namikaze family compound he found his wife sitting with their adopted son, him and his wife Kushina had always wanted a child but due to Kushina being infertile they couldn't get one by traditional means so when he found a child abandoned outside the village he took him into their family hoping to raise him only now his wife was sick and could very well go at any minute and he had to use his son to seal away the Kyuubi walking up to his wife he told her of the situation and she handed over their child albeit a little reluctantly. And witht hat Minato was gone in yet another yellow flash just missing his wife take in a last breath be fore saying

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there to take care of you sochi live well and know that I'll always watch over you." said Kushina shortly there after dieing.

Back on the battlefield Minato was just finishing the final seal for the Shiki Fujin thus summoning the Shinigami

Who dares to summon me

"I do Shinigami-sama and I would request that in exchange for my soul you seal the Kyuubi into my son"

The Shinigami looking down to see a small child with his right eye crimson and his left eye amythest he knew exactly who the child was

Fine mortal

and with that the Shingami grabbed Kyuubi's soul and brought to the small child Kyuubi also noticing what Shinigami had as well could only utter one thing as it lost all of it's rage at the sight of the child

"Inari-sama" and with that Kyuubi was sealed into Naruto or as he would later find out Inari.

~18 years in the future unknown cave~

A man was chained to a wall of the cavern facing a statue that supposedly held 8 of the 9 bijuu and he it was about to get the last this man was different from most in the fact that right half of his hair was white as new fallen snow and the left half was the black a black so deep all the light around it seemed to be sucked into it. And another interesting feature of him was his eyes which his right eye was a unholy crimson and his left eye was a deep calming amethyst color each eye's pupil was a fox like slit he also had 3 whisker marks on each cheek.

And with that the extraction began the man was forced to watch as the kyuubi was forcefully removed form his body causing him excruciating amounts of pain but he refused to voice this pain by screaming.

And just as 1 tail of Kyuubi's was absorbed into the statues it started to crack from the power as the second tail was brought in he begain to emit light from these cracks and with the third of 9 tails absorbed it exploded killing everything withing the cave except for the bijuu which had come forth after the statue was broken, but the power didn't stop there it left the cavern continuing on by killing off every thing and everyone.

So this world has ended but your job isn't done yet young one it is time your received what is truly yours. stated a dark and menacing voice that scared even the Bijuu as this voice belonged to Shinigami the god of Death

and as his voice came so the Death God placed his hand on the young mans head giving him the memories of a man who looked exactly like him only he held a court of animals of all kinds and he began to remember his true name, his past life and just exactly what he was.....He wasn't Naruto Uzumaki He was Inari the Lord of All Animals including the bijuu

With his new memories returned his powers over the elements and knowledge of strategy, tactics, leadership, as well as a Zanpaktou a sword formed from his very soul it's name was Gen'ei Kaze (Phantom Wind) With that came his knowledge of his sword style and as well as his shikai and bankai for his Zanpaktou his body changed from the form of a 18 year old boy to the form of a 21 year old man with a lean body that had muscle deffinition but not letting anyone know that those muscles were actually harder than steel it's self, with this body his speed was unbeatable even the fast of animals couldn't catch him.

"Thank you Shini-kun it's good to have my memories back, and it's good to see you 9 as well" Inari stated as he looked towards Shinigami who bowed his head in respect and acknowledgment and then turned to the 9 bijuu who turned into human form at this point

------------------------------------------------Inari Reincarnated in Death-------------------------------------------

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