Inari Reincarnated Within Death

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"Hello" Normal humans/and spirits

'It's a thought' Human/ and spirits thought

"Hello Inari-sama" Biju

Welcome brother Greater Beings

'Puzzling conundrum nii-san ' Grater Beings thought

Fool Call My Name To The Heavens Zanbatou spirits

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Chapter 4: Freedom and a vow of pain

The giant phoenix came soaring towards Rukia all she could at that moment was accept her immanent demise. Though she didn't expect to see a shock of orange hair standing in front of here blade ready to attempt to stop the strongest of Zanbatou's to ever exist. Then as it approached it's form seem to change along with the power it was letting off the once phoenix had changed forms from a bird of fire to a a 10 tailed half black fired with a white tips on its ears and 5 tails, and half white furred with black tips on it's ears and 5 tails. But what caught all their eyes were the glowing eyes of the monster fox. One eye was a glowing unholy crimson while the other was a deep calming and close to holy amethyst color.

'Ha it seems that even sensei wants to kill these ryoka.... and now his full power has been released for me to control. To bad you never could see it my way otherwise you might have just been allowed to live a life of a civilian rather than a mindless creature.' These thoughts belonged to a old man stading within the center of all the captains. He was their Sotaicho leader of all shinigami but his thoughts were soon to become thoughts of fear.

It seems that my freedoms come earlier than expected.....hahaha freedom maybe this is why the Ichibi was so sadistic and insane he was imprisoned for to long... These were the words that seemed to come from the air and shadows around them. But that would be impossible wouldn't it well to all of them except for Yamamoto, Aizen who was watching these current affairs from the shadows, and a very scared and worried Unohana Retsu captain of the medical division. They were the only captains there that knew what this being was before them and exactly what it's full power could do. Aizen saw a chance to possibly get a ally if he could play off it's hatred for Yamamoto. But Yamamoto and Unohana they had visions of their very gruesome deaths pass before their eyes, Even Unohana who had extracted Inari's child from Ishin before he fled Soul Society.

The side effects of the unsealing though left him without any memories of his family and he was forced to hold the form a a large human fox like creature. That child had been made into a loyal fighter for Yamamoto once the unsealing was done. But even through the fear she regretted nothing of her decision to betray her former lord all those years ago.

Yamamoto was pissed and scared what was more over powering he wasn't exactly sure. His zanbatou had only a small piece of advice to give him I told you so those four words did nothing but make him even madder.

Well now what to do what to do what should I do about this weakening of my once glorious kingdom the you brought about Yama-chan" Questioned the Lord of all Animals as his large form changed back into his human self. This thoroughly brought shock to all there even Ichigo who had seen Yoruichi change from a small cat to a human but to see a easily 600 ft. 10 tailed fox that wasn't even colored like a normal fox change into a 6ft tall 21 year old man who's long hair came down to his mid back. His two different colored eyes calmly scanned those around him.

The captains coming out of their shocked states observe the tall man. He had on a Cloak thats hood completely shadowed his face aside from the glowing crimson and amethyst colored eyes, said cloak looked as if it were brand new though it was a few hundred thousand years old by now. Underneath his cloak they caught a glimpse of his ANBU style body armor as well as the fishnet shirt he wore. They female captains nearly gawked at the toned body they saw. Going down farther they came to a average looking Zanbatou on his waist his left hand sat leisurely on it.

"Why..Why it wasn't supposed to happen like this you were supposed to be under my control for all eternity Inari." stated Yamamoto as he stared at his former sensei wonder how his plans could just come to and end like this.

"Oh thats quite simple to explain my dear yama-chan you see Shinigami just so happened to be my elder brother, while he had to seal me and my family away due to the contract of the Shiki Fujin that cost one's soul to lock away some one elses's. But due to the fact that i'm a god direct brother of both The Shinigam and Kami my powers were strong enough to gradually break the seal. Now my wife wouldn't be able to due to the fact of her being a demon queen of renouned power but not enough power to excape form my brother's seal." Stated Inari as he gave Yamamoto a bored look

Inari suddenly looked around as he felt a energy signature that he had felt once before but only when he was training his first kit. The energy came from a large man wearing a helmet and bracers to cover his face and hands, but the energy that he let out was still the same. Inari Released a low growl as he looked towards Yamamoto "Why is it that my son is here he should still be trapped with his mother"

"hahaha your son is no more Inari he lost his memories once I had Retsu-chan unseal him" stated Yamamoto as he looked right into Inari's blazing eyes trying his best not to take a step back in fear. This became much harder to accomplish once Ianri let loose his killer intent making any small animals within a 500 yard radius of him collapse dead, the captains and Yamamoto all took a step back in fear as the temperature took a sudden turn towards freezing and it became harder for them to breath.

"You and Retsu seem to enjoy causing me and my family pain dear yamamoto I planned on letting you live a little longer but I think for doing this you deserve a very painful death." As he stated this the captains tensed to be ready for the on coming fight as Inari drew Gen'ei Kaze from it's sheath revealing a pitch black blade with light silver inscription of the wind blowing across the blade.

This was the moment that Ichigo had needed to get Rukia out of there the only two people noticed this wich was captain of the 6th division Byakuya Kuchiki, and Captain of the 2nd division Soifon both of which took their chance to attack them Yoruichi having felt the strange power had gotten there as fast as she could only to stop her investigation of the strange power to save her student from Soifon.

Ichigo chose to hand Rukia off to Rengi while he went to fight Byakuya. The rest of the captains just stared at Inari as he got into his shadow stance Inari spoke the veey phrase that had not been heard in years a Phrase that scared Yamamoto and Unohana shitless "Kumori sono kaketsu no seimei tsuujite kono seken, Gen'ei Kaze!" Black wind swirled out ready to due battle with it's partner like it had for years before they were sealed into that prison.

Shinrei having felt two familiar presences went out to find them the presence's he felt had come form his favorite grandchild Yoruichi....The other presence he thought he would never feel again it was the comforting and protective aura that his former lord had always given out though as of now that aura had to of held a blood thirstiness not seen for many years as he would no doubt be facing the very man and women who had sealed him and his family away.

Shinrei might have been over two-hundred thousand years old but he still looked to be in his 20's but this comes from becoming the mate of a powerful demon queen like the Nibi. He desired to just be able to talk to her like he used to. But that was all stopped when Nibi the goddess and protecteor of the Shihoin clan was sealed away. He needed to stop his recollection's of the past otherwise he would be of no use to his lord Inari.

As the rest of the captains aside from Yamamoto, Retsu, and Inari's son they were stopped as Shinrei came down from the trees in a blur." Seems I missed my daughter as she passed by here..It is good to see you again Inari-sama."

That last sentence froze most of the Captains in their spot form the shock of the eldest of the Shihoin clan calling this man who threatened the leader of all shinigami, MASTER it was inconceivable.

"It's good to see you after all this time my old friend..and how many times must I say don't call me master or lord we've been friends since I hired you as my adviser. Also I've heard you tell my stories to your young grand child she seems to have grown quite the crush on me." said Inari at his friends words Shinrei actually laughed.

"Of course I told your tale to all that would listen even though the clan's forgot of your exsistence and gave up their allegiance to you I remained loyal so I told the tales to Yoru-chan. I never actually expected her to gain a crush on you....Or for you to find out about it for that matter." explained Shinrei as he glance at all of the Captains looking at them.

After those words the Captains felt a new presence one presence that was supposed to be dead Aizen. He stood atop a tree looking down on everyone Inari just gave a laugh as he vanished into the shadows Shinrei following after him. They would meet up with Yoruichi and the Kids before they left. "I'll make sure you all suffer for the destruction of my kingdom and for breaking apart my family you will suffer dearly." Was the last they heard from Inari as his voice flowed around them on the wind.

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